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Best Type Of Cardio If You’re A Little Bit Overweight? #LLTV Q&A Ep. 03

Low impact exercises, alkaline and acidic foods, abs, and cardio

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering some excellent questions, including the best type of cardio if you’re a little bit overweight?

Thanks for reading the third post in our #LLTV Q&A series, where I answer your questions.

By the way, welcome to my new kitchen.

best type of cardio if you're a little bit overweight

This was the first video being shot in my new apartment, so hopefully you like it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my “Abs are made in the kitchen” sign on the wall, since there wasn’t a good place to put it.

But we’re still going to live the mantra:

Abs are made in the kitchen.

So eat clean food.

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Alright, lets get into today’s #LLTV Q&A show, where I answer as many of your questions within 5 minutes.

Today’s #LLTV Q&A questions:

1. Best forms of exercise for joint pain?

2. Does alkaline and acidic food affect health?

3. How to fix bloated abs to get lean, not bulky abs?

4. Best type of cardio if you’re a little bit overweight?

5. How to do sit ups correctly for beginners?

If you’re interested in finding out my answers to these questions, be sure to keep reading.

Question #1:

What are the best exercises to do when you have knee arthritis or knee pain?

Check out our full post on the best forms of exercise for joint pain, here.

Question #2:

Does eating alkaline or acidic foods affect health, performance, and body composition?

You can find the full answer to the question, does eating alkaline foods vs acidic foods affect your health, here.

Question #3:

I’m having an issue with the appearance of my six pack. My six pack abs are bulging out, rather than pulled or sucked in. I want to have six pack abs that are lean and ripped, not bulky abs.

Check out the full answer on how to fix bloated abs, here.

Question 4:

Brad, what is the best type of cardio if you’re a little bit overweight?

In other words, should you do slow and steady pace LISS cardio or should you do high intensity interval training HIIT cardio?

I still recommend, even if you are overweight, to try to do more HIIT training.

best type of cardio if you're a little bit overweight

High intensity interval training is where you perform an activity to elevate your heart rate, for a short period of time, then you take an active rest to allow your heart rate to lower back down.

I wrote a post about how to do HIIT cardio correctly here.

High intensity interval training doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sprint, at full speed, if you’re just a beginner.

If you’re new to fitness, a simple jog for 30 seconds could be enough intensity to elevate your heart rate into the high intensity training zone.

Then you can slow it down by walking for 90 seconds, 60 seconds, or how ever much time it takes you to recover and reduce your heart rate back to the low intensity training zone.

best type of cardio if you're a little bit overweight

I want to make sure you are training your heart in different training zones.

This is also going to help you trigger the afterburn effect, which may help boost your metabolism for 24-36 hours after you finish your workout.

I always refer to this during our Tabata workouts.

So even if you’re overweight or out of shape, try to incorporate high intensity interval training, but just train within your fitness heart rate zones.

Again, depending on your fitness level. that could be jogging as opposed to running.

Question 5:

Brad, I still can’t complete a full sit-up, where I can go all the way up. I can only make it halfway up. Any good suggestions for me?

Find the full answer to the question, how to do sit ups correctly for beginners, here.

So that’s another #LLTV Q&A session

Hopefully you learned a few things from these questions, including the best type of cardio if you’re a little bit overweight.

Also, if you asked one of these questions, I hope you’re seeing this, and applying this information to your own lifestyle.

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