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4 Minute Jump Rope Tabata Workout To Lose Weight Faster

Jump rope like a champ tabata workout 

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a 4 minute jump rope tabata workout to lose weight faster.

If you ever see me in the gym, 88.43% of the time I’ll have a jump rope close by.

Side note: yes, it’s called a jump rope, not a skipping rope.

For some reason, jump rope just sounds more bada$$ than skipping rope.


Okay, moving on.


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So why do I always have a jump rope near by?

Well, when it comes to the fitness industry, jumping rope is one of the closest things there is to a magic weight loss pill.

How to lose weight fast by jumping rope

Jump Rope Exercises

If you want to burn more calories and lose weight faster, you need to add jump rope to your workout.

Jumping rope is one of the best forms of cardio that you can do.

It increases the afterburn effect and burns more calories quicker than conventional cardio machines.

This will help you lose weight, burn fat, and get shredded fast.

How To Trigger The Afterburn Effect

Jump rope also helps you get shredded legs

I’ve always been a slow gainer when it comes to adding mass to my calves.

Even though I trained my calves all the time with heavy standing machine calf raises and seated calf raises, nothing seemed to work.

However, after incorporating more plyometric workouts and jump rope workouts into my workout programs, I’ve seen the best improvements in the shape of my calves, ever.

4 minute Jump Rope Tabata Workout For Weight Loss

What if I suck at jump rope?

Don’t get discouraged.

Jumping rope takes practice.

If you haven’t jumped rope in a long time, or ever, this 4 minute jump rope tabata workout will be very tough.

Jumping rope requires coordination, so you need to get your mind and body in sync quick.

I’m talking Justin Timberlake x JC Chasez quick.

Yes, that was the first time using a boyband reference on Live Lean TV.

But I promise, after a few attempts, you will get better at jumping rope.

So promise me that you won’t get frustrated and give up.

Practice, in this case, does make perfect, so keep at it.

With consistency, this 4 minute tabata jump rope workout will have you jumping rope like a champ.

This is a tough tabata workout, so hang in there.

You’re going to be burning calories like crazy, so it’s going to get you results.

Alright, enough talk.

Lets get to work and jump into it.

All you need for this 4 minute jump rope tabata workout is:

tabata timer

That is it.

4 minute jump rope tabata workout 

Here’s how this 4 minute jump rope tabata workout is structured:

Total time:

4 minutes.

Type of workout:

Tabata workout:

  • 4 exercises
  • 20 seconds of work
  • 10 seconds rest
  • Repeat the 4 exercise circuit twice, for a total of 8 intervals

After the 20 second work interval, take a 10 second rest, then complete another 20 second work interval, etc.

Number of circuits:

Repeat this circuit 2 times.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. High Knees Jump Rope

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: tap the start button on your interval timer. Once you hear the buzzer, start the first exercise, high knees jump rope. Bring your knees up high to work on your quick foot speed, and keep your core engaged to  really target your lower abs. Complete for 20 seconds, as quick as you can, giving an all out effort. Lets go, no pain, keep pushing through. Once you hear the beeper, take a 10 second break, and move on to the next jump rope exercise.

A2. Single Leg To Squat Jump Rope (i.e. 2 x 2 x 2 Hops)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: once you hear the buzzer, it’s time to get to work. Move on to the single leg to squat jump rope. Complete two hops on the left leg, then two hops with both legs, then two hops on the right leg. When you complete the two hops with both legs, focus on getting a little lower, by bending your knees to put your body in a quarter squat position. This will really engage your quadriceps and glutes, which will help burn more calories. Make sure you keep breathing. This jump rope exercise is also great for helping you improve foot coordination and foot speed. Once the 20 seconds is up, take a 10 second break, then move on to the next jump rope exercise.

A3. Double Unders Jump Rope

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: the third jump rope exercise is the most difficult one. It’s called double unders. The intensity has just gone up. The goal of double unders is to revolve the jump rope under your feet twice, in one jump. Note: Although you see me bring my knees up high in the workout video, it’s better to focus on quickly rotating your wrists (as seen in the gif) to increase the speed of the jump rope revolution. Here’s an exercise demo video on how to complete double unders correctly. If you mess up, simply get right back into it, as you only have 20 seconds of all out effort. Take a 10 second break then move on to the last exercise.

A4. Scissors Jump Rope (i.e. Split Squats)

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Coaching cues: the last jump rope exercise is the scissors jump rope. Once you hear the buzzer, get to work. Place one foot forward and one foot back. Complete 2 hops in this staggered stance, then bring the back foot forward and the forward foot back for 2 hops. Get low in a quarter split squat position to engage your quadriceps. You’re really going to feel that lactic acid burn. 

Nice work, you just completed the first circuit

Take a 10 second rest, then keep it going by completing one more round of the A1-A4 exercise circuit, starting with high knees jump rope.

You’re almost there.

The finish line is so close.

That’s it

In just 4 minutes, your heart rate and calorie burning will be elevated.

Getting lean is closer than you can imagine. 

Complete this 4 minute jump rope tabata workout first thing in the morning to boost your metabolism.

Or add this jump rope tabata workout to the end of your strength training workout, to burn more calories into the late night, after your workout is finished.


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I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Questions For You:

  • Do you jump rope?

  • What are your favorite jump rope workouts?

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14 responses to “4 Minute Jump Rope Tabata Workout To Lose Weight Faster

  1. Hey, I’m a 15 year old boy and I was just wondering which of your programs would be best for me to lose weight fast? I weigh 130 pounds and in trying to lose 15-20 cause I’m starting to get……MAN BOOBS. please help 🙂

  2. Sir,I am beginner for your workout,my age is 20 and weight is 74, height 5 feet 6 inch, which exercise program should you recommend for me to lose weight and reduce fat from thigh,butt, and waist..

  3. Sir, I have knock knee there any exercise to fix my knock knee problem? my age is 20 and my height 5 feet 6 inch and weight is 74 kg?

  4. I have really enjoyed your videos and have begun using them in my new tabata workouts. Quick question, i was doing P90X (2 complete cycles) but it is now stale, so that is why I am doing the tabata. Is doing 4-4min cycles of tabata everyday enough of a workout (i do vary what i do everyday)? Thanks!

  5. Maybe it’s because it feels discouraging that I’ve decided to finally pass on the jump rope exercise, but after watching this video, I feel like trying again.

    1. Hey Erica, I promise it’s addictive. the first few jump rope sessions will seem hard and frustrating. but once you get the mind body connection to hit the coordinated jumps, you’ll love the results.

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