Tabata Jump Rope Like A Champ Workout #LLTV


How To Lose Weight Fast By Jumping Rope: Jump Rope Workout

If you ever see me in the gym, 88.43% of the time I’ll have a jump rope close by.

Side note: yes, it’s a jump rope…not a skipping rope. For some reason, jump rope just sounds more bada$$ than skipping rope. Agree? OK, moving on.

So why do I always have a jump rope near by?

Because it’s one of the closest things to the “magic pill” you can get in the fitness industry.

Jump rope workouts help you lose weight, burn fat, and get shredded fast. In fact, in my opinion, jumping rope is the best form of “cardio” you can do. Not only does it burn more calories quicker than conventional cardio machines (also increasing the afterburn effect)…it also helps you get shredded legs.

I’ve always been a slow gainer when it comes to adding calf size. However, after incorporating more plyometrics and jump rope workouts into my programs…I’ve seen the best improvements in the shape of my calves ever. And I used to hit calves all the time with heavy calf raises, seated raises, etc.

What If I Suck At Jumping Rope?

Now…don’t get discouraged. If you haven’t jumped rope in a long time (or ever), this workout will be very tough. Jumping rope requires coordination. You need to get your mind and body in sync quick. I’m talking Justin Timberlake x JC Chasez quick (yep first time using a boyband reference on

But I promise…after a few attempts, you will get used to it. Promise me you won’t get frustrated and give up. Practise in this case does make perfect. Keep at it.

Alright, enough talk. Lets get to work Live Lean TV style.

All you need for this Tabata Jump Rope Workout is:

– Your body

– A tabata timer <– click to buy the one I use in all my videos

– Jump rope

Let’s work!

** Click here for a printable version of my Jump Rope Like A Champ Tabata Jump Rope Workout. **

Questions For You:

– Do you jump rope?

– What are your favorite jump rope workouts?


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14 responses to “Tabata Jump Rope Like A Champ Workout #LLTV

  1. Hey, I’m a 15 year old boy and I was just wondering which of your programs would be best for me to lose weight fast? I weigh 130 pounds and in trying to lose 15-20 cause I’m starting to get……MAN BOOBS. please help 🙂

  2. Sir,I am beginner for your workout,my age is 20 and weight is 74, height 5 feet 6 inch, which exercise program should you recommend for me to lose weight and reduce fat from thigh,butt, and waist..

  3. Sir, I have knock knee there any exercise to fix my knock knee problem? my age is 20 and my height 5 feet 6 inch and weight is 74 kg?

  4. I have really enjoyed your videos and have begun using them in my new tabata workouts. Quick question, i was doing P90X (2 complete cycles) but it is now stale, so that is why I am doing the tabata. Is doing 4-4min cycles of tabata everyday enough of a workout (i do vary what i do everyday)? Thanks!

  5. Maybe it’s because it feels discouraging that I’ve decided to finally pass on the jump rope exercise, but after watching this video, I feel like trying again.

    1. Hey Erica, I promise it’s addictive. the first few jump rope sessions will seem hard and frustrating. but once you get the mind body connection to hit the coordinated jumps, you’ll love the results.

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