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Can You Get Shredded Abs In One Month?


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Here’s Your Game Plan To Get Flat Abs In 30 Days

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering the often asked question, can you get shredded abs in one month?

You’ve seen the following headline plastered over fitness magazine covers and on the cover of best selling books:

Get shredded abs in one month.

But is it true?


Can you get shredded abs in one month?

Well, like most fitness nutrition question, my answer is, it depends.

Let’s talk about it.

The #1 thing it depends on is what your current body fat level is.

Body Fat %

You can do a million crunches a day, for 4 weeks, but if you have that thick layer of belly fat, the abs are just not going to show.

So the first step is to get rid of the belly fat.

We’ll talk about that in just a little bit.

Are You Already Lean?

If you are already fairly lean, let’s say between:

  • 12-15% body fat for men
  • 20-25% body fat for women

You can get shredded abs in one month.

But, does this mean you should start doing a million seated abs crunches a day, for the next 4 weeks.

No, definitely not.

There is no such thing as spot reduction of body fat.

This just means you can’t reduce a fatty area of your body with exercises that target that area.

On other words, crunches do not specifically burn belly fat.

Here’s Your 4 Week Game Plan To Get Shredded Abs

Your 4 week game plan to lose overall body fat, including belly fat, is to dial in your workouts and diet.

Here’s how you do that.

#1. Focus on “Afterburn Effect” Style Workouts

You should be focusing your workouts on a specific style of weight training that maximizes and triggers the afterburn effect.

How To Trigger The Afterburn Effect

In other words, workouts that include specific compound exercises, such as:

Also, it’s important to follow specific :

  • rest periods
  • rep ranges
  • set ranges

By doing this, you will prime your body to burn more calories, up to 48 hours after your workout, even while you sleep.

Click here to watch a full afterburn style workout from my Live Lean Afterburn 2.0 program.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

This is the style of weight training program you need to focus on to burn belly fat and get shredded abs in one month.

#2. Focus on “HIIT Sprint” Style Cardio Workouts

Now, to really burn belly fat faster, you should also incorporate HIIT sprint training with your weight training.

Interval sprint training has been proven to burn 3X more fat in 3X less time, in just 20 minutes.

Click here to watch a sprint style bike HIIT workout from my Live Lean Sprint 2.0 program.

Live Lean Sprint 2.0

Focus on this style of cardio to get shredded abs in one month.

#3. Focus on the Right Types of Abs Exercises And Training Techniques

Once you have low enough body fat, 10-15% for men and 20-25% for women, it’s time to sculpt and strengthen your abs with direct training that specifically targets all areas of your abdominal region.

Can You Get Shredded Abs In One Month?

So many people get this part wrong.

Click here to watch a video of me sharing just a small sample of my insider ab training tips that will get you Living Lean.

You can get my full Live Lean Abs 2.0 training program here.


To get shredded abs in one month, focus on the right types of ab exercises and training techniques to speed up your shred gains in your abdominal region.

#4. Get A Meal Plan That Focuses on Eating the “Right Types of Foods” and Use Recipes to Make them Taste Delicious

Now, in my opinion, the grand daddy of them all, your diet.

To get shredded abs in one month, you need to be focusing on optimizing your body’s fat burning hormones, to turn your body’s fat burning switch ON.

It’s true, when you consume the right types of foods, your body will becoming a fat burning machine.

In other words, your body will burn fat for fuel, not sugar.

Your goal is to focus on consuming the majority of your calories from:

If you think this sounds boring, you obviously haven’t tried the recipes from my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook and 8 week meal plan.

It includes over 200 fat burning recipes, including delicious snacks like these chocolate brownies.

Remember, when getting abs, the goal is not to starve yourself.

The goal is to satiate your body with filling foods that are fat burning and hormonally friendly.

That’s it.

Can You Get Shredded Abs In One Month?

Is it possible to get shredded abs in one month?

Yes, but of course it depends on your current body fat levels.

Is it easy?

No, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, discipline, and most importantly a proven program that removes all of the guess work.


  • Muscles Worked

  • Type

  • Equipment

  • Experience

  • Reset

22 responses to “Can You Get Shredded Abs In One Month?

  1. I am quite athletic playing football twice a week and I swim 1 day a week
    for around 45mins. I have around 20% body fat, I am 176cm tall and I weigh
    exactly 60kgs. I tried sauna to burn fat and run a lot but my stomach fat
    just doesnt seem to go.Its not too much but that small bit is taking ages
    to reduce. I drink 6-8 beers a week average.

  2. Workouts are the easy part….diet is the killer! Its true abs are made in
    the kitchen..sigh.

  3. I do squat and dead lift and that really helped me getting rid of belly
    fat, but the real problem is, I can’t stay off delicious stuff with sugar
    in it (almost everything you buy in stores contain a lot of sugar, even
    salty snacks). What meal plan should I try?
    I know there are a lot of meal plans, but the ”getting shredded abs now”
    commercials demotivate me. It’s too expensive.

  4. Hi brad, I’m 14 and I want to have a great looking body and be confident in
    it too. I have 2 months to get abs before school starts again. I’m not fat
    or skinny. I eat lots of romaine and kale salads turkey burgers (occasional
    cheat meals also ?) . I am confused why I am struggling with weight, I’m 5
    feet 2 inches and about 110-120 lbs please help me

  5. Hello Brad ,Im 15
    And i started to workout 2 days ago
    300 of the kurlups and 200 situps.
    I have 3 months to get a 6 pack.
    Ive been eating healthy. Im not fat and im not skinny, should i just keep
    eating healthy amd working out , everyday for the next 3 months

  6. Hey Brad , I became Paleo for almost a year with a 85% compliance. It’s one
    of the best decision of my life!!! However, couple days before my period I
    get sugar crashes and I eat crap (sugar, cookie, cake ect) for a couples of
    days. it piss me of because I’m trying to get lean and I totally believe in
    the Paleo way of life. But during those days I just can’t help it !!! I
    need sugar !!!!Then I feel so bad, emotionally and physically!!! I feel I’m
    sabotaging my self because in the past year I lost 45lbs and I still have
    15lbs to my ideal weight!!! And during those days I gain like 5 or 6
    lbs!!!!! Any suggestions for those couples days . I need advise
    Thank you

  7. Thanks for this video, Brad. Great advice.
    I can do workouts, but the dieting… MAN I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH!

  8. Brad, what do you use to measure body fat? Something that’s as accurate as
    possible but a reasonable price


  9. Brad, been watching your videos for a while, right now i’m between 13 and
    15 percent body fat and since i’m in a cutting phase i eat really carefuly
    and i eat 3 time more veggies and fruits than anything else my routine is
    the following one monday: bodyweight musculation exercices ( one hour,
    dips, chin ups, abs,etc..) tuesday(hiiit, sprint or jump rope at a very
    fast pace combined with mountain climbing before the recovery) i do this
    1-2 punch workout all the week and rest sunday is it enough?

  10. I really want to bust my ass for a month to see what I can do. Could you
    make your cookbook available in Ebook format? I’m going to do before and
    after to see.

  11. Good video Brad. I’m actually having trouble logging into the team live lean site. After I type in my user name, and password, I click to login, it brings me to a page that says “too many IP address for a secured area.” Or something like that. I’ve been trying for the last week, because I want to see that Blt recipe, but that screen pops up ever time. Any ideas? Thanks

  12. Is it workout issues or nutrition issues that’s stopping you from getting a
    flat stomach and shredded abs?

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