The Afterburn Effect – Live Lean Afterburn Circuit Workout #1 #LLTV


Exercises For The Afterburn Effect (Page 25 of Live Lean Afterburn)

Hey Live Leaners,

I pumped to share with you an afterburn workout from my Live Lean Afterburn 12 week workout program. You may recognize my special guest…HOOPS! She’s been hearing a lot about Live Lean Afterburn and wanted to give these afterburn exercises a try.

So check out me and Hoops going through Afterburn Circuit Workout #1 on page 25 of my Live Lean Afterburn Program.

I’ve tried the circuit training yesterday, very awesome.’
MelN87, Holland

Did the Afterburn workout this morning and it was awesome! Great structure and room to re-evaluate weight selection each set.’
Matthew. L, UK

“I tried this afterburn workout this morning! WOW! That is once again very very solid!!!”

Get ready to maximize the afterburn effect, build lean sexy muscle, and turn your body into fat burning mode by burning MORE calories up to 48 hours after this workout, even while you sleep!

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And that ladies and gentleman is how you maximize the afterburn effect with your workouts.

It’s all about including the right types of exercises, at the right intensities, in the right training style. I take all the guess work out of it in my Live Lean Afterburn 12 week workout program.

Not only will you get great results by following this afterburn workout program, you’ll also enjoy it because the workouts constantly change. No more boring workouts!

You can begin your transformation by picking up a copy of Live Lean Afterburn here –>

Live Lean Afterburn Effect

Questions For You:

– Have you ever tried afterburn workouts?

– If so, how have you found the results? 

– If so, what form of cardio do you mostly do?


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The Afterburn Effect Workout



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0 responses to “The Afterburn Effect – Live Lean Afterburn Circuit Workout #1 #LLTV

  1. My wife and I just finished this workout. Love it! We have been training
    with Beachbody products for four years (P90X (2) (3), Insanity, Asylum,
    BodyBeast). We love to work out at home and have mostly dumbbells and
    pull-up bars. Which program of yours would you recommend?

  2. Hey Brad, do I do all the exercises from A to B to C and the final ones and
    also repeat the circuit for each exercise?

  3. I agree with Kirk dude! That is a great course,
    I use it and it works! I did get this program
    from a friend to check it and the result was
    stunning cause this program is the same as
    one given by dietician, Anyway, you got the
    name of the site misspelled. That should be:

  4. One thing I like about that program is
    that its downloadable & therefore, you
    wont receive any type of physical products.
    Its only suitable for those who are interested
    in weight training.. But anyway, you misspelled
    the site name. That should be

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    Between do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don’t know about them you must see this.

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  6. Yep. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. btw!but ye my senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. if you are serious go for it now

  7. Nice video! Have you ever read the nutrition plan taught in Sweet Weight Shredder? Just search for it on Google. I read about a lot of people who’ve shred weight by reading it. Search for it on Google.

  8. Hi, have you discovered Atomic Fat Loss? (just google it) You will learn about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With “Atomic Fat Loss”, you will discover how to burn off fat fast.

  9. the majority of the exercises are based on free weights, similar to what was shown in this video. yes, sweet potatoes, fruit, and veg are all you need on a workout like this

  10. hi brad..wanna purchase your program..but before i do, i dont go to the gym but i do excercise regulary in my room..i have weight plates and dumbells and excercise ball and stuff i just prefer working out in my room…. will the program work for me or it’s only for those who go to the gym?? very very good job by the way…
    also, youre against to eating carbs like bread and wheat even oatmeal, and prefer veggies for carb source,,would veggie carbs be enough for these kinds of work outs???

  11. thanks for the purchase. on the program download page there was an exercise database pdf that shows most of the exercises with photos.

  12. Hi brad I just purchased your after burn program and am ready to get started, are there any vids that show how to do certain exercises for the other circuits? thanks

  13. Hey , i just have 1 question .. i saw many vids but my question is can you give me an example of how to burn fat in 1 week i mean at day how much and what kind of exercises should i do ? can u help me pls ?

  14. just started the Live Lean Afterburn program in combination with the Live Lean Meltdown program and as hard, as tiring, and as challenging as it was…….what can i say……..DAMN THAT’S GOOD!!! Lol. It’s as if i can feel my body changing already! With a diet put together by the ingredients you provided Brad and the breakdown of how much proteins/carbs/fats to consume, i really think that im on my way to living lean. You have no idea how much you have helped to change my life! Thanks so much!!

  15. If you desire to burn calories fast, you should look up on google “Lean Body Stagger”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  16. Very happy to say I purchased Afterburn last night and printed everything out today. Looks like a challeneging, and dynamic program! I’m starting in a couple of days and if anybody is interested in doing the program along with me for “accountability”, I’d love to have some workout buddies.

    Thanks for all you are doing Brad!

      1. Just finished week 1 of afterburn… This is serious people! Strength kicked my butt today! Only needed a few extra sets to Get through the reps… Which made me proud of myself!

        I also love the quick cardio days Brad. This is an extremely well designed program.

        My only concern/question for you Brad is: is it ok if I put a day of cardio in between resistance training days to get some more recovery? I’m finding that the intensity, and variety, still leaves me feeling a bit “smoked” on the second consecutive days of resistance training. I’m only taking one full day off per week too btw.


        1. It’s just going to take your body a little adjustment. Stick with the schedule unless you definitely have to take an active recovery day. Time to safely get out of the comfort zone my friend!

  17. I have to say i am obsessed with this workout! i love it and have done multiple times in the past 3 weeks! thanks for posting love your channel! 🙂

  18. Hey brad. How many times in a week will I do this circuit work out to get best results? And is there circuit workout number 2? Thanks in advance.

  19. Everyone’s strength is different. I can’t tell you which weight to start with. Best case is to start with a weight you feel comfortable with but still challenging yourself to reach 10 reps.

  20. one question. I bought your system and am starting work out today. You have a guide that tells what exercises to do but not how much weight to do with exercises. Or am I reading in the right place. I already am lifting everyday but if I’m gonna follow your plan i wanna know how much weight to lift when “STARTING” your program. Plus don’t forget to check out all my youtube vids.( not spaming you) I a have 100,000s of views and 100,000,000 on some and want to spread your live lean tv.

  21. Hey Valerie, go check out my tabata playlist. i also have a lot of other videos in my workout playlist that are all body weight. you’re awesome for focusing on your health at such a young age. way to go.

  22. hey, love this video but I was wondering if you can recommend a video that has just as good results but requires more body weight because I’m 12 and my health teacher says at my age its not good to lift weights

  23. Hey, my awaken the abs within program includes 15 weeks of at home workouts with very little equipment. give that a try

  24. Brad-

    Wondering which one of your workout programs you would recommend for myself? 36 male, very very slim. Realistically would workout in home with limited home gym equipment. Also, because of your videos have the eating portion nailed down, just have no idea where to start with working out.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  25. hello brad, i cant go to the gym these days but i workout at home i walk fast on the treadmill for 40 minutes ,i do 200 jumping rope and i do about 100 jumping jacks ,finally i do about 80 crunches and ofcourse i eat healthy food, is that enough??

  26. if you’re looking to lean out faster, and your workouts don’t suffer, I’d cut out the oats. I’ve been “oat-less” for a few months now and have noticed i train better fasted

  27. brad i was just a quick question .. is a protein with oats good as a pre work out drink and are oats bad for you i know there a complex carb but sum kid said there bad when trying to loose weight but i’m fasting should i cut down on how much i eat and how much should i have a week jw thanks brad i only come to you when i need question answered

  28. hey…just go search my channel for “warm up” and “stretching”…i filmed videos for this a few months ago … do the warm up before and the stretching after for a cool down

  29. Hi brad….recently i started your workout (tabata & core n conditioning workout)…its an awesome workout…just 1 question, how do I warm up & warm down the correct way?…Thanks…

  30. Hi Brad,

    I tried this afterburn workout this morning! WOW! That is once again very very solid!!!

    Thanks and keep the good work! Your are really changing my lifestyle and I pretty sure I’m not the only one!!!

    Is it normal that the link bring us to the free report and not the actual program? When does the full program will be available?

    Have a nice day

    1. Hey Ben,

      Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the feedback. Glad to help friend. And yes, we’re still in the pre-launch phase (meaning I’m giving a bunch of FREE stuff away before the program goes on sale.) Stay tuned to your e-mail for updates on how to win a free copy, and sale dates/price.

  31. Hey Brad, you just got a new fan! I discovered your channel yesterday evening, was supposed to stay up late to study but i couldn’t stop watching your videos 😉

  32. the full program will be on sale in a few days where you can access the
    other workouts and workout schedule. stay tuned.

  33. Thansk Brad! If ´am about to train with this type of workouts. How often do I have to do them? I mean the rest period? Sorry for all the question.

  34. Hello! I´m from Sweden. Great channel =) I´ve downloaded 1 unique workout.
    Great workout! How often do I have to do this workout in a week? And you´re
    talking about different types of workouts routine. How can I access to
    those? Thanks 🙂

  35. awesome workout brad will be for sure trying this circut training this
    week.. keep these videos coming had to favorite this in my channel.

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