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3 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are The Best Exercise Regardless Of Your Goals

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Increase Strength, Burn Fat, And Build Muscle With The Deadlift

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, you’re going to learn 3 reasons why deadlifts are the best exercise, regardless of your goals.

Before we get started, when you hear the word “strength”, what exercise do you associate with it most?

Let me know in the comment section below.

If I had to associate one exercise with strength, it would be the deadlift.

If your goal is to:

The deadlift can do it all.

How To Perform The Deadlift Properly

Here’s a step-by-step exercise demonstration on how to do a barbell deadlift properly.

So, are you using this move?

The deadlift is also one of the most important lifts everyone should be doing, regardless of your goals.


Here are 3 reasons why deadlifts are the best exercise.

Reason #1: Deadlifts Are A Functional Movement

The deadlift is a movement that is so applicable to everyday life.

Think about it.

How many times do you bend over to pick something up throughout the day?

That’s the same movement when completing a deadlift.

If you are a beginner to deadlifts, start with these deadlift progressions for beginners.

The Strength Building Exercise You Need To Stop Avoiding

This makes the deadlift a very functional, everyday movement.

Reason #2: Deadlifts Build And Strengthen A Lot Of Muscles In The Body

The deadlift is also one of the few exercises that builds and strengthens a lot of muscles in the entire body, at the same time.

Deadlifts help build and strengthen your:

It also strengthens pretty much every other large and small muscle in the posterior chain.

Reason #3: Deadlifts Are One Of The Best Exercises To Burn Fat

In addition to being a great strength builder, since so many large muscles are incorporated with the deadlift, it also burns a pile of calories.

This also makes deadlifts one of the best fat burning exercises as well.

As my Afterburn graduates and trainees can attest, deadlifts are an exercise that significantly maximizes the Afterburn Effect.

Live Lean Afterburn Success Story

Once again, this is because so many muscles are used to perform the movement.

This significantly raises the amount of oxygen your body uses during the post-workout recovery period.

This excessive oxygen consumption increases your metabolic rate, thus making your body burn more calories at rest.

In other words, you’ll be burning a lot of fat, even while you sleep.

That’s the beauty of the Afterburn Effect.

Deadlifts also creates a lot of lactate, which then increases the fat burning hormone known as growth hormone.

Bottom Line On Why Deadlifts Are The Best Exercise Regardless Of Your Goals

These are just a few of the many health benefits associated with the deadlift.

Deadlifts are one of the best:

  • strength building exercises
  • fat burning exercises
  • muscle building exercises for your entire body

That’s right, it’s not just a “leg exercise”.

In other words, whatever your training goals are, the deadlift is your best friend.

So if you’re not doing them yet, start deadlifting today.

If you’re looking for a workout program that incorporates the deadlift, and other exercises that maximizes the afterburn effect, check out my best selling Live Lean Afterburn workout program.


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32 responses to “3 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are The Best Exercise Regardless Of Your Goals

  1. Hey Brad! First, thanks for all the informative and inspiring videos. Much appreciated! Second, I’m looking for a new workout program as I’ve been feeling a bit burned out lately with my own workouts. I’m wondering if your afterburn program will allow me to continue to gain muscle, or if it’s focused specifically on fat loss. Also, approximately how long are the workouts?

    Thanks in advance for the info. God bless!

    – j

  2. Better have a strong core before deadlifts. Otherwise you’ll have lower
    back problems. DONT MAKE THAT MISTAKE!!!

  3. Hi Brad, amazing video. I am 15 yrs old and i do a lot of fat burning
    exercises as well and strength exercises like push ups and squats and no
    weights what so ever. If i do the dead lifts now, will it decrease my
    height growth? i trying to stay a bit tall but after everything you said in
    the video, i really want to do deadlifts, should i do them or not?

  4. Hi Brad. loved this video, went to the gym today for my PT session and
    asked he if could show me the technique for the dead lift so I can
    incorporate this into my routine. Thanks for the fab insight to its
    overall benefit. My goals are fat loss and this looks like a must for me!!
    Secondly, my husband purchased the ultimate live lean superpack, does this
    get me into the live lean community? x

  5. Should have added deadlift tutorial in this. Even if there are millions of
    them in youtube alone, but people still keep doing deadlift wrong in the

  6. deadlift can also ingure ure back.. I have had a bad lowerback in 2 years
    now because of deadlift even tho I did them right. So be careful. I think
    you should have said something about that Brad 🙂 But a great video!

  7. I’ve been bruising my knees and feel like my knee caps are suffering by
    doing deadlifts.. Have I got the technique wrong?

  8. Does soreness = after-burn effect?
    my entire body is sore from doing something called “death by dumbbells”.
    (with a few adjustments for myself).. and I am used to high intense cardio

  9. Strength= deadlifts. Your legs, your butt, your back, forearms, shoulders,
    calves, obliques…

    No matter how much i can curl, bench, squat, the deadlift can be humbling

  10. Good videos, better quality than most. Its mind boggling how you dont have
    more subs. Keep up the great videos man!!!

  11. I have two bulging discs on either side of my L5 vertebrae (at the very
    base of my spine) do you think that this might be too much stress or would
    it be ok if I tried this and see if I get any real discomfort? It looks
    like it might strengthen my back and core. I’ll ask my Physio but I figured
    asking you might help folks with similar issues that saw your video. Btw
    just want to say that your videos are awesome.

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