8 Ab Training Tips To Get Super Defined Abs #LLTV


How To Train Your Abs & Not Your Hip Flexors

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, lets talk about 8 tips to get super defined abs and why your ab workouts are NOT actually targeting your abs.

Before we start, lets be real, we all want abs. And even though your diet, weight lifting, and cardio workouts will burn the belly fat’¦in order to sculpt and define your abs, you DO need to train them directly, just like any other muscle.

Abs Are Made In The Gym

But 89.456% of the time…

Most of your typical ab workouts are creating tension primarily in your HIP FLEXORS and NOT your abs. This means you will NEVER see a well defined mid section, because you’re actually NOT creating any tension there. You’ll also run the risk of ending up with super tight and over compensating hip flexors. This can lead to long-term issues like lower back pain and poor posture.

Your hip flexors are made up of five muscles…

– Psoas major (the primary one)

– Illiacus

– Rectus femoris

– pectineus

– sartorius

When training abs, the goal is to place as much tension in the abdominal region and de-emphasize tension on these 5 hip flexor muscles.

defined abs


Here are…

8 tips to create tension and get super defined abs…

#1. Don’t add extra weight to your exercises UNTIL…

…you can really isolate and focus the tension in your abs at the top of the move for at least 1-2 seconds. Once you can really feel the tension, then you can add weight. Quality reps beats quantity EVERY TIME.

#2. When doing any kind of leg raises, INITIATE the movement…

…by tilting your pelvis forward and round your back. When you just raise your legs, this fires your hip flexors, not your abs.

#3. Perform more difficult lower ab exercises like leg raises FIRST…

’¦when your abs are still fresh. This will decrease the risk of firing your hip flexors rather than your abs.

#4. Keep each rep slow and under control…

’¦this will de-emphasize the stronger hip flexor muscles and place more tension on your abs.

#5. Remember to also contract the opposing muscle…

’¦like most muscle groups, to fire the working muscle, you should also focus on contracting the opposing muscle. In this case, squeezing your glutes and activating your hamstrings can also help de-emphasize your hip flexors. Do this by placing a stability ball between your feet and squeeze your feet together. This will help fire your abs and not your hip flexors.

#6. If you have a hard time feeling the contraction in your abs…

…before every abs workout, start by holding a plank for up to 90 sec and really focus on keeping your abs tight to “turn on” your abs.

#7. When your hip flexors are tight…

…they are in a shortened position. Lengthening them via stretching before your workout can help de-emphasize them.

#8. Active Release Technique i.e. ART…

’¦is a great way to open your hips and loosen your hip flexors. I’ve seen great results since hiring a chiropractor 4 weeks ago. Doing Yoga 1-2 times per week can also help.

If you want to implement all 8 of these tips…

…to activate, develop, and sculpt your abs and maintain them for the REST OF YOUR LIFE…

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14 responses to “8 Ab Training Tips To Get Super Defined Abs #LLTV

  1. Hey brad, to train your abs effectively, how many minutes do you advice
    working out per day? Thanks for the video!

  2. Brad how long did it take you to obtain your physique? I’m 18 and have been
    training consistently since July of 2013 and following you since day 1 of
    my training, nutrition and fitness both, I’m now just beginning to see some
    good muscle results and a little bit of abs and its February of 2014!

  3. I actually gave up some moves because my legs were getting tired & I
    thought to myself, how are my legs getting tired when its abs I’m trying to
    target.. I don’t want a routine but can you just name a few moves I can do,
    because now I’m worried about what moves I should not be doing…

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