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3 Core Strengthening Exercises With Weights While Standing Up

Add These Unique Abs Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you how to do 3 core strengthening exercises with weights while standing up.

Yes, I’m going to share 3 unique abs exercises that can help both men and women get sexy abs and a stronger core.

I say these exercises are unique, because I bet you have never tried them, or you are not currently doing them.

If you’ve been a long-time viewer of my Live Lean TV YouTube channel, and if you’re not, click here to subscribe, I bet you think I’m going to tell you the 3 exercises are compound moves like:

Well I’m not, because I know you already know this and are already doing them.

Remember, to Awaken The Abs Within, you need to first burn off the layer of fat covering your abs.

And that, of course, is best done via a healthy diet and compound exercises that burn a ton of calories.

Workouts That Burn The Most Calories

3 of the best exercises you’ve never done for sexy abs

Based on this, I’m going to share 3 core strengthening exercises with weights that really target and strengthen your abs using rotational movements.

Remember, the role of your core and abs is to move the spine in various directions.

Of course this includes the standard crunch movement.

But, are you also training for rotational core strength? 

Building rotational core strength is great for functional and sports training like tennis, golf, and hockey.

It’ll also give you a sexier overall flat and lean stomach.

Now let’s get to the 3 exercises for sexy abs.

3 Core Strengthening Exercises With Weights While Standing Up

The first two core strengthening exercises with weights are mostly referred to as the woodchopper and the reverse woodchopper.

Here is a version of the cable woodchopper.

Core Strengthening Exercise #1. Standing Cable Woodchopper

I prefer using cables, but you could also do the dumbbell woodchopper or the standing medicine ball woodchopper.

To do the standing cable wood chop exercise, keep your arms straight, then rotate your torso and pull the handle down and across your body toward your front knee.

Be sure to pivot that back foot for more power.

Standing Cable Wood Chop A
Standing Cable Wood Chop B

In other words, mimic the movement as if you were going to chop a tree.

Important note: Be sure to really focus on your breathing and keeping your abs tight during this woodchopper movement.

Core Strengthening Exercise #2. Standing Cable Reverse Woodchopper

Here’s an example of the standing cable reverse woodchopper.

Essentially the standing cable reverse wood chop exercise is the same movement, just in reverse, using a low cable pulley.

You can also complete a standing dumbbell reverse woodchopper or standing medicine ball reverse woodchopper.

To do the standing cable reverse woodchopper exercise, rotate your torso by pulling up and across your body.

Remember to keep your abs tight.

3 core strengthening exercises with weights while standing up
Reverse Cable Wood Chop B

For example, if I’m about to walk up to you, like the badass I am, and punch you in stomach, you should tighten up your abs so I shatter my hand.

Not loose, keep it tight.

Core Strengthening Exercise #3. Standing Barbell Rotation

The third sexy ab exercise I bet you’re not doing is called the Standing Barbell Rotation.

Some people may also refer to this exercise as olympic bar rotations.

To do the standing barbell rotation exercise, simply place the end of an empty olympic barbell in the corner of the room or in a landmine.

Then place a plate on the other end.

Start with the barbell on one side of your body, with knees flexed.

Then lift the weight by rotating your torso, pivoting the balls of your feet, and rotating the barbell in a half circle over to the other side of your body.


3 core strengthening exercises with weights while standing up
3 core strengthening exercises with weights while standing up
3 core strengthening exercises with weights while standing up

This a great exercise to not only give you a ripped mid-section, but the rapid rotation is great for increasing functional rotational strength for many sports.


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Question For You:

  • Have you done any of these 3 core strengthening exercises with weights have you tried?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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29 responses to “3 Core Strengthening Exercises With Weights While Standing Up

  1. I use a 35 pound weight and hold it out in front of me to do Russian Twists instead of the OB rotations.

  2. Oh okay and another quick question, is it true that sweat is you losing fat and what do u think about sauna suits for losing fat?

  3. can I find this book in a regular book store? or is it just on the internett? (great video btw)

  4. I am 2 months postpartum and have diastasis recti. Any suggestions of good exercises to help repair that? Besides planks?

  5. @LarSherv yeah i heard the mechanism you stick the olympic bar in is called that…and it does sound more badass!

  6. Great video (as expected, lol), I’ve heard those Olympic Bar rotations called “Landmines” by a lot of people, just fyi. Do you feel standing ab exercises are more effective than laying exercises? Thx.

  7. it really depends on which phase of training i’m in and what my goals are. If it’s primarily to get ripped abs for a shoot/project, I hit my abs with training 3+ times a week + HIIT sprints 3 times a week. On average i do some form of hiit cardio 2-3 times a week.

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