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51 Ways to Blast Your Abs!

Sculpt A Set Of Chiseled Abs With These Core Exercises

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode, get ready to see 51 of the best exercises to blast your abs.

Yes, to awaken the abs within, your diet needs to be in check.

And yes, you should also be focusing the majority of your time in the gym on afterburn style resistance training workouts to burn off the layer of belly fat.

However, to chisel, sculpt, and unleash a shredded set of abs, you also need to train them directly.

As you’ll see in this abs exercise video, I’m a big fan of targeting your abs at many different angles, using different pieces of equipment, while also mixing it up with bodyweight and weighted exercises.

I can’t wait to see you guys incorporating these abs exercises into your abdominal training workouts.

Lets see it. Tag me @BradGouthro and @LiveLeanTV in your Instagram videos.

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