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Spot Reduction. Myth or Truth?

Is Spot Reduction a Myth?

Is it possible to lose fat from one specific area? A commonly debated topic over the years, and a very highly searched term on the internet. When people notice fat in a certain area, they typically want to exercise that area in hopes to burn off that fat.

Spot Reduction. Is this a myth or is it the truth?

After last weeks workout video “How to Lose Arm Fat”, we had quite the uproar in the comment section. Viewers were leaving comments about spot reduction being a lie and the video title being misleading.

We would NEVER lie or mislead you about fitness or nutrition!

It’s our goal to help you get REAL and LASTING fitness results and start living lean with us 365 days a year. The video titles we choose are often based on “highly searched phrases” such as “How to lose arm fat”. As much as I love reading comments from you, I simply ask to be thoughtful about the comments that you do leave and realize that all of our titles and videos are intended to help guide people to real and lasting fitness. Please make sure you watch the whole video too before leaving a comment! Again, we love hearing your feedback whether it’s positive or not, all of it helps us grow and improve this channel, so keep on talking!

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Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!


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9 responses to “Spot Reduction. Myth or Truth?

  1. Totally agree, Jess. And I look at it a little bit like weights; when specific muscles are being targeted during a workout.
    I did one of your ‘lose arm fat’ workouts and not only was it a great arm workout, it also incorporated the whole body.
    I think LiveLean is fantastic and it was by sheer luck that I came across your YouTube videos. I highly recommend LiveLean – It is so informative and fun!

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