Sprint Interval Workouts: A Cardio Training Shortcut To Lose Fat & Build Muscle #LLTV


Why Sprint Interval Workouts Will Get You LEAN FASTER!

Guess what Live Leaner?

YOU were born to have a lean and muscular body that is HOT to look at!

So do you want the “shortcut” to burn fat AND build muscle, enjoy optimal health, and improve your athletic performance?

Of course you do’¦.the way to your best body and life is through sprint interval workouts!

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing one of my top “shortcuts” to living lean and getting YOU the body and health you deserve.

I’m talking about sprint interval workouts.

sprint interval workouts

And if you’re just an average exerciser who thinks you’re too old or too out of shape to do sprint interval workouts…You’re wrong!

It’s all relative. Sprint interval workouts are specific to you and your current fitness level.

If your sprint is only as fast as my jog…

’¦it doesn’t matter, since to your body, your muscles, and your hormones, it’s still a sprint and will have the same metabolic and hormonal affect on your body as it will on mine…even if I’m twice as fast.

So get the idea that you’re not fast enough to do sprint interval workouts out of your mind.

Side note: if you’re currently obese and brand new to fitness, I would first start you on a progression program building you up to sprint interval workouts. This would typically consist of 3 weeks of lower intensity aerobic cardio and then I’d progressively build you up to a sprint interval workout program.

But if you’ve been watching Live Lean TV for a while now, you should already be past this progression.

Here’s an analogy comparing your typical Aerobic Cardio Workout vs. Sprint Interval Workouts…

For optimal performance and improving overall body composition, think of slow and steady aerobic cardio as your training wheels.

After a few weeks, you need to continuously be progressing to reach your goal. These progressions would build you up to removing those training wheels.

That’s when we begin our sprint interval workouts!


Metabolic and Hormonal Benefits of SPRINT INTERVAL WORKOUTS:

Sprinting is simply completing short but intense sprint intervals followed by longer rest periods.

Research has shown that following a progressive sprint interval workout program, you’ll be creating a dramatic anabolic response in the body to burn fat AND build muscle.

Yes you can get both! The hormonal effects are incredible as well.

Increased Production of Growth Hormone: Slows Aging & Increases Fat Burning!

Sprinting has been proven to create a greater increase in growth hormone production. As a Live Leaner, you’ll love this as Growth Hormone is the anti-aging and fat burning hormone.

In other words, sprint to look younger and leaner.

Increased Production of Testosterone & IGF-1: Builds More Lean Muscle!

Sprinting has also been shown to increase the production of testosterone and the IGF-1 hormone which helps create an anabolic effect in the body leading to more lean muscle. Building and maintaining lean muscle is the key to keeping your metabolism burning on high and keeping you younger.

So lets recap…

Following a Progressive Sprint Interval Workout Program will help you…

Look younger!

Burn more fat!


Build more muscle!
Brad Gouthro Jessica Rumbaugh

Sign me up!

Sprinting truly is a shortcut to living lean.

On Wednesday’s episode, I’m going get more specific about sprint interval workouts including, when to do it, how many times to do it, etc.

I’ll also be comparing sprint interval workouts vs. traditional forms of aerobic cardio that you see EVERYONE doing.

This will include how excessive aerobic cardio could actually be taking you further away from your fitness and health goals!

Lets get the conversation going in the comment box below…I want to know, do you currently sprint, if not, why not? What’s stopping you?

Put your answers below.

I want to know, do you currently sprint, if not, why not? What’s stopping you?

Leave a COMMENT below.


Available November 4th: Live Lean Sprint Interval Workout Program!

Sprint Interval Workouts

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1. Do you currently sprint? 

2. If not, why?


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46 responses to “Sprint Interval Workouts: A Cardio Training Shortcut To Lose Fat & Build Muscle #LLTV

  1. Great video! I can’t wait to watch more of your videos. I just subscribed
    to your channel! Good luck with all you do. You know what you’re talking
    about so I am definitely eager to follow you!

  2. Great video! I can’t wait to watch more of your videos. I just subscribed
    to your channel! Good luck with all you do. You know what you’re talking
    about so I am definitely eager to follow you!

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  6. Hi Brad
    LOVE your channel, info and energy! I have purchased your sprinting
    program. I am starting on level 2. I have a question about incline. If you
    are using the treadmill should you be on an incline at all and if so how do
    you judge how high. I realize this could vary from machine to machine. I
    don’t always use a machine to do my sprints BUT I was just wondering if and
    when I do should it be inclined. Although I am just getting started I think
    you have designed an awesome PROGRAM! Keep up the GREAT work!

  7. I have done intervals on the dreadmill but it’s normally after a few minutes of steady state cardio. I like doing those speed bursts, it makes me feel Wonder Womanish. your program sounds like it will me improve those special powers.

  8. Hey Brad I’m a huge fan of your show. I’m a triathlete who uses Tabata intervals for both the bike and the run. Love the intervals!!

  9. Love that you brought up the Afterburn Effect…BUT you have it backwards…sprinting is what maximizes the afterburn not steady state. SPRINT!!

  10. I don’t sprint, because I have always thought that longer steady cardio like jogging was healthier and more effective. Also because if the afterburner effect I heard thst goes along with steady cardio. If this is true then I’m very excited for more info on it! New sub that’s pleased with the channel.

  11. I began doing sprints on Sunday mornings before breakfast. But now that the snow is on the ground I don’t have a park just two blocks away to do it in. (Not an excuse I know!) I will have to find a new place to make this happen, indoors of course 😉

    I was doing 6 x 100 M sprints and I tell you I was gassed by the end. I was also timing my sprints and it is sad to say but I am no Usain Bolt! (He would have me beat by the time I reached the 60 M mark. Still I loved it and I can’t wait to get back to them, So much more fun than being on a tread mill.

  12. Love sprint intervals, tabata style!! 20sec sprint, 10sec rest, 8 intervals for 4 min. At least 3 sets 🙂 With a 5 min warm up walk/jog, and then a run/walk interval 1min run, 1 min. walk, follow up. To reach at least 30 min in total. Can’t wait to see the next episode to hear your suggestions!! 🙂

  13. I do interval sprinting on a treadmill….I also do intervals on a spinner bike, which I’ve had great success with. I’ll typically do 45 secs for the intense interval, and then hang back for 2-3 mins to catch my breathe before going again. Is that right? It certainly appears to work….

  14. I actually do sprint because I feel my body likes that more than regular jogging. I get more tired and I can feel the sweat come right away. Do abs the same day you do cardio 😉 a tip 🙂 but Brad.. how many times a week should I do this intervals and how long should it last? 🙂

  15. I am currently following a six by six sprint program coupled with IF and after seven weeks I have lost five inches of my waist line

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