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How Many Sprint Workouts A Week For Fat Loss?

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How To Get Started With HIIT Sprint Training

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, Iโ€™m answering a few questions on HIIT sprint training, including the often asked question: how many sprint workouts a week for fat loss?

Oh yeah, it’s time to talk more about my secret weapon to Living Lean, HIIT sprint workouts.

I briefly discussed some of the fat burning and muscle building benefits of sprint HIIT training for beginners in my last post.

Sprint HIIT Training For Beginners

I know you probably already have a lot of questions on how to properly incorporate HIIT sprint workouts into your program.

So in this post, I want to share 2 ways to get more benefits out of your HIIT sprint workouts, as well as answering a 4 of the most asked questions about HIIT sprint training.

These 4 HIIT Sprint Questions Include:

  1. Is it best to do my HIIT sprint workouts in the morning or evening?
  2. Should I do my HIIT sprint workouts fasted or with food in my system?
  3. Should you do HIIT sprints and weight training during the same workout?
  4. How many sprint workouts a week for fat loss?

In addition to answering these questions, I also will share my personal experiences and results from sprint HIIT training, as well as a little bit of research to back it up.

So let me begin by answering the first two questions.

Should You Do HIIT Sprints In The Morning Or Evening? Fasted Or Fueled?

At this point, since you’re new to HIIT sprint workouts, it does not matter if you do it in the morning or evening.

It also does not matter if you do your HIIT sprint workout fasted or fueled.

In the beginning, I just want you to focus on doing your HIIT sprint workouts.

This means you can do your sprint intervals in the morning or evening, as well as fasted or fueled.

Fasted Cardio vs Fed Cardio For Fat Loss

In other words, I just want to remove all of the excuses and limitations of why you think you can’t do HIIT sprints.

Just do it.

Here are the answers to the other more important questions on how to get more benefit out of your HIIT sprint workouts.

Should You Do HIIT Sprints And Weight Training During The Same Workout?

Plan your HIIT sprint workouts separate from your weight lifting days.

For me, I prefer to train with weights typically 4-5 times a week.

On my 2-3 off days per week, I do HIIT sprint intervals.

Here’s the reason why you should separate your weight training workouts from your HIIT sprint workouts.

My weight training workouts tend to last between 50-60 minutes, and are maximum effort workouts.

After 60 minutes of lifting weights, I am done.

Also, typically around the 60 minute mark, the stress hormone cortisol is elevated to a point where the body is at an increased catabolic muscle breakdown state.

This means at the 60 minute point, it’s time to get out of the gym, and pound some food to begin the repair, recovery, and growth phase of the day.

Why You Shouldn’t Combine A Full Weight Training And HIIT Sprint Workout Together

In most cases, you shouldn’t extend your workout by another 20 minutes, for an all-out HIIT sprint workout.

When you do this:

  1. You’d be putting your body at an even deeper level of catabolism and potentially ruining some of your muscle gains.
  2. If your weight training workout was as intense as it should be, you shouldn’t have anything left in the tank to do anything else in the gym, especially not HIIT sprints.

Another option is to do your HIIT sprint workout at another time during the day.

In other words, sprint in the morning or evening, then lift weights at the opposite time.

#2. Sprint 2-3 Times Per Week, But Not On Consecutive Days

On top of my 4-5 weight training workouts per week, I add in 2-3 HIIT sprint workouts on alternate days.

However, I do not recommend HIIT sprint workouts on back-to-back days.

Spread them out throughout the week for maximum recovery, progression, and performance.

My Results From HIIT Sprint Workouts

Now a quick little story about “pre-sprint” Brad.

Brad Gouthro Before

You know, the Brad that wasn’t as lean or athletic.

I admit, before I knew what the hell I was doing, I used to be at fault for doing 60-90 minutes of low intensity slow and steady (LISS) cardio.

Pros And Cons Of LISS Cardio

I mean, according to the table on the treadmill, this slow and steady approach to cardio kept me in the “fat burning zone”.

So that’s supposed to be good, right?


Here Were The 3 “Benefits” I Noticed From Staying In The “Fat Burning Zone”

Benefit #1: LISS Cardio Wasn’t That Taxing On My Body

In other words, I could stay inside of my comfort zone.

We all know when you stay inside your comfort zone you get results right?

I’m obviously being sarcastic.

Benefit #2: During LISS Cardio, I Could Watch SportsCenter At The Same Time

I don’t watch much TV, but I love catching up on my sports highlights.

Even at the expense of getting results, I guess.

Benefit #3: I Could Talk To The Hot Girl Beside Me On The Cardio Machine

My favorite benefit of LIIS cardio is being able to talk to the hot girl on the cardio machine.

Don’t judge, we’ve all jumped on the treadmill beside “that girl”, even if it was a weights day. 

And ladies, be honest.

I’m sure a few of you are guilty of this as well.

But of course, after spending a lot of time doing these boring slow and steady cardio workouts, I noticed I wasn’t getting any results.

So then I hired my first fitness coach.

I was happy to see that they put something in my workout program called sprint intervals.

I thought cool, this is something new for me to try.

Plus, it’s going to save me from all the boredom with my LISS cardio workouts.

In my workout program, I also noticed that the HIIT sprint workouts took 3 times less time than my original LISS cardio workouts.

Plus, when I did my first HIIT sprint session, damn my body felt it, because it took me totally outside of my comfort.

Although I could no longer talk to that cute girl while doing cardio, because I was so out of breath, or watch SportsCenter, the fat melted off and my abs started to pop out.

I am proof that sprint intervals work.

15 Minute Hill Sprints Workout For Fat Loss

1 Type Of Cardio That Demolishes Fat: The Research Doesn’t Lie

Researchers compared the body composition results of a 3 day per week HIIT sprint program with a 3 day per week aerobic endurance program.

HIIT Sprint Program Details:

  • 6 x 30 second all out sprints
  • 4 minute breaks in between

So in reality, at 6 x 30 second sprints, there are only 3 total minutes of work and 20 minutes of active rest.

LISS Cardio Endurance Program Details:

The LIIS cardio endurance program had participants jogging for 60 minutes at 65% of their maximum heart rate.

Here Were The Interesting Comparable 6 Week Results:

The Sprint Interval Program Results:

Even though during the entire 6 week program the sprint group only spent 45 minutes, the equivalent of 0.75 hours, sprinting, they still lost 12.4% body fat.

The LIIS Cardio Endurance Program Results:

The LIIS cardio endurance group spent 13.5 hours jogging and only lost 5.8% body fat.

So not only did HIIT sprints help me lose fat, this research proves you can lose more fat in less time by doing sprints.

Damn that’s good.

Get The Full Live Lean Sprint 2.0 Program

Check out my Live Lean Sprint 2.0 Progressive Workout Program.

This includes beginner, all the way up to more advanced progressive sprint workouts.

This means the HIIT sprint workouts build on one another.

Live Lean Sprint 2.0

Even though you can do these workouts on cardio machines or a field, the program also includes a cool video of me at the track.

For more actionable tips on how to get started on sprinting your fat away faster, and in less time, check out this video post.

How To Do A Sprint Workout Without A Track

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Today’s Question Of The Day:

  • Have you honestly ever gone out of your way to talk to a guy or girl at the gym? Of course I have, and i’m not ashamed to admit it.

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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154 responses to “How Many Sprint Workouts A Week For Fat Loss?

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    got a gift for gab for sure but thats about it.

  8. hey brad, when you say slow and steady cardio, how fast are we talking? my
    usual steady cardio is about 5, 8-9 minute miles (depending how I feel). Is
    that considered slow paced? right now i just took cardio out of my
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  10. Hi Brad! Thanks for this video and your channel! Loving watching your
    healthy lifestyle. I’ve just started road running and I liked doing short
    sprints so I’m glad I’m on the right track?! I usually sprint till I reach
    90% of my max HR and then walk till I reach about 50-60%. Felt dead
    afterwards! Think that’s a good strategy?

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    death from machine cardio.. I am at 19.6% bf and i am 33, recently lost 64
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    But I have sort of hit a wall when it comes to burning fat. I will begin to
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  15. Hey, I do Hiit sprinting. I have been doing it for the last month. I do 25
    seconds sprinting and 50 seconds rest. Do you think this is a good ratio?
    Or should I increase both my sprints and my resting time. You mentioned in
    the video about the test group that had 6 sprints of 30 seconds and 4
    minutes rest time. Do you think that is a bit too much rest time? Or does
    it work better if you rest more after a sprint. Please respond because this
    will help me get the best results out of my routine. Thanks!

  16. Interesting because i always thought sprints were more of a anaerobic
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  17. Will walking for an hour on an empty stomach, at any point in the day at an
    incline & 3.4 speed, keeping my heart rate at say 117-130 beats per minute,
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  18. Question: on sprint workout days, about how long should I be doing them?
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  19. I am a runner. However, whenever I try to do sprints I get injured. I am
    not sure everyone is able to do it. I am 5ft 2inches and I weigh 105lbs. My
    body fat is 14 percent. I run around 4 to 5 miles a day. I do run faster
    intervals but you could hardly call it sprinting. I think my results are
    still just as good as if I was sprinting. Could you just say running faster
    than you normally do for a minute:::::::?????

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  22. I’m doing 15 minutes of sprints after my weight lifting 3X a week, and then
    on the inbetween days I go for a 40 minute jog. Is this a good idea?

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  24. So I started sprinting after doing my research and unlike endless jogging,
    I really like it. The problem is it is freezing cold and snowy where I live
    and is looking to be staying that way for a few months. I poked around and
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    I was wondering how they compare effectually?

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  29. I noticed you have a strap on your arm…is for tendon trouble? I have tendon trouble in the same place (well at my elbow actually) and i have patella issues or jumpers knee!!! I would really appreciate some info on how to work around these injuries and also what is the best way of helping them to heal. Would really appreciate it. Great website and videos by the way.

  30. Hi Brad, Love your vids.
    I would love to get your sprint interval workout. I am a type 2 diabetic trying to fight of the condition. All the doctors i went to told me i have to use insulin as my sugar levels were too high. I did not like the thought of that, so i started working out, running and lifting mainly. By doing that and eating correctly i notice how my sugar levels went down to normal and even better. The key was the fat lose. The more fat i lost the more healthier i got. I am now at a point where i am interested in new ways of burning fat as i still have a few pounds to cut and it seems i have hit some what of a deadlock. I think that with your program I will be able to push it to the next level, and get lean and even healthier. Thank you for reading this. keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Hey Brad, I’d like to first say… how much I enjoy your videos! Sooo nice of you to share with all of us. I would love to win your “sprint workout program” as I decided to start competing in Bodybuilding in 2013 and am having some difficulty losing the last bit of body fat. I’ve been struggling with diet (seems my body reacts badly to carbs, of almost any type) and trying to find what my body reacts best to. I’ve been doing sprint intervals, but would love any extra edge that I can get. And com’on… we all know that you are on top of the “edge” type stuff… lol! Thanks again, for being such an inspiration to all of us, no matter our fitness goals… Take Care

  32. I need Live Lean Sprint to break through my sprinting plateau without injury. I need a well thought out progression to push past my current level to see any further progress, and without injuring my calves/shins–they get so tight & achy! Help! Thanks Brad, you’re awesome!

  33. I have trained for half and full marathons, and it’s hard to break out of the steady state cycle. I enjoy the challenge of long runs, but I do some interval work as it’s part of even marathon training programs. I also lift weights 3x/week and have a healthy diet, so I have seen results. But I’d like to see even better results and after watching this video, I think your sprint training manual will be a big help! Would love to get a copy of it, and keep up the good work Brad.

  34. I have been following your lifestyle for over a year now Brad, and thanks to you I managed to lose about 20kg in total and drop my fat percentage from 29% to 20%… I set myself a goal to get to 17%, I try my best but I have noticed I am starting to lose my motivation because all the work I am doing now helps me to maintain the body I have, but doesn’t allow me to shred the last ‘excessive’ fat and reach my goal of 17%. I know I will get there Brad. I am sure it would be a faster process with your sprint training programme – your tips/advice have always worked for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Hello Brad! Since I got in college I’ve gained not the usual college 15 but 60 pounds. For a while I just blamed my thyroids problem but recently I decided that I need to change my lifestyle and searching on the internet I found your videos which are really motivating and different. I believe that the Live Lean Sprint would be a great tool to give me that extra push to actually take action on my situation and start to live lean. Thank you!

  36. I have been in the gym for about 6 months now and lost about 35lbs since. I have done a lot of early cardio and weight training 4 to 5 days a week. Sometimes 2 a days with early cardio and lifting in the pm. Have 2 kids so I have a great wife who wants me to look good. 34 years old 5 ft 10 or 11. 187lbs. I want get to about 180 to 182. We eat really healthy and my wife and I want to live lean 24/7. Your videos have helped me a great deal. thanks for what you do for real I needed the help. I want to try the sprint training and the past 3 months I have evened out with no loss. HELP! lol thanks Brad!

  37. Married so no. lol But seems impossible to burn the tiny little bit left 4 pak is here but no 6. Gonna try this thanks for the info!

  38. Hello Brad !

    I used to be an every-day weight-lifter at the gym untill I had dislocated my shoulder. After being a “couch-potato” for a couple of months I’ve discovered running. For the past few years (since the dislocating) i’ve used all of the known programs with the of the different combinations of workouts (intervals, tempo, volume, hills, stairs ect.) – always changing and mixing things up. The last 2 months were really hard because I just can’t see any improvment, atleast not without adding a lot more milage and running time (and I already spend a lot of time on those workouts anyway). I am in desperate need for a new program that will shake things up and make me see & feel the change again!
    I hope I can enjoy your workout!
    See you on the track,

  39. Hi Brad I would love to win! Within the past year I have dropped 20lbs. Mostly from hours spent on gym workout machines ( treadmill & eliptical) I am burnt out and have lost motivation to hit the gym. I do not want to gain any weight back as I have 20 lbs more that I need to lose. From watching your video it sounds like I could reach my goal and in less time than it took me just working out on exercise machines over the past year. I would greatly appreciate it!

  40. Brad, thank you for this opportunity. I am 47 years old. I’ve had a lot of stress in the past two years with my mom passing away, etc. I’ve gained about 50 lbs. and am very sad. I started a running routine and eating healthy. I thought I was doing good with small progress, then as I do some research I keep coming across running is great; then sprints are better and vice a versa. I’m so frustrated right now and discouraged. I need a program that will guide me so I can build my confidence and be sure that what I’m doing is the right thing. I would like to reach my 48th birthday “living lean” with your help.

  41. am I seriously the only one that doesn’t hit on girls in the gym :(?
    I usually put on my headphones for more motivation

    But Brad, would you suggest doing cardio during a bulk phase?

  42. I am interested in taking my fitness to the next level. I have never been a fan of cardio, but I can handle 20 minutes in the treadmill involving short bursts of sprints. I would love to have your book handy to help guide me in my sprinting journey! Thanks Brad for the opportunity!

  43. Brad. I need an effective and safe run/sprint program because since I tore my ACL I have been extremely limited in my capacity to run without experiencing soreness in my knee/hamstring (my new ACL graft was taken from my hamstring). I need something to help me get the results in the least amount of time possible and SPRINTING seems the perfect method for me. If only I had a program from someone I trust, to help me reach my live lean 365 goals. Cheers from Down Under (Aust)

  44. Hi! (All the way from Israel!) Love love your video’s. You are so funny! Seems like you do live what you preach. Which is exactly why I would love your program!
    I am a physical therapist who is currently just over 30% fat… so got a lot to lose….
    I am constantly telling my patients to live healthy and be active. And I do too, but unfortunately I don’t look like I do.
    So help me stop being a hypocrite ๐Ÿ™‚ I WO and eat well (except when I don’t…. but mostly). And results are hard to get to.
    Would love to try your program and be a role model too.

    Thank you, wish you lot’s of love ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. hey brad, i’m a middle distance runner, fairly seriously and I train 3 ties a week for an hour and we do things like mile reps (under 5 mins) so pretty fast then like 3 to 4 mins rest then go again we’d do 3-5 reps then at the end we do sprints and we all pretty lean so maybe you try doin a idle distance hard session so it’s not slow and boring, maybe try race a mate then do sprints at the end I wanna know if this better than just doing a sprint session cuz I got a mate trying to lose weight

  46. I have 5 pounds of fat that have been “haunting me” (yes, it is Halloween) since having children (I’m embarrassed to say for over 20 years). I have toned with exercises, but this lower body fat does not budge. I have never tried sprinting, so I am wondering if this program could possibly be the answer? “Booo” knows?

  47. Hey Brad,

    I believe I need Your Sprint Interval Training to help me loss the last of my baby weight. 3 years ago I had my first child and 16 months later had my second and because i did not give my body the proper time to heal and recover and I’m finding it really hard to get my sexy lean body back, or even close. Your program is my final step to getting my body back and given my husband the body he has not seen since college. Thanks Brad so much for your knowledge and wisdom. Hoping to hear from you soon!!!!!

  48. Brad, i want to answer simple. I always wanted to live lean, and stay lean. Im in progress right now… with “sprint training” i can learn even more from you, and boost my result in no time. I would appreciate so much if i get your Sprint training manual.

    Thank you for amazing videos and tips that u gave to us. It’s very important for us “people” to learn and understand something useful and healthy. Knowledge is life.

  49. I am very interested Live Lean Sprint because not only am I looking for something new to add to my own workouts but as someone who is changing careers into the fitness world I am always looking to learn new ways of working out and as well as fun ways to engage and inspire people who also want to get lean and healthy. Like you I have found my confidence and passion in exercise and fitness and am ecstatic to share that with others and help them achieve their goals as well.

  50. I’m already pretty ripped but no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of the last inch of fat around my stomach. I’ve been following Athlean-X for a couple of rounds now and it’s helped get me in the best , lean, muscular shape with nominal time but I’ve hit a plateau. It’s great to finally follow a fitness guy who is actually in awesome shape. So I know following your guidance will get me to where I want to be, Brad.

  51. Why should I win the DVD?

    I have been in the “gotta get in to it” frame-of-mind for MONTHS now! I’ve been in/out of the gym due to illness and injury now for the past couple of years. After fracturing T5,6 & 7 vertebrae from a horse riding accident, I’ve not been “consistent” in my goals. It’s easy to default to: “it hurts” or “i don’t want to make matters worse”. Honestly, the “not knowing” of what to do or not to do is totally frustrating!
    I’ve got the right information, and the right trainer to follow (YOU, Brad!), I just need a “nudge” in the right direction!

  52. I would love the live lean sprint series because it would help me with my degree. I am a Human and Health Performance major and we do research all the time. last semester we had to do a research project on wither slow stead cardio or sprinting helped with fat loss. You are right sprinting helps with fat loss more than slow stead cardio does. Although slow steady cardio is better for your Cardiovascular system it does not really help with fat loss as much as sprinting does.

    The sprint series would help me with not just me living lean, but the people around me live lean as well. The series would help me get out of the gym faster and be able to study harder. Keep giving advise Brad and keep living lean 365.

  53. I am 31 years old. I was the queen of yo-yo dieting, but three months later i changed my eating habbits and stop dieting for the first time in my life. I finally understand that it is not a DIET change that i need. Its a new life style that i need. So far i lost 24 pouds with the new style that i adapt, and i need to loose 30 more pounds to be a fit and a healthy person. I want your program because i want to loose more fat from my belly and tone my body and because i hate treadmill.

  54. I would like to have your sprint workout to enhance my current sprint workouts. I sprint 2-3 times per week for 25 min but have stalled in my progress. I want to know that I CAN get lean regardless of the fact that I just turned 40 and I’ve never been lean. My goal was to be 150 pounds by my 40th birthday….I got to 151.6! So close!! Now my goal is to be lean no matter what the scale says.


  55. I’d love to win this cardio workout program because I’d love to have something extra to enhance my weighted workout sessions. I’m seeing great results with my workout sessions but I know that having the cardio to add to it will really boost my results and help me lose the stubborn fat in my problem areas. Anytime I’ve ever done cardio before, it’s always been the slow steady cardio because I thought that was what would shed fat. I’m glad I’ve been following you because if it wasn’t for you, I’d probably still be doing them and getting almost nowhere. So thanks! Saving me a crazy amount of time ๐Ÿ˜€

    I don’t go to the gym so I can’t say that I’ve gone out of my way to ever talk to a guy at a gym. However, when I was on vacation in the States I did pop into the hotel’s small gym to get in a quick workout and it felt pretty good to be the only girl in there that was in better shape then most of the guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of looks, haha!

  56. I’m 42 with 2 beautiful children. I want to be an example that regardless of age and child bearing that you can regain awesome looking abs! Your sprinting program sounds like a program that will help me reach my goal of shedding unwanted body fat! Love your videos – keep up the awesome work!

  57. Before learning about live lean, I used to work out just the regular way. I used to go for jog/walks for an hour. But never got the results I wanted. After coming across you Live Lean style of workouts online, I started taking your workouts seriously and began getting results which I wanted to achieve.

    With the sprint workout regime, and your expertise, Brad, I am pretty sure I’ll be able to reach my goal in no time at all, and also in the right manner. So I’d be looking forward to hearing from more of your work out regimes soon, and continue following.

    Damn! That’s good!

  58. What up brad!! Hoping I can get me a copy of your book! Don’t have the $ to even go to the gym. I just have some free weights that people gave away from Craigslist. I’m just getting started so I need sprints in my cardio. Rather than jogging. Thnx

  59. Hi Brad, I Need a copy of Live Lean Sprint Workout, because i love to sprint, back in the day i used to sprint every day, (later i married, kids, work, hahahahaha), so i started to run this year and doing bodyweight trainnings, i have lost 31 pounds so far, but i missed the sprinter era, i want it back, what better way to get back in business, using your guide of sprint. PD. (Squats and Track is my life hahaha).

  60. I need this workout for my 2014 bikini prep season! No hours upon hours of steady state cardio for me. I want to get in the gym and get my shit done with less time, yet still leave crawling! Help me rock the 2014 season on stage =D?!

  61. I need a copy of your book because I live in a small town in France where no one else speaks English, so it’s nearly impossible to hire a personal trainer (needless to say, it’s also almost impossible to get books or fitness magazines in English). This way, you’d be my personal trainer, hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks, Brad.

  62. I need the Live Lean Sprint guide because I’m tired of doing P90X and Insanity. I don’t like paying overprice gym fees and I prefer to be able to go home after a long 12 hour day and get my workout in quick with great results so that I can handle my other daily activities.
    I’ve hit a plateau with those other programs mentioned above and to be quite honest, I’m just bored with them. I like to be outside doing something different every day. Send me a free copy and I can promise that I’ll be providing great feedback with great results!!

  63. Hey,
    I want a copy because I am getting tired of Jogging every morning and to see only less success, or non.
    I really want to lose weight and build some muscle to get a athletic body.

  64. I need this sprint program to gain speed (for my tris) and live lean (lose fat)!!!! It’s my post-race season so I have more time to focus on building muscle and speed instead of getting in the distance. Looking forward to it.

  65. Hey Brad,
    I have my eye at the 2014 Atlantic Bodybuilding Championships in the men’s physique category and I believe a copy of your sprint intervals workout would greatly help me achieve my goals of getting there. I currently sit at 189 lbs with 14% body fat as I am bulking but it’s time to start cutting and melting away some fat. I am a runner in the 10k class so I already have the basics to sprint. I really like your videos and have taken a lot from them. Thanks for the help and keep them coming.

  66. Hi LiveLeaners ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m sure I need this program. Like Brad told us in his motivational video, I hired a personal trainer. My trainer told me that I can’t do any interval training, only weight lifting, and I don’t agree with him. I’m really confused. I really want to see better results, I’m a hardworker! (already lost 22 lbs, damn that’s good:)) Now I’m 138 lbs/5,64ft. I need to lost some fat and gain muscles, live lean 365/1 year ๐Ÿ™‚ Thak you for your support, Live Leaners! ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. This is how the Army rangers get in shape. My unit would do something like this, but we’d carry ammo cans full of sand. 20 mike mike not fifty

  68. I tell you what… Being a Marine, I love running. Actually, you have to. Improve upon your mile time. Used to be able to run the mile in 5 1/2 minute, but since getting out. It is much sower. Run a quarter mile at 95% effort. Then jog with a wide open stride for a quarter mile. Do after jogging 1 mile and stretching, you will mess up your legs and back if you don’t. Have fun. Don’t kill your self. push it only 55-75% of the time until you get used to it. Depending on your fitness goal and how much you weigh. Run for your body type. Remember, you can only progress when you are your inspiration and not somebody else. Give God the glory, and always run to Him. -Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches

    1. Sorry, I didn’t answer the question directly, but its just an important aspect people often forget to incorporate in their exercise.

    2. One more thing. Watch the knees and tighten the core to protect your lower back. Also, watch out for shin splints! Please modify

  69. I have already learned SO much from you and this would help tramendously! Even though you say you can do these sprint workouts in a gym, I just can’t visualize it! Do you really get the same level of push from sprinting in place?!? Help! I was to encorporate this into my routine, but I need your help. I’m stuck in a plateau and can’t seem to get my abs to pop! I think this will get me there. Thanks again for all you do, you’ve already taught me so much!

  70. Even though I detest running of any kind, I understand the benefit of this type of workout and am willing to give it a try. At the moment, I am 50% body fat and getting rid of 12% or more of body would be huge. Thanks for all that you do.

  71. It will help regain a bit of confidence. Ive always been called thick or chubby and I have about had it. Im always being compared to my size 1 sister im 4’11 size 9 with wide hips. Id like to feel confident and not hate my body.

  72. Very interesting video.For the past year I was jogging and never saw the best results in my body. I will try sprinting.

    Thanx Brad!!

  73. I’ll be honest. I need to get to my goal of 12% body fat by the end of the year. I’ll probably need to sprint for that. If I have your book, I’ll be able to optimize my results!

  74. Brad, several years ago I was transferred to my police department’s canine division and I stayed in acceptable shape for a long time. However, after getting injured and older I began to pick up weight. I’ve been watching your videos for the past few months and changing my workouts to include some of the stuff you’ve been posting (love/hate afterburn). I’m in much better shape but I’d like to become faster and leaner, especially when chasing down people half my age while wearing 20+ pounds of gear. I think your program may help and would appreciate your consideration for the Live Lean Sprint program.

    1. If you don’t mind me saying, but can you keep up with that do for two hours? With weight. You can damage nerves. Back in Iraq, a couple of my buddies ran with just under thirty pounds of weight for a workout. They ran five-ten mile 5 days a week, and now because of it have little to no cartilage and all sorts of back problems. Slipped discs in their vertebra. Just be careful, we don’t need you to over protect us from protecting your self. If that makes since. Good luck

  75. Hi!!! So I would LOVE a copy of your Sprint workout program because I feel it would greatly benefit me and get me to my goal weight! I’m a 30 year old mom of 2, and have worked sooo hard to lose over 93lbs already. I have learned so much from your videos (and now Jessica’s as well :0]) but I’m stuck at 142lbs. My goal weight is 135 so I am only 7lbs away from my goal!! But I’m stuck and the scale just won’t budge :0( I had been thinking about starting Sprints since I had heard of it, and then a What!! You posted a video on it and I was like OMG!! This had to be the solution =D and now I could get a free copy and reach my goal finally!! So please please help me out :0) and well even if I don’t get it, know that I have much respect for you, keep up the awesome work helping us all live lean 365 days a year ;0)

  76. You have been an inspiration for me to keep working toward my goals. I started at 363 and now 265, sprinting would certainly help me continue to lose weight and build muscle. I enjoy your recipes as well as checking in for the videos.

  77. I have been trying to motivate myself to get back into shape. I used to work out many times a week and was at my lowest of 240 lbs. I am now just over 300 and my body is starting to revolt. I need help and a program that I can get behind.

    1. Jesse, keep pressing play, stick with it, and you cant fail. Remember, “Pace Your self and your progress” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your body.” As tony Horton would say.

  78. Hey brad, I’m a 17 and I was dropping weight at a really good pace and now I’m plateauing terribly. I was 180 and now I am 153 but I’m stuck. I eat clean and hardly any processed food and I workout 5 times a week on cardio and do 15 warm up on the treadmill, 30 on cardio machines and then 15 cool down. I just started adding toning workouts and those are helping but I agree that I’m wasting my time in the gym. I would love to give your program a go and I believe sprint intervals are the answer I have been looking for, thanks for this video.

    1. Stretch the legs five minutes longer and lower back for ten minutes longer. Breath and pick up the pace 30 seconds every other week if not more. Limit it and know your bodies weakness. Try running outside in the elements. Way different and more challenging than on the treadmill. Good luck

    2. Get a good fish oil and joint lubricant supplement. GNC has great ones. Any vitamin shop really. Also Mega Greens multi vitamin. Thats what I had my wife taking. The fish oil helps with joints, the joint supplement will reinforce it, plus the fish oil helps the heart and vital organs. Let alone, the fats are more easily digested/ moved around in the right places. The vitamin has a full 3 full servings of all you need for the day. Greens are great for weight loss and building lean muscle. Chicken and salmon also plus these. Remember, ” An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Do Brads lemon water challenge 28 days. Good luck. Portion your self, enjoy life, and truly you can only see progress with the right tools. Have fun

  79. Hey brad I been dieting for bout a year an a couple months I was 398 im now 248 that sprint book would really help me out an get my bodyfat down to single digits thanks

  80. Braaaad I’m going to my first trip to Punta Cana this Xmas (running away from the snow we’ll have in Quebec City!!!) and I need all the help I can get to feel good in my bikini ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m near to my goal and your program will help me change things up and surprise this remaining fat… and make this go away for good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Damn this would be good !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. How fast can a bear travel? Do you want to run up hill to avoid being run into a bear or down hill? Which goes faster, a moose or a deer, and which can chase you longer? Good luck, and have fun.

  81. I’m a college student living the dorm life looking for ways to spice up my routine. My fitness interest started about a year ago. Initially dropped about 15 pounds of fat, then focused on building up lean muscle. Currently I’ve been planning out cutting down into the single digits of body fat % over the winter, starting with a leaner diet, adding in a supplement of CLA, and giving cardio a greater portion of my energy in they gym or at the track. I’ve always stuck to traditional cardio routines with running and swimming. The sprint plan is what I need to make this winter as successful as I am aiming!

    1. Try Fartlek runs. Look up polish running, or European and that’ll give you idea hopefully. Hill train while sprinting up for 1 minute. Jog back down for 1. Try for a set of ten. rest for the jog only. Good luck.

  82. Hi Brad: I love watching all of your videosand hearing your advice. I am a 48 year old mother of three who is a 9 year cancer survivor. I have yoyo’d my way to an unhealthy state and would like to give myself the BEST chance at another 9 years with a lean healthy body. Your advice and videos are so inspiring. i just need you to pick me for the sprint workout giveaway to help me start the next chapter of my journeyรฐลธโ€˜ย. Thank you for considering me!

  83. Hey Brad! I would love to win a copy of Llive Lean Sprint! I’m a busy mom of four and would love a program that would give me the most benifit for my time. Your sprint program sounds like it fits the bill! Your channel is always informative and entertaining and I would love to get started with one of your programs.

  84. Hi Brad, I think I deserve to win Live Lean Sprint guide because I follow your advice to a tee …. Have purchased your products and aspire to be as dedicated as you. You’ve inspired me live lean! Please pick me ….. Please pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Hey Brad, I need a copy of Living Lean Sprint, because i feel like I’ve been misinformed this whole time about cardio. I’m not overweight or obese but I want to get abs as I have a small layer of fat over them. My experience has been a lot like yours actually as I used to always do 35 minutes of jogging on the treadmill in an attempt to fet abs. Not only was it boring, but it made me loose enthusiasm for fitness. However ever since I discovered your channel your enthusiasm and happiness doing is what removated me to get back in to fitness. In short I feel misinformed as a 15 year old teen a lot of people give conflicting advice and it would be nice to have some answers. Thank you for all your hard work and please keept it up!

    1. Do planks: 1 minute in the front in a push up position, 1 minute on the left side, 1 minute on the right side, 1 minute on your back, 1 minute on your front, but this time on your elbows. This whole thing is one rep. rest and stretch out the abs with a wallrace stretch. Then do scissors for one minute, followed by criss crosses for one minute, and finally over under with the legs for a count of 1 minute, then do air squat jumps for one minute with a tightened core ( squeeze it). Rest, stretch out, drink water continuously, know your limit, dont go to hard and have fun. But with anything invoving the core, keep it tight. Good luck and have fun.

  86. Nope, but men at least 30 years older than me seem to try it with me all the time – lol. Looking forward to seeing more about sprints! I love it.

  87. i should get it for free lol, i just told you about your broken link….
    started IF yesterday based on your video, will see my results in 2 weeks,

  88. Although it has occurred to me many times I never did it mainly for two reasons:
    1. I’m way too shy to talk to a girl out of the blue and,
    2. Gym time is ME time. No distractions allowed however difficult this may be.

  89. Your link is not functional or maybe blocked here at my Work.
    Well that blows. Getting married in May of 2014 and id love to get my hands on that!

  90. Whats better flat ground or hills? I personally feel more exhausted with hill sprints but im not to sure which is better or more beneficial if it matters :p

    1. Dude, Hills and flats. Change it up all together. Try running down a hill and up the hill backwards. On the flats, do zig zags. Hey, if a bear is chasing you, do you want to run up a hill or down one? Good luck and have fun

  91. Brad you should illustrate what you’re talking about for better understanding! Keep up the good work and thank you for inspiring me!

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