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15 Minute Hill Sprints Workout For Fat Loss

HIIT Cardio Hill Sprint Intervals To Lose Fat Faster

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, it’s time for me to show you one of my secret weapons to Live Lean, a 15 minute hill sprints workout for fat loss.

If you’ve been a long time subscriber of our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, you no doubt already know my feelings on people who excessively do low intensity steady state, a.k.a. LISS cardio for fat loss.

Side note: as I mentioned in my video post on How To Get Started Losing Weight When You Are Obese, I do recommend that obese beginners follow a LISS cardio routine, combined with weights, for just the first 8 weeks.

How To Get Started Losing Weight When You Are Obese

Once this initial 8 weeks of training is up, I recommend obese beginners progress to high intensity interval training, a.k.a. HIIT cardio, combined with weights.

Then I’d recommend you eventually build up to today’s unique type of cardio training.

But if you’re not currently obese, I’m talking to you, Joe, Judy, Jeff, Jennifer and I’m sure many others with names that don’t start with the letter ‘J’.

Stop wasting your time doing excessive amounts of low intensity aerobic endurance cardio, especially if your goal is fat loss.

Pros And Cons Of LISS Cardio

Here’s what typically leads you to do this

After a long days work, or short night’s sleep, you force yourself to go to gym.

Hi-5 for discipline.

But when you arrive at the gym, you go on auto-pilot by stepping on elliptical machine #5, because you know you always have to choose the same machine.

Then like a hamster in a cage, you start “ellipticaling” for 60-90 minutes.

Want to know know how I can pick out these people every time?

It’s simple.

These people’s physique never changes.

How’s that for a slap up side the head?

It’s time for you to follow this short, but intense, anaerobic cardio workout that will incinerate fat faster.

We are going to do some high intensity interval hill sprints.

This hill sprints workout for fat loss is going to kick your butt.

Here’s how to do it.

Starting at the bottom of the hill, you’ll run all the way up to the top.

Then we’ll repeat this for a total of 4 sets, with each set being a slightly shorter distance.

So with that said, let’s get into the details.

15 Minute Hill Sprints Workout For Fat Loss

Hill Sprints Interval #1: 400 meters

The first sprint will be the longest and most difficult sprint.

Start at the bottom of the hill, then sprint all the way to the top.

The ideal distance for sprint #1 is approximately 400 meters.

After completing the sprint, take a 2-3 minute break to allow your heart rate to lower.

How To Calculate Your HIIT Heart Rate Target Zones

Then move on to the next hill sprint interval for 300 meters.

Hill Sprints Interval #2: 300 meters

For the second sprint we’re going to sprint approximately 300 meters up the hill, so not quite to the top.

When you’re feeling the burn in your legs and lungs, repeat the following.

No pain, no pain.

It only gets easier from here, as the distances decrease for every interval.

Hill Sprints Interval #3: 200 meters

The third hill sprint will be approximately 200 meters.

Hill Sprints Interval #4: 100 meters

The fourth and final hill sprint will be 100 meters.

That is it

You’re done.

That’s right, there’s no need for a round 2.

This hill sprints workout should only take between 10-15 minutes.

Take a 2-3 minute break between each sprint to allow your heart rate to come back down.

How To Do HIIT Cardio Correctly

Based on the intensity of this hill sprints workout, your body will be drained, and the switch to turn your body into a fat burning machine will now be on.

How many times should I complete a hill sprints workout?

Complete a hill sprints workout like this one time a week for faster fat loss, while building lean and sexy muscle.

Forget about the no 30-40 minutes on the treadmill.

Get outside, find any type of incline, and get lean faster.

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Now Iā€™m interested in hearing about your experiences with burning fat while gaining muscle.

Question For You:

  • What is your favorite form of cardio?
  • If you still do low intensity steady state cardio for fat loss, what will it take for me to convince you to switch it up to HIIT?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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37 responses to “15 Minute Hill Sprints Workout For Fat Loss

  1. I”m new to this will 2 months doing this 6 times a day for 6 days show
    progress an of course the healthy diet. I have belly fat that’s it

  2. i only use jogging for warm up for the sprints up hill,i feel sorry for
    those people who jog endlessly to lose the fat but have little progress ,up
    hill sprints is the best,you spike your effort an heart rate on an off so
    when your finished your body is burning fat for way longer even when you
    finished because you have sort of tricked your body by sprint rest sprint
    rest an so on so your body stays on standby thinking your going to sprint

  3. Yo Brad.. Just tried incline sprints out today.. Man that shit is hard! I did 30 sec sprints with 3 mins of rest.. 1 set of 4 sprints, then jogged home… Awesome sunday workout! <3

  4. If i do normal sprint workouts daily will i’ll be able to loose fat faster than before..??
    Waiting for ur reply.

  5. Brad, I think you vastly overestimated the distance. According to the website GeoDistance your first full sprint would have only been about 115m not 400m.
    A couple of weeks back I did 360m (the hill’s max length) for the first sprint and went down in 90m decrements. It really hits your body hard and fast. I think a lot of people underestimate how quickly hill sprints exhaust you.

  6. You should also note that you don’t need to be “a runner” to do this kind of workout. Some people think oh, I am not a runner so I can’t do these kinds of workouts. Blasphemy I say!

  7. @MattewGallant nice work. go search my channel for my latest “pre-workout meal” video

  8. hey brad I’ve cut gluten and pasteurized dairy out of my diet, what are your suggestions for a pre-workout meal?

  9. Wow ! Not even on the road… right up the side of Citadel hill… awesome. Wish I was there to do it!

    I am gonna give this a try cause I love running but am reading more and more about how my distance running is just wearing my body down and not really doing anything for me!

    1. You’re right about distance running eventually wearing your body down and skyrocketing your cortisol. If your main goal is fat loss, keep it short and intense!

  10. @94trab this will drain you, trust me. it’s all you need for the day. then hit weights the next day. And yes, that sprint example you gave is enough. It’s not about duration, it’s about intensity

  11. Hey Brad, I have a question for you! Is this workout enough for cardio? I mean, do I need to do some other form of cardio/ exercise on the same day as well as the hill sprints? Also, are 4 sets of HIITs (like sprinting on for 10 seconds, and resting for 30, then repeating 4 times) enough for a cardio day if I want to lose weight and build muscle? Thanks in advance, and great video! šŸ™‚

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