Do You Even Sprint Bro (or Bro-ette)? You Will Now! #LLTV


Welcome To Live Lean Sprint!

So you want to get lean do you? That’s good. That’s real good. You came to the right place!

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m asking you the million dollar question…


But before we get into that…

I should mention that at the end of this video, I will be sharing the name of the winner of the Live Lean Sprint contest (but don’t peak yet’¦keep reading)!

NOW…lets get on with it…

Over the last 2 episodes I’ve been singing the praises of SPRINTING (sprint intervals 101 & the research and my sprint results)!

I’ve talked about the research of why…

Sprinting Burns 3 Times More Fat In 3 Times Less Time …

as well as talking about my actual experience with it, and how it’s gotten me awesome results.

And now I want to share all of this with you…

But I should clarify something about “sprinting” …

It doesn’t mean you have to have access to an outdoor track like this:


But if you do have access, USE IT.

You can also SPRINT at:

An outdoor field.

On a treadmill.

In the pool (if you have bad joints).

Or any other piece of cardio equipment (one of my favs in the rower or stair master).

Although I typically prefer sprinting outdoors at a track, “SPRINTING” can also mean going all out for a short period of time regardless of where you do it.

So the point is…everyone has access to SPRINT!

And now you’ll have access to a proven progressive program that is all laid out for you. All you have to do is follow the program and do the work.

Sprinting really was the missing key before I started living lean.

So now I’m so pumped to be sharing that with you.

I call it Live Lean Sprint.

Sprint Interval Workouts

Live Lean Sprint is a progressive sprint workout program. It also includes a diet plan to follow as well.

And when I say progressive, I mean there are multiple phases of this program that build on one another.

Live Lean Sprint – Progressive Sprinting Program With Multiple Phases

Phase 1a & 1b: sprint workouts are customized to the general public that are new to fitness or currently obese.

Phase 2: if you’re already in decent shape but are new to sprinting, you can skip phase 1a & 1b and move directly into phase 2.

Phase 3: And if you’re already sprinting… i challenge you to start with phase 3 and let me guide you to your best body ever with these more advanced sprint workouts.

Live Lean Sprint also comes with an exclusive digital video of me at the track.

Live Lean Sprint Video Cover

You’ll see the EXACT intensity I bring to my sprints as well as learn my mental secrets to hype myself up and to get the most out of my sprint workouts.

I really wanted to make Live Lean Sprint as affordable as possible…

So I’m offering it at a discount to the first batch of buyers. Once a certain amount of copies are sold, the price goes up.

So take action NOW!

Also the winner of the Live Lean Sprint contest is…

Ori- Bar-lian!!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.51.16 PM

It’s now up to you…

Go get yourself your flat abs, your toned butt, your increased energy, and ultimately your best body ever!

I can’t wait to see your transformation photos!

Click here to get your copy of Live Lean Sprint!

NOW ON SALE: Live Lean Sprint Interval Workout Program!

Sprint Interval Workouts

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0 responses to “Do You Even Sprint Bro (or Bro-ette)? You Will Now! #LLTV

  1. Im an athletic freak as well as chicken freak😊😊 im a pretty good sprinter
    but i wanna be better. And i really like the bro-ette thing! Its nice you
    remembered females!☺️☺️

  2. Im doing my first year of track and my brother actually did sprints and i
    found i was pretty good at them while i was at a cross country practice. Im
    looking forward to trying this out!

  3. I bought your live lean sprint and wondering like the last guy said can you
    do a video showing what speeds/Mphs on the treadmill to do and everything

  4. Hey Brad, Can you do a video or outline a treadmill sprint workout? Now
    that it is winter, running outside, in a field or on the track is a little
    less convenient.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Pretty funny that the ad that ran before this video was for Olive Garden… Bahahahhaha.

    I doubt olive garden meals show up in this plans nutrition guidelines!

  6. love the hodgetwins spoof at the beginning! I started sprinting this weekend…I’m going to keep at it and see how it affects my “gaaaains (well losses really)”…love the vids!

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