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Rowing Machine


How To Use A Rowing Machine Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

The Rowing Machine is an excellent low impact combination of cardio and strength, that is a major calorie blaster.

When performed correctly, you’ll get a great cardio, upper and lower body, and core workout.

Here is a how to break the row down.

To get started:

  1. Sit down on the rowing machine seat with your feet tightly strapped into the foot holders.
  2. Lean forward and bend your knees to grab the handle.
  3. Your body should be around 11 o’clock at this point.
  4. With your torso upright and arms straight, push your heels through platform to drive your body back.
  5. As you’re moving towards the back of the rower, lean back so your body is positioned around 1 o’clock.
  6. This is when you use your arms to pull the handle towards your chest, using your back strength to finish the stroke.
  7. Reverse the movement to return to the starting position by extending your arms, leaning forward, and bending your knees.
  8. Repeat.

Quick Rowing Tip

Remember, a faster and higher stroke rate doesn’t always mean you are trying harder, nor is it better.

Focus on the power and intensity of each stroke first.

A 225 pound barbell back squat with perfect form and tempo will create much better results than a 50 pound squat, done as fast as possible, with poor form.

Speed comes second.

Primary Muscles Worked

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Other Cardio Machine Pulling Variations


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