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20 Minute HIIT Rowing Machine Superset Workout


The 20 Minute Rowing Workout Combo To Make You Cry Sweat

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you a 20 HIIT minute rowing machine superset workout on the concept 2 rower, that is going to kick your butt.

During this rowing machine workout, rather than staying on the rower for the full 20 minutes, you will superset the high intensity rowing interval, with a walking lunge.

This superset combo will be better for your body, as I find staying on the rower for long periods of time tightens up my hips and lower back.

After the 30 second high intensity rowing interval, you will get up off the rower and take a 15-30 second rest during the low intensity interval portion of the workout.


Once the rest period is over, complete 30 seconds of walking lunges, followed by another 30 second rest.

20 Minute HIIT Rowing Machine Superset Workout

For this rowing combo workout you will alternate between:


  • High Intensity Interval: Rowing Machine x 30 seconds
  • Low Intensity Interval: Rest x 30 seconds
  • High Intensity Interval: Walking Lunges x 30 seconds
  • Low Intensity Interval: Rest x 30 seconds

That’s one round.

Number Of Rounds

Complete 10 rounds of:

  • 30 seconds of rowing
  • 30 seconds of walking lunges

This combination equals a calorie blasting 20-30 minute workout.

This rowing workout supersetted with lunges will get you lean, fast.

Let’s go.


Click the links below for a step-by-step demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Rowing Machine

The indoor Rowing Machine is an excellent low impact combination of cardio and strength, that is a major calorie blaster.

When performed correctly, you’ll get a great cardio, upper and lower body, and core workout.

  • Reps: 30 seconds
  • Sets: 10
  • Rest: 15-30 seconds
  • Tempo: Focus on power and intensity, NOT speed

Quick Rowing Tip

Remember, a faster and higher stroke rate doesn’t always mean you are trying harder, nor is it better.

Focus on the power and intensity of each stroke first.

A 225 pound barbell back squat with perfect form and tempo will create much better results than a 50 pound squat, done as fast as possible, with poor form.

Speed comes second.

A2. Walking Lunge

The Walking Lunge is an excellent exercise that primarily targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

  • Reps: 30 seconds
  • Sets: 10
  • Rest: 15-30 seconds
  • Tempo: 1010

That’s One Round

Complete 9 more.

That is the workout.

After completing it, the sweat was coming off my body.

Hopefully you enjoyed it too.

I love you guys and keep Living Lean.


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