Fat Shredding HIIT Track Workout

Fat Shredding HIIT Track Workout

Olympic Inspired HIIT Track Workout

When I look at all the physiques of the Olympic athletes, without a doubt, the most aesthetically pleasing bodies come from the sprinters (the gymnasts are a close second).

With that said, I wanted to hit the track for a fat shredding HIIT track workout. All these moves recruit your body’s fast twitch muscle fibers which is crucial for fast, explosive movements like the 100m sprint.

But I wasn’t the only one inspired by the olympians. My good friend and bikini model champ, Carolyn Hoops, joined me for this workout.

Come have some fun with us, and shred the body fat as well, with this fat shredding HIIT track workout video.

Are you in?

Fat Shredding HIIT Track Workout Video

** Click here for a printable version of my fat shredding HIIT track workout. **

Questions For You:

– What are your favorite fast twitch exercises?

– What olympic physique do you prefer most? 

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  1. I would also add that being larger person in small car compounds the problem. Injuries tend to be worse. Remember too, that a C class is the smaller of the Mercedes, the E and the S classes are larger. I wish they tested the smart car with an H2…

  2. a question more to do with your weights workouts than cardio. What sort of weights workouts do you do? You obviously have a substantial amount of muscle mass that hasn’t come through doing plyo and eating to keep lean.

    Specifically, you have very well developed arms/shoulders. What kind of weights work do you/did you do to build muscle mass?

  3. This reminds me of Track workouts we used to run in college track practice… Except we would run many variations of exercise up the stairs. This makes me want to go run at a track tonight!

      1. In the off-season, we would run stairs on campus 3 days a week. Each set was 5 reps up the stairs, followed by dips, partner pulls and pushups and about a 1/4 – 1/2 mile run back down to the bottom – and you start again! The stairs were 1. touch every stair with each foot (fast feet), skip as many as you can – alternating feet up the stairs, use one leg to jump up but land with 2, then do the other leg, and the 5th exercise was double leg jumps, as many stairs as you can jump. 🙂 We would work up to 6 sets of this – like 60 mins for guys and 75 for girls…

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