5 Ways to Drink More Water #LLTV


How to Drink More Water

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, lets talk about 5 ways to drink more water!

Before we get started talkin about One Savvy Life, in the comment section below, tell me how much water do you drink per day?

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Alright, lets do this. The average person is made up of approximately 60% water. In other words, water is essential to Living Lean. It keeps your body functioning, it gets rid of waste, and it can help control appetite.

How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day?

Depending on your climate and activity level, to properly stay hydrated, I often recommend people drink at least 3 liters of water a day (in most cases more).

How Do I Know If I’m Properly Hydrated?

Here’s a quick test to see if you’re properly hydrated…next time you’re taking a leak, if your urine is clear and odourless, you’re probably on the right track. If it’s really yellow and smells, drink more water.

Here Are 5 Ways to Drink More Water:

#1. Buy A Big BPA-Free Re-usable Water Bottle:

If your bottle is 1 liter, keep it filled with water, then once it’s empty, refill it 3 more times if your goal is 4 liters a day. Now you know you hit your goal. By knowing how much water your re-usable bottle holds, you’ll have a visual reminder of how much water you need to drink throughout the day.

#2. Keep Your Water Bottle With You:

Bring your water bottle to the office and keep it on top of your desk so it’s always within sight. Also bring it to the gym so you don’t have to waste time walking back and forth to the water fountain.

#3. Add Natural Flavor:

I personally love the refreshing taste of water. But if you need more taste, DO NOT use those artificial sweetener options.

I recommend adding a few natural flavoring ingredients like: cucumber slices, ginger slices, fruit like berries, apples, watermelon, and oranges, cinnamon sticks, mint, basil, lime, and of course I love my lemon water.

Fill your re-usable jug the night before to allow the flavors to really come alive. Then simply leave the ingredients in your bottle all day as you keep refilling to hit your water goals. Then throw out the ingredients at the end of the day, wash your bottle, then repeat the next day.

4 Water Flavoring Recipes Using Natural Flavoring Ingredients

5 ways to drink more water

1. 2 cucumber slices (thick), 2 ginger root slices (thick), and a handful of frozen berries
2. Handful frozen or fresh raspberries, peeled lime (thick slice) and a few basil leaves (large)
3. 2 apple slices (thick) and ½ cinnamon stick
4. 2 ginger root slices (thick), peeled lemon or lime (thick slice), and mint leaves (a stem)

#4. Set Up a Timer In Your Smart Phone

This will help remind you to get chugging.

#5. Make A Pact to Drink One Before Meals:

Drink a glass of water before every snack and meal throughout the day. It’ll help keep you feeling fuller, faster. In fact, a lot of times when people think they’re hungry, they just need more hydration.

Bottom line

If drinking 3-4 liters of water a day sounds crazy…start slow. Try adding in one extra glass a day for a week. Then increase it to 2 extra glasses a day the next week. You get the point.

Living Lean is about making progress. Not perfection.

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Questions For You:

– How much water do you drink a day?

– Do you add flavor to your water?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below and share this post with your friends via the social media icons on the side or below. Read more at watersoftenermaestro.com



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51 responses to “5 Ways to Drink More Water #LLTV

  1. Been trying to drink at least 10 8oz glasses a day, but its been hard so
    thanks for these super healthy and delicious tips!!

  2. You should not drink to much water, in fact some have died drinking to much
    water according to the newspaper. water depend on you ,a labour working on
    the hot sun may drink 10 liter of water but a computer engineer who work in
    air-condition environment drink less. only drink water when you are

  3. I estimate I drink about 4-5 cups…but I wanna know is it bad to drink
    while eating a meal? Is it better to drink before or after eating a meal?

  4. hey brad i drink around a gallon a day… sometimes tho ill have gree tee
    and ill put a little stevia in it… would you say this is living lean???
    thanks man!

  5. I try to drink a minimum of 2 liters, but some days it’s a lot easier than others. I also drink about 1.2 liters of green tea, and my protein shake has water in it. Do those count?

  6. Regarding the glass of water before every meal, I remember reading
    somewhere that drinking a big glass of water before a meal can wash away
    some of the stomach acids that digest your food making your body less
    efficient at digesting the meal. Any truth behind that?

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