6 Easy Ways to Start Losing Weight


Tips to Start Losing Weight

On today’s episode I’m talking about easy ways to start losing weight.

Welcome Live Lean Nation to the episode, I’m your host, Brad Gouthro, the #1 expert teaching you how to Live Lean 365 days a year.

Alright if you’re new to the world of Living Lean, this episode is for you.

Or if you’re a Live Lean veteran, it’s your duty to pay it forward by sharing this episode with someone that needs help with those first few steps.

The fact is pretty much 50% of people want to lose weight but probably only half of them are doing something about it.

If only talking about losing weight burned as many calories as squats did, we’d be living in a lean world.

But reality is people often get overwhelmed with all the necessary action steps, so they quit before they even start.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

When you’re starting your journey to Live Lean, a few easy and small behavioral changes can lead to longer-term habits and results.

To overcome this issue…

Here are 6 easy ways to start losing weight today:

#1. Walk 2,500 Steps Today

If you don’t currently workout or play any sports, you can begin your Live Lean journey by walking off the weight.
I’ve talked about it before in this video about Jessica Simpson’s weight loss success.

Simply focus on taking more steps throughout the day.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Park a little further away in the parking lot.

Schedule in a walk after dinner, first thing in the morning, or during your work breaks and lunch.

Walk to your co-workers office instead of sending the email.

I could go on.

Ultimately you should aim for 10,000 steps a day, but start off aiming for 2,500 steps a day, then progressively add 1000 steps every week.

Here’s a link to an activity tracker that I like that tracks your steps on your smartphone.

#2. Drink a glass of water before every meal & snack

A lot of times when you feel hungry, you’re actually partially dehydrated.

So what I want you to do is before every meal or snack, you have to drink a glass of water.

No food hits your lips until you first hydrate them first with water.

Ultimately you should aim for enough water to cover ½ your bodyweight in pounds in ounces. For example, I’m 180 pounds so I should be aiming for 90 ounces.

To drink more water, you can check out this video on my 5 ways to drink more water.

Tips include keeping your water bottle filled up with you at your office desk, with you at home, and with you in the car.

Extra bonus points for replacing one glass of soda a week with water or zero calorie iced tea .

If you’re used to drinking soda or other sugary drinks every day, replace one glass of it a week with a natural zero calorie beverage.

Then replace another glass the following week and so on.

#3. Leave 5 bites on your plate.

It’s time to be real.

You’re not being rude if you don’t finish all the food off your plate.

And kids aren’t starving in Africa because you didn’t finish your plate.

You can even put those 5 bites of food in tupperware for a snack tomorrow.

The point is, it takes your body almost 20 minutes to know when it’s full.

#4. 2 Days a week replace your typical breakfast cereal with Eggs

Most people start their day with cereal, toast, or bagels.

These foods are known to increase cravings and your belt size.

For just 2 days a week, I want you to start replacing your carb filled breakfast eggs omelette.

I shared the worlds simplest and quickest egg recipe video here.

Every week or month, replace another breakfast cereal day with an egg breakfast until cereal is completely out of your life.

And feel free to throw in a couple slices of bacon.

I’m serious.

#5. Brush Your Teeth at 8pm.

We often make the worst food choices at night.

Limit your risk by getting into the habit of brushing your teeth at 8pm.

Nobody enjoys brushing their teeth twice in a night, so this simple action can be an easy way to reduce your temptation to snack on sugary and fattening night time snacks.

#6. Follow a done for you plan.

We just created a brand new FREE Ultimate Live Lean Starter Guide for you that shows you how to start Living Lean in 30 days or less.

Start Living Lean Starter Guide 3D

It includes a FREE 4-week Hot Body Workout program, a weekly meal plan including cooking lesson recipe videos for every meal and a grocery list containing all the foods you’ll need.

It’s 100% free, so just promise me you’ll put it to work and will send me your before/after transformation photos!

That’s it Live Lean Nation.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.


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