The Worst Drinks For Weight Loss


Stop Consuming These 8 Fattening Drinks

If your goal is weight loss, one of the most simple ways to cut the amount of calories you’re consuming is this.

Stop drinking your calories.

Save your calories for nutrient-rich and satiating whole foods.

Let me be as clear as possible with this. You’re ruining your weight loss efforts by drinking sugar infused empty calories.

I call them empty calories because not only are they not filling you up, buy like a solid meal would, they’re probably making you hungrier.

This is because the sugar quickly enters your bloodstream, then the fat storing hormone insulin comes to save the day by quickly removing it, then your blood sugar crashes.

Not only does this make you tired and sluggish, it creates even more hunger as you need to raise your blood sugar back up.

This leads you to craving more sugar.

See how this is a continuous dangerous cycle?

And the scary thing is, sometimes we think we’re being healthy as the worst drinks are often disguised as healthy options.

Here are a few examples of the…

Worst Drinks For Weight Loss:

#1. Smoothies

When you hear the word Smoothie, most of us instantly think it’s going to be healthy. But beware. Not all Smoothies are created equal. As always, anytime you’re buying food or drinks from a store, read the ingredients.

Many times Smoothies are filled with sugar. This can come from using fruit juice, ice cream, yogurt, sweeteners, etc. If includes any of these ingredients avoid. Some smoothies can be 1000+ calories which will surely blow out your calorie requirements for the day.

If you are going to use a smoothie as a meal replacement, always ask for your smoothie to be made with pure water, coconut water, or unsweetened nut milk, with some berries and protein powder. Done.

#2. Coffee & Tea

When did good old coffee and tea become a sugary dessert? You know the crazy concoctions made at your favorite coffee shop. The frappuccino, latte, mocha, cappuccino, whipped with a side of blubber.

If your coffee is black. You’re safe. If you add some natural sweetener like Stevia, you’re safe. If you add coconut oil, in most cases you are also safe, as the calories from the healthy fat fills you up like a meal.

Go back to how coffee and tea were intended to be consumed.

#3. Iced Tea

Look at the ingredients of that bottle or can of iced tea before you chug it down. More than likely, what should be an antioxidant rich, refreshing, and healthy zero calorie drink, is probably sweetened with a whole lot of sugar and calories.

Make your own iced tea at home by adding your favorite tea bags to some iced water. Done.

#4. Soda

Do I even have to go here? If you’re a soda-holic, admit it, and slowly ween yourself off of it by cutting back on 1 serving every 3 days. I’ve seen amazing weight loss stories from people who did nothing else but cut out soda.

And yes, this includes diet soda too as studies are showing consuming artificially sweetened diet soda may actually increase your hunger.

Stop. Drinking. Soda. Now.

#5. Energy Drinks

The new soda of the next generation.

Why does something with so much caffeine also need that much sugar! In a lot of cases, energy drinks have more sugar than soda.

Stick to coffee for your energy boost.

#6. Flavored Vitamin Water

This is a bad one that many weight loss goer’s are confused with. Read the nutrition label. If your vitamin water is flavored with sugar. Put it back. In many cases vitamin water can have as much sugar as soda.

Opt for pure water and flavor it with lemon or lime juice.

#7. Fruit Juice

Yes, the old school may freak out at this, but fruit juice contains a lot of sugar and should not be consumed by people looking to lose weight.

Even though the sugar comes from fruit, all the fiber has been removed thus as explained earlier, the sugar quickly enters the bloodstream and creates the chaotic blood sugar rollarcoaster.

If you like fruit juice, stick to a juicy whole fruit, or blend it up with water to make a smoothie.

#8. Alcohol

Alcohol contains 7 cal/g. Not only this, the body also burns calories from alcohol first, thus leaving calories from other sources to be stored.

And lets be real, the drinks you’re mixing with alcohol have probably been listed earlier, and the foods you’re eating while drinking are probably not weight loss approved either. Be smart.

Bottom line Live Lean Nation…

The drinks you’re consuming have a huge impact on your weight loss journey. You will see tremendous results just by focusing the majority of your liquid consumption on water, black coffee, and tea.

But this doesn’t mean you can never have another drink of juice during your weight loss journey. It just means the things you do most of the time, have the greatest impact on your results. If you drink a lot of water and a little bit of fruit juice, you can still make an impact.

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