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Glycemic Index Of Fruits Low To High

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Best Low Glycemic Fruits

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we answer a viewer question who asked us to rank the glycemic index of fruits, from low to high.

This was an older question from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 008.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

Margaret Nahmias on YouTube asks: What are some examples of high glycemic and low glycemic fruit. Can you rank the glycemic index of fruits, from low to high?

Let me just run it down for you and share a list of low, medium, and high glycemic fruits.

Low Glycemic Fruits

Low glycemic fruits are typically classified as fruits with a glycemic index (GI) of less than 55.

Apples GI: 39

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Nectarines GI: 42

Berries GI: Raspberries 32 Blueberries 54

Berries are a great fitness superfood.

Cherries GI: 22

Check out our Freakishly Delicious Cherry NOatmeal paleo recipe.

Grapefruit GI: 25

Learn more about why we classify grapefruits as a fitness superfood.

Oranges GI: 48

Peaches GI: 28

Pears GI: 33

Plums GI: 24

Strawberries GI: 40

Check out our Strawberry Nut Protein Yogurt recipe for weight loss.

Grapes GI: 43

Figs GI: 51

Mango GI: 51

Check out our Lime Mango Ice Cream recipe here.

Moderate Glycemic Fruit

Then we have moderate glycemic fruit.

Moderate glycemic fruits are typically classified as fruits with a glycemic index (GI) of 55-70.

Kiwi GI: 58

Pineapples GI: 66

A lot of people think pineapples are in the high glycemic category, but they have a higher moderate glycemic ranking.

Check out this SPARK juice recipe to help cure your hangover.

Raisins GI: 64

Check out this Banana Raisin Muscle Building Protein Pancake recipe.

Ripe Bananas GI: 56

Typically the more ripe the banana, the higher the glycemic index.

For example, a banana with brown dots, would have a higher glycemic index than a completely yellow banana.

Check out this Chocolate Banana Paleo Protein Ice Cream recipe.

Papaya GI: 60

High Glycemic Fruit

Then we have high glycemic fruit.

High glycemic fruits are typically classified as fruits with a glycemic index (GI) of more than 70.

Watermelons GI: 72

But when it comes to the glycemic index rankings, you also have to take into consideration the glycemic load.

Glycemic Load Of Fruits

The watermelon’s high glycemic index rating is based off of consuming 5 cups of watermelon, in order to fulfill the 50g of carbohydrate requirement.

Even though watermelons have a high glycemic index, since they are mostly water, they don’t actually contain that much sugar.

This means watermelons have a low glycemic load.

Therefore you would have to eat approximately 5 cups of watermelon to negatively impact your blood sugar levels.

I shared an excellent video post on the glycemic index vs glycemic load of fruits, that is listed in chart form, here.

Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load Food Chart

Bottom Line On Glycemic Index Of Fruits

To simplify it, focus on consuming high glycemic fruits post workout.

If you’re looking for low glycemic index fruits, berries are the ultimate fruit that you can eat anytime of day.

We eat either fresh or frozen berries almost every single day, because they taste good.

Frozen berries tend to be less expensive.

Plus, not only do berries taste good, they are also good for you because they’re filled with nutrients that your body needs to thrive.

As mentioned, they’re also lower glycemic and contain more fiber and less sugar than a lot of the other fruits mentioned.

With berries a smaller portion size also tends to be more satisfying.

Most people tend to find it harder to stop eating higher glycemic fruits such as pineapple.

In most cases, it would be easier to eat a giant plate full of pineapple than a giant plate of blueberries.

Brad’s Favorite Fruit Is…

My ultimate all-time favorite fruit is mango.

We actually have a crate full of mangoes being delivered to us, that we’re so excited for.

The first mango I ever had was when I was down in Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

It was so delicious and not like any mangoes you get here in the US or Canada.

I find the mangoes that we get here are usually a hit or miss, and not as flavorful.

Jessica’s Favorite Fruit Is…

It’s hard for Jessica to pick a favorite fruit because she likes all fruit, a lot.

There maybe some obscure fruit that she hasn’t tried yet, but if she had to pick one, Jessica’s favorite fruit would be cherries.

Especially since she freaking loves her cherry pie.

If you want to buy Jessica a gift, send her a cherry pie.


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