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4 Reasons You’ll Love Fueling Up With Mangos

Fuel Up With Mangoes – The Superfruit You’ll Love

On today’s episode I’m sharing my all-time favorite fruit, and why, as a fitness enthusiast, you should be eating it to improve your performance.

If you’re like me, you LOVE mangos.


I mean, let’s be real…

Mangos are one of the tastiest foods in the world, and they help support you in living the lean lifestyle.


I still remember my first experience with this refreshing and delicious tropical fruit.

Growing up in Canada, I ate a lot of apples, grapes, oranges, and bananas, but I don’t remember having mangos that often.

This all changed after I went on a tropical vacation and saw this luscious fruit at the buffet.

I added some mango to my plate, tasted it, and instantly fell in love.

I remember that I pretty much lived off of mangos for that entire trip. They also helped me rejuvenate my body and fight off the occasional hangover after a few too many “adult beverages”.

But In Addition To Tasting AWESOME…

Mangos can also help improve your performance with your training.

In particular, here are…

4 reasons you’ll love fueling up with mangos:

#1. Mangos Make A Great Post Workout Food


A combination of protein and carbohydrates helps replenish your glycogen sources, and build, repair, and recover your muscles after your workout.

In other words, this nutrition combo stops the breakdown of muscle caused by your workouts, and promotes muscle and strength building.

The carbohydrates in mangos helps with this process as they’re readily available to promote recovery from your workouts.

Also when you exercise, your body produces free radicals, which create oxidative stress and muscle damage.

The antioxidants in fruit, like mangos, helps fight off the production of these free radicals and stress.

Live Lean Tip: This is another reason why I like adding fruits high in antioxidants, like mangos, to my post workout protein shakes.

#2. Mangos are like a multi-vitamin that strengthens your immune system


Mangos contain over 20 vitamins and minerals and are loaded with 100% of the daily requirement for Vitamin C.

They also provide 10% of the daily value for vitamin B6 and copper, which plays a crucial role in keeping your immune system strong.

Mangos are also an excellent source of Vitamin A which helps immune function, provides bone growth, and helps you maintain healthy skin.

And let’s not forget, mangos are also high in the important B Vitamin: folate, which provides many functions in the body, especially heart health.

Live Lean Tip: If you notice a lot of people around you are getting sick, snack on mangos for an added boast to your immune system.

#3. Mangos Are A Good Source of Fiber


Consuming more fiberous foods is a great way to keep you regular and a simple way to help keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Lets be real, the more satiated you feel throughout the day, the less likely you’re going to binge on processed, fattening foods.

That’s another win in supporting your weight management efforts.

Live Lean Tip: Mangos make a great snack to bring to work with you. Next time you’re craving a mid-afternoon sugary snack from the office vending machine, grab your mango slices instead.

#4. Mangos are nature’s DELICIOUS low calorie dessert

Mangos have a high water content, meaning they have a low glycemic load.

They also contain just 100 calories.

This makes mangos an excellent after dinner dessert versus other higher calorie fruits like bananas or pineapples.

Live Lean Tip: If I’m craving something sweet, call me crazy, but I’d choose a cup of cubed mangos over any ice cream or candy.

Or if you love a sweet and salty combo, add some lime and salt.

At just 100 calories, the sweetness hits the spot. Damn that’s good!

Mangos are also very versatile…

They can be used in many different recipes like smoothies, salsas, or sauces to add to your fish and meats.

Here is a delicious Lime Mango Ice Cream recipe for you to try…

Lime Mango Ice Cream Recipe:

– 2 cups coconut milk from a carton
– juice and zest of 1 lime
– 1 scoop of Protein Powder
– 1/4 of ripe mango


1. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend.
2. Add blended ingredients to an ice cream maker.
3. Enjoy!

6 Easy Steps To Cut Your Mango


1. Wash the mango
2. On top of a cutting board, hold the mango stem end down.
3. Cut through the mango with a knife about 1/4 inch from the widest center line.
4. Flip the mango around and finish the cut on the other side.
5. Cut parallel slices into the mango flesh without cutting through the skin.
6. Scoop the mango out using a spoon. Enjoy.

Watch this mango 101 video to see how it’s done.

Mango Varieties

Mangos are delicious to eat year round and come in several varieties. Here are a few different mangos available in the US.

Mango Varieties

How to choose a ripe mango and how to store them at home

Since mangos come in many different colors, you can’t judge the ripeness by color alone.

A better ripeness indicator is by touch. A ripe mango with be soft to touch and have a little bit of “give” when you press it with your fingers.

If you’re choosing a mango to eat today, choose one that is slightly softer.

If you’re choosing a mango for a recipe in a few days, choose one that is slightly firmer.

To ripen mangos, it’s important to store them at room temperature. Never put a mango in the fridge before they’re ripe. Keeping them at room temperature will allow them to naturally ripen and become sweeter and softer.

Once the mango becomes ripe to your liking, put it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it within 5 days.

Bottom Line on Mangos

They’re freaking delicious and super healthy.

Add them to your grocery cart and ENJOY the GAINZ!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of National Mango Board. The opinions and text are all mine.

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