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Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas!

Macadamia Nut Bites, Coconut Cacao Chip Macaroons, Chocolate Coconut Date Bites:

Live Lean Nation, in today’s episode I’m sharing 3 damn that’s good snack recipes for you that are perfect to take with you on the go, eat as a snack at work or in school, or just a healthy at home snack that feels like a cheat treat.

But it’s 100% Live Lean approved healthy.

So you can save that cheat meal for pizza.

I will be showing you how to make:

  • Macadamia Nut Bites that are so quick and simple to make and they only contain 2 ingredients.
  • Coconut Cocao Chip Macaroons that will make your mouth water.
  • And finally another super simple clean treat called Chocolate Coconut Date Bites.

Guys I need to say this loud and clear…

Eating healthy does not mean you are banished to a life of bland food and expensive grocery bills from Whole Foods…

and let’s not forget the hundreds of time consuming trips to the grocery store a year.

When you’re Living Lean you’re not stuck on a boring diet, spending all your hard earned money on food, and living at the grocery store.

And you can eat healthy on a budget and save time when you shop online for your food and have them delivered to your front door.

We’ve been using Thrive Market since we gave birth to our baby girl Kyla.

If you don’t know what Thrive Market is, it’s like a combination of Costco and Whole Foods.

I really want you to check them out.

So enjoy the recipes and lets get cookin’. Or baking.

Oh man…don’t those snacks look freaking amazing?

These 3 quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious recipes come from my Eat Clean Live Lean cookbook at

This cookbook has over 200 recipes that so many other Live Leaners are loving.

So if you want to get a free one month membership to Thrive Market and a free bottle of coconut oil with your first grocery delivery all you have to do is click here:

Just enter your email on that page and start getting 25-50% off retail…

cause ain’t nobody got time to pay full price for food.

The groceries get delivered to your door so you have no excuses to not eat healthy.

Most of the ingredients in this video were purchased online and delivered right to my door from Thrive Market.

When you checkout online, you also see all the money you saved from the discounts.

I like to save money.

They have foods that fit all diets like paleo, vegan, raw, gluten free and they’re so easy to find as they’re outlined on the site.

My customer experiences to date with Thrive Market have been amazing.

The food arrives so quickly, I always get what I ordered, and food is never damaged or broken.

And another cool thing is, not only are they on a mission to help you and me eat healthier, but for every membership they sell, they also give away a membership to a low income family.


As of the filming of this video, they only ship in the US, but maybe by the time you watch they may ship to your country.

So I hope you loved the recipes in this episode and in the comments, let me know which ones you’re going to make.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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