Healthy On The Go Grocery Store Snacks #LLTV


Good Grocery Store Snacks For Road Trips

Live Lean Nation, it’s inevitable that there are going to be times when you’re traveling or just too busy to prepare snacks at home.

When that happens, you should try to hit up the nearest grocery store for healthier snack options like those found in the above “Healthy On The Go Grocery Store Snacks” episode.

Yep, I took you into the grocery with me as I show you what’s decent, and what’s not.

You may be surprised that I didn’t buy a protein bar.


Watch to find out!

Grocery Store Snacks

28 responses to “Healthy On The Go Grocery Store Snacks #LLTV

  1. Hey Brad,

    What do you think about the Rise Protein Bar. It only has 3 ingredients and comes with about 20g of whey protein. I’m not a huge fan of Quest, but can see it’s good nutritional profile.


  2. Love your vids Brad! But very discouraging selection for snacks…
    Mlaaacchhh! Makes me not wanna live lean 🙁

  3. At least almonds are the one thing off the list that I would actually eat. Love them so much. Going through the grocery store, it is so sad to see the amount of junk that people are ingesting daily….no no no no no

  4. I love all your videos, however… I can’t believe you are suggesting
    muscle milk as something ok for people to drink. There are so many
    chemicals in that. You aren’t doing your body any favors drinking that
    stuff :/

  5. This is a great site and I loved the voting treat today! I have been trying to teach my family to eat real food! I make family size meals and freeze them to eat when visiting my family out of state! I am truly enjoying you free advice and positivity!
    keep being awesome!

  6. I like this type of video—practical information. Most of the food at the
    supermarket is more like “food”. It’s kind of convenient to skip so many
    aisles 🙂

  7. LOVED seeing the Quest bar get some love. Those things are fantastic, I keep a stockpile at work for pre-lift snack 🙂

    If you want to do pre packaged shakes when stuck, try ordering (or finding at Costco if they have it in Canada) Premier Protein shakes. Look them up, you will probably be pleased vs. the Muscle Milk ingredients, at a minimum. I keep them around and take them with me on vacation. Usually, post-lift I will make myself a shake of unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of BlueBonnet whey isolate instead of drinking expensive pre-packed stuff with extra ingredients.

    awesome episode!

  8. From a “scientific” point of view, soj protein is not worse than whey.
    Whey is better right after your workout.
    Any other time, a multicomponent protein is the better choice

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