The 16 Best Grocery Store Snack Foods #LLTV


Add These Healthier Snack Foods To Your Grocery Cart

What’s up Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, lets talk about the 16 best grocery store snack foods…and yes, the list includes chocolate bars, chips, crackers, and ice cream. Are you ready?

But before I share my 16 healthy snack foods, I have to put this upfront…

It’s always best to make your own homemade snacks.

However, if you’re not sure what’s classified as “a healthy snack”, or maybe you’re just not that creative in the kitchen, your best allies are recipes like those found in my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook. This cookbook has over 200 quick, healthy, easy, affordable, and delicious recipes, including snack recipes such as…

Mini Brownie Bites

Mini Brownie Bites

Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Cinnamon Sugar Paleo Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar Paleo Donuts


But I get it…sometimes life gets in the way and we’re stuck for a quick snack option on the go. In those circumstances, I’ve come up with 16 of the best grocery store snack foods. Watch the video above to see all 16 snack foods from the grocery store.

16 Best Grocery Store Snack Foods:

In no particular order. Watch video above for more details of each

#1. Fresh Fruit (berries, apples, etc)
#2. Vegetable Tray
#3. Coconut Water
#4. Coconut Yogurt (buy plain and add your own fruit)
#5. Wheat Free Crackers (always read the ingredients list, the option in the video has 3 ingredients!)
#6. “Cookies” (look for options sweetened with dates/coconut/honey like those in the video)
#7. Chips (kale chips can fulfill the salty crunchy fix, or try the “healthier” potato chip options mentioned in the video)
#8. Dark Chocolate (75% cocoa or more but don’t eat the whole bar in one sitting)
#9. Nut Butter (often offered in single packets now – should have just one ingredient i.e. the nut)
#10. Coconut Ice Cream (make sure it’s not a sugar filled mess)
#11. Gluten Free Bread or Ezekial Bread (found in the freezer aisle as they don’t contain preservatives)
#12. Fruit Bar (no sugar added)
#13. Soda (not something I drink but if you have to, go naturally sweetened…not diet)
#14. Water (your body’s made of up to 80% water, not 80% soda or juice)
#15. Beef Jerky (avoid jerky made with soybean oil)
#16. Nut Mixtures and/or Trail Mix (opt for almonds, macadamias, walnuts, etc over peanuts as peanuts are a legume)

So there are my 16 best grocery store snack foods

Go find these foods when you’re in need, or better yet, stay prepared by baking your own snack foods like chocolate banana protein bake, almond butter bites, banana bread, and so many other snack ideas from my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook. Check it out at


You can also get access to an 8 week meal plan, with recipes, and grocery lists to supercharge your results faster.

Live Lean Cookbook iPad

It’s amazing the tasty snacks and meals you can come up with, using ALL READ HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!

I pity those “dieters” ruining their sustainable chances of Living Lean by eating boring foods.



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Questions For You:

– Did any of these snack foods surprise you?

– If so, which one?

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65 responses to “The 16 Best Grocery Store Snack Foods #LLTV

  1. Damn man ur vids are very informative 🙂

  2. Sweet potato fries, almond butter, organic popcorn. What do you think about
    humus and jalapeño with strips of sweet pepper?

  3. I am surprise to how much carb and sugar in your snack choices. Do you have
    a limit to how much carb you eat in a day?

  4. Kale chips satisfies the crunch factor and salt , bought some Himalayan
    pink salt Oh Ya !!

  5. Hi Brad i found a brand of sweet potato chips by UTZ, the ingredients are
    whole sweet potatoes, cooked in peanut oil, and salt. 3 ingredients. How do
    you feel about peanut oil? I can’t find any chips with lesser ingredients
    than this one. Thanks. Bryan

  6. How about friendship cottage cheese %1 milkfat 1/2 a cup is 16g protein 1g
    total fat 4 g carbs 3g sugar. Its my favorite snack food. I eat a 2 cup
    container 5 days a week. 64g of protein to start each day. Only sell at
    Harris teeter and wawa in VA!

  7. Fav. snacks include: any type of fruit, veggies, roasted edamame, Soy nuts
    or any type of nuts/trail nuts, semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels, peanut
    butter and celery, wasa light rye crispbread, a handful of dried fruit,
    flavored water sometimes, hummus dip, homemade banana ice cream.

  8. Brad, what state do you live you? The prices for some of these things seem
    really high 0.o
    (Note: I live in a cheap place)

  9. I recently came across a flaxseed bread. Do you still feel the same about
    that bread? Should I stay away? It consists of flaxseed eggs honey baking
    powder and water. Amazingly enough it is so high in calories but also very
    high in fiber.

  10. What Grocery store is this? I have not seen most of those products in the major chains in Canada. Is it a Health food store?

    Thanks and keep up the great videos!


  11. My favorite grocery store snacks are the Annie’s GMO free popcorn – I love
    the sea salt ones and the lightly sweetened one 🙂 YUM

  12. Hi – You mention coconut yogurt but I can;t find one that isn’t full of rubbish ingredients (corn syrup etc). Is there a particular brand you find is cleanest?

  13. I can’t bring myself to eat chips with canola oil. Rancid! I’d sooner go
    a few hours without eating.

  14. sparkling water +half a lemon
    I live in Spain and my grosery store is not like yours 🙁
    One last thing thank you. I started living lean a week ago, and it’s hard
    but worth it, thanks for your tips

  15. You should make a video on protein powders which are acceptable towards
    building muscle and keeping sure your insulin levels aren’t as spiked. I’ve
    been searching and can only find a few acceptable powders I’m curious what
    you use.

  16. Chocolate, movie popcorn, Greek frozen yogurt, papaya spears, cherries,
    beef jerky, low fat cottage cheese mixed with sugar free lime jello
    -stevia-almond slices, chunky peanut butter on toast

  17. My favorite are dates, nuts, and dark chocolate ..
    as for drinks .. I only drink water and coffee ..

    Awesome vid Brad ..!! thank you for the info ..!!

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