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The Difference Between Greek Yogurt And Regular Yogurt

Which is better greek yogurt vs regular yogurt?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m comparing the difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt.

Yes, it’s Food Wars time.

This is the segment where we compare two foods, head-to-head, and I tell you which one should be in your kitchen, and which one should be in the garbage.

So if your goal is to Live Lean, which it should be, don’t bring one of these foods into your house.

Today we are talking about the difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt.

If you listen to most food marketers, they would probably tell you that yogurt is healthy.


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However, is all yogurt created the same?

By now, I hope you realize that food marketers do not always have your health’s best interests in mind.

Let me let you in on a secret.

Typically when the wallets of food marketer’s get fatter, so do you.

When it comes to Living Lean, that’s not how we roll.

By implementing the nutrition tips that we share on our Live Lean TV channel, you can still enjoy the taste of your food, and the look of your body in the mirror.

First of all, if you are not familiar with greek yogurt yet, this post will help you learn more about it.

Although I don’t typically consume dairy yogurt, if you still consume dairy products, greek yogurt is the type of dairy yogurt that I recommend you eat.

If you don’t consume dairy yogurt here are some alternative healthy types of yogurt.

The Difference Between Greek Yogurt And Regular Yogurt

Not all greek yogurt is the same

At the grocery store, there are certain types of greek yogurt that are better than others.

We’re going to get into that shortly.

But first, when it comes to the general yogurt category, you can’t simply trust that all yogurt is going to be healthy for you.

Don’t believe the hype, don’t believe the magazines, and don’t believe the TV commercials.

Certain types of yogurt are loaded with sugar.

When you consistently consume a lot of sugar, it’s going to increase your appetite, thus making you eat more calories, than your body needs.

This ultimately leads to belly fat.

That is not what you want to happen if your goal is to Live Lean, 365 days a year.

Always look at the ingredients

In fact, go to your fridge right now and look at the ingredients list on your yogurt.

If the first few ingredients are sugar, get it out of your house, and stop buying it.

Here are 3 simple ways to determine if the yogurt you are eating, will take you closer too, or further away from your fitness goals.

the difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt

3 ways to tell the difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt

#1. Find a brand that says greek yogurt

The difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt is the amount of protein.

Greek yogurt contains much more protein than regular yogurt.

#2. Look at the ingredients list

You have to be careful with greek yogurt.

Some brands of greek yogurt contain unhealthy fillers, such as artificial sweeteners, syrups, and sugar.

If you’re going to eat yogurt, you want to eat it in its most raw form.

In this case, it would be plain greek yogurt.

But wait.

If you’ve ever tried plain greek yogurt, you probably know it doesn’t taste very good.

So that leads me to number 3.

#3. Add your own healthy ingredients to add delicious flavor

This where we take control back of the foods we eat.

We do this by getting creative, and adding in healthy, real ingredients, that make plain greek yogurt taste better.

These healthy foods include:

To see how to do this, check out this delicious Strawberry Nut Protein Yogurt recipe for weight loss.

Superpowered Protein Yogurt

The major point is this.

Take control of the food that you are consuming, by first buying it in its most raw form, then adding in your own natural ingredients to make it taste better. 

In most cases, this is what I do with food.

I typically buy all my food in its most raw, plain form.

Then I add in my own ingredients, to help sweeten or add delicious spices, to make it taste better.

Lets wrap this up.

Here are your 2 take aways:

If you’re going to eat dairy yogurt:

  1. Make sure it’s greek yogurt as it contains more protein, which makes it more macro friendly.
  2. Rather than trusting the sweeteners added by the food manufacturers, take control back and buy plain greek yogurt. Then add your own real and natural flavors, such as fruit, and natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, and maple syrup.

It really is simple to Live Lean, once you take control of your diet.

All right guys, that was another edition of Food Wars.

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I will see you again tomorrow for another 4 minute tabata workout.

Get ready to have your butt kicked.

See you soon.

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10 responses to “The Difference Between Greek Yogurt And Regular Yogurt

  1. So I was at the grocerie store looking for a new yogurt I saw on tv. They advertised dairy farmers caring about what goes in their quality yogurt. I wad excited, maybe i could try a new healthy and natural yogurt. So I found it and like I always do I plaid ingredient inspector. Ingredients, modified cornstarch and food starch. How disappointing, so I put it down and walked away.
    Then I saw a Greek yogurt with honey. I thought yum real honey that’s great. So I went into food inspector mode again. Honey was the last ingredient, the main sweet was glucose fructose and sugar. So again disappointed. Then I Adventualy found an all natural organic plain Greek yogurt. As I was leaving the mall I saw a lady selling home grown made canned goods. She had locally made honey. I bout some and took it home and stired it in my yogurt. A happy ending to my grocerie store modified food additive.

  2. I love Greek Yogurt too. My Costco sells Kirkland 0% Greek yogurt, no junk (same ingredients as Liberte) and it lists all the bacteria. 3 pack for $8.79!!

  3. YES! Great tips – I don’t even like flavoured yogurt anymore, I always buy plain and then if I want, I’ll add some Truvia and fruit to it – but the flavoured, sugary yogurt actually disgusts me now.

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