3 Healthy Hunger-Crushing Snacks: Brownies, Bars, Cookies #LLTV


Go Crush Your Cravings With Healthy Brownies, Bars, & Cookies

What’s up Live Lean Nation, last episode I showed you the 16 best grocery store snack foods. But it’s always better to control the ingredients going into your body by cooking/baking them yourself.

So on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you how to bake 3 Healthy Hunger-Crushing Snacks: brownies, bars, & cookies!

Without a doubt, you will WARP your journey to Live Lean by committing to the lifestyle habit of planning and cooking your own food, including snacks. Just like it’s a habit for you to brush your teeth at 10pm before bed every night, pick a day and time, once a week, and get into the habit of making your own healthy snacks. For example, Sunday at 1pm.

But if you’re not sure what healthy snacks to make or want more options…

Just pick 2-3 snack recipes every week from my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook at LiveLeanCookbook.com. Here’s how I prepare 3 different snack recipes for the week, and how quick and easy a few of my favorite snack recipes are from my cookbook.

Crush your hunger and cravings…


Healthy Snack Recipe #1: Mini Brownie Bites

Click to go directly to the Mini Brownie Bites recipe cooking video

Mini Brownie Bites Recipe

Healthy Snack Recipe #2: Paleo Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

Click to go directly to the Paleo Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars recipe cooking video

Paleo Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bars

Healthy Snack #3: Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Click to go directly to the Chocolate Coconut Cookies recipe cooking video

Chocolate Coconut Cookies

There you have it Live Lean Nation…

3 Healthy Hunger-Crushing Snacks: Brownies, Bars, Cookies

Homemade snacks are so much cheaper and healthier for you than what you can get at the grocery store. Like everything I teach on Live Lean TV, I’m giving you the tools to Live Lean. It’s now up to you to take action and make this a lifestyle habit.

For more quick, healthy, and easy to prepare snack foods like Chocolate Banana Protein Bake, Almond Butter Bites, Banana Bread, and so much more…go to LiveLeanCookbook.com and pick up my best nutrition tool to help you Live Lean.


You can also get access to an 8 week meal plan, with recipes, and grocery lists to supercharge your results faster.

Live Lean Cookbook iPad

It’s amazing the tasty snacks and meals you can come up with, using ALL READ HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!

I pity those “dieters” ruining their sustainable chances of Living Lean by eating boring foods.



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Questions For You:

– What is your favorite homemade snack food?

– Have you tried any of these healthy hunger-crushing snacks yet?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below and share this post with your friends via the social media icons on the side or below.



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45 responses to “3 Healthy Hunger-Crushing Snacks: Brownies, Bars, Cookies #LLTV

  1. So I tried to make the brownie bites. I didn’t add the chips so it wasn’t
    sweet at all. Plus my brownies were really heavy/dense. HELP!!! You make
    them look so good. What’s your secret?

  2. BTW brad can i ask, chocolate chips, is their a healthier alternative. Do
    those chocolate chips have like no artificial sweeteners, are they healthy
    chocolate chips ?

  3. CHEAPER?! lol That pack of coconut flour alone cost $9…you can get a pack
    of coookies, bars and brownies for 9 bucks…

  4. Homemade veggiechips (use any root-veggies i got and bake them in the ofen
    with seasalt and pepper, ofen needs to be really hot and don’t forget to
    set it on ‘grill’)

    1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
    1/4 cup cinnamon
    2 cup whole oats (can be gluten free)
    1/2 cup ground flax
    1/3 cup chia seeds
    1 cup choc chips
    1/2 cup honey
    1 cup smooth almond butter
    Mix it all together, roll into little balls, place on plate lined with parchment paper, refrigerate for 1 hour, then enjoy!
    One serving (one ball) =
    65 calories, 3.4g total fat, 0.9g sat fat, 6.8g carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugar, 2g protein

  6. In Mexico all I can find are hershey’s dark chocolate chips, are those ok
    to use? I usually buy a 70-85% cacao chocolate and chop it up to use it as
    chips, but it would be a lot easier to just have them ready in a bag.

  7. One favorite, easy snack: granny smith apple cut into wedges with almond
    butter. Another: banana + peanut butter. I’ve also been introduced to figs
    and almond butter – yum!

  8. I make my own coconut macaroons. Just mix together unsweetened shredded
    coconut, vanilla extract, chia seeds, honey and egg whites. Bake at 350 for
    10-12 mins or until golden brown.

  9. Omg! You didn’t use any wheat flour! I’m allergic to wheat and gluten, so
    this is a very welcome change to the traditional recipes. Thank you so much
    for some easy and healthy recipes! ^.^

  10. Yum! Those all look delish and I can’t wait to try them. My favorite
    homemade treat is a strawberry muffin, but I recently found a recipe for a
    zucchini muffin I’m looking forward to trying!

  11. My favorite homemade snacks are: Wrap pizza’s,

    Its really simple, just put some tomato paste on a wrap, and add some
    cheese(can be low or fat free if u want to) and just add some toppings to
    your liking, whichever fit your macro’s. I personally add salami or
    pepperoni. And then add some spices to your liking(I mostly use stuff like
    pepper ect. And put it in a preheated over on 200 degrees Celcius for about
    6-7 minutes! I love it

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