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How Fitness Influencers Stay Lean All Year Round

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Interviews With: Christian Guzman, Nikki Blackketter, And More

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, Jessica and I interview the top fitness pros and ask how fitness influencers stay lean all year round.

We had the pleasure of attending one of the biggest fitness events on the west coast, the LA Fit Expo.

Since there were so many fitness influencers, experts, and pros there, we decided to interview a few of the top biggest names in the fitness industry, and ask them one question.

What is your number one tip to Live Lean?

Talking To The Top Fitness Influencers At The LA Fit Expo

Thanks to the following fitness influencers, experts, and pros for hanging out with us, and sharing their #1 tip to Live Lean:

  • Steve Cook
  • Lauran Abraham
  • Christian Guzman
  • Kali Muscle
  • Obese To Beast (John David Glaude)
  • Nikki Blackketter
  • Steven Benedict
  • Kathleen Tesori
  • Gigi Eats
  • Kizzito Ejam
  • David Morin
  • Jason Poston
  • Nicole Wilkins

Find out what these fitness influencers top secrets are to Live Lean.

Click the links below to watch the video from every individual fitness influencer’s interview.

Steve Cook’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Be Prepared

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Steve Cook

Brad: All right guys, we’re back here with the man, Steve Cook.

What’s happening brother?

Steve Cook: I’m doing well.

Brad: Steve Cook was already on the show before, but I’m going to ask him again, what is your number one tip to Live Lean?

Steve Cook: My number one tip to Live Lean is to be prepared.

Any time I’m traveling, I typically don’t like to cook meals.

I travel so much that the last thing I feel like doing is coming home, cooking, and then leaving again.

I usually have a meal prep company, like Icon Meals, ship food to my hotel.

That makes it convenient.

Also packing healthy snacks, like protein shakes and protein bars, to hold you over to your next quality meal.

You have to be prepared.

Those who fail to prepare, better be prepared to fail.

Brad: Love it, thanks so much brother.

Steve Cook: No problem.

Brad: Take care.

Go follow Steve Cook on his YouTube Channel.

Lauren Abraham’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Find Balance

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Lauren Abraham

Jessica: We’re here with the lovely Lauren Abraham from Performix.

Lauren is known for staying lean all year round, so we want to know what her number one tip is to Live Lean.

Lauren Abraham: I definitely do stay lean, 365 days a year baby.

The honest to god truth of what I find works for me is keeping a balance. 

I pump iron and do yoga.

Then on the weekends I’m always making sure that I’m in the water or in the snow.

I’m making it a total lifestyle because that what I love.

I love living a healthy lifestyle, instead of just thinking fitness is something I have to do for an hour a day.

I also do not restrict my diet.

I’ve trained my body to want to eat clean foods during the day.

80% of my diet comes from green healthy foods.

Then I always have a small portion of a healthy, but decadent dessert, in the evening.

This keeps me going.

In addition to staying lean, I honestly feel anti-aging and being anti-inflammatory is so important for a women that is growing older and beating her body up.

Jessica: So it’s all about passion and doing what you love.

Lauren: Yes, it’s all about finding what you love in fitness, finding the balance, and truly finding what works for you.

What works for you, doesn’t always work for everyone else.

Jessica: Good point.

Thank you so much.

Go follow Lauren Abraham on Instagram.

Christian Guzman’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Set A Goal

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Christian Guzman

Brad: I’m here with my man Christian Guzman.

We are doing interviews with some of the best guys on YouTube, and you have asked for this man right here.

I’m going to ask Christian to answer one question in 30 seconds or less.

What is your number one tip to Live Lean?

Christian Guzman: My number one tip to Live Lean would be to find where you want to go.

Set your end goal, then know what you have to do to reach that goal.

It’s important to know where you’re going, and what you need to do, in order to get there.

When you know what your goal is, you know you have to do it year round.

It’s not a weekly thing or a monthly thing, it’s a lifestyle.

Once you can figure out the lifestyle that you want, it just all falls into place.

Stay consistent and be driven and determined.

That’s the main thing.

Brad: I love it, because my answer to that question is always consistency, so you nailed it brother.

Thanks a lot.

Christian: Thanks man.

Go subscribe to Christian Guzman’s YouTube channel.

Kali Muscle’s Number One Tip To Build Muscle: Eat A Lot Of Calories

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Kali Muscle

Jessica: I’m with Kali Muscle, and I want to know from him what his number one tip is to build massive muscles, especially for hard gainers.

Kali Muscle: My tip for gaining muscle as a hard gainer is simple because I was a hard gainer.

You have to eat a lot of calories.

I always tell everybody this story on my YouTube channel about the time when I was young.

I would read about Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Flex Wheeler, and Dorian Yates.

Every one of them would say they were eating over 6,000 calories a day.

This new school era of fitness influencers are counting macros and making everything difficult.

Jessica: Do you think that makes it too difficult and you shouldn’t count macros?

Kali Muscle: Everybody that does that do not last, because it becomes too complicated.

As a kid, when I was 99 pounds, my focus was eating 6,000 calories.

It wasn’t about eating 300-400 grams of protein and 300 grams of carbohydrates.

That’s too complicated.

I want to say this about Californians.

Step It Up Man.

You all look like Abercrombie & Fitch models and Calvin Klein models.

They’re pussy-fying gyms in California.

I’m a native of California and me and my team are going to represent it.

We’re not with all of this new, “oh, look at my abs”.

Man, I had abs as a two year old.

Jessica: So you want us to bulk up, right?

Kali Muscle: Muscle.

People might see me in commercials on TV.

I brought muscle, with personality.

When you look at The Rock or Terry Crews, it’s clear that Hollywood loves muscle.

Get your muscle game up and start eating.

Jessica: Get them gains.

Kali Muscle: Exactly.

Go subscribe to Kali Muscle’s YouTube channel.

Obese To Beast’s Number One Tip To Start Losing Weight: Move Past Denial

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Obese To Beast

Brad: Hey guys, I’m back here with my man John David Glaude, a.k.a. Obese To Beast.

I want you to share your quick story, because I heard it’s very inspirational.

Obese To Beast: Yeah, I recently lost 170 pounds and was actually featured on The Ellen Show where she gave me a Mustang.

It was really awesome.

I have an Instagram and a YouTube channel that I chronicle everything on.

It’s been blowing up, so it’s awesome.

Brad: So what would be your number one tip to our viewers on how you did what you did?

Obese To Beast: Here’s my number one tip for anyone that’s trying to lose weight.

The fact that you’re already thinking about it is a big deal.

This is because a lot of people who need to lose weight are in denial.

They don’t even know they need too.

I was someone who was in denial for years.

I just didn’t think I needed to lose the weight.

Then I Realized I Did.

Something just clicked.

Once you get to that moment where it clicks, always remember how you felt that day and how determined you were.

Then you’ll be able to do it.

Brad: My last question is, what was that moment?

What made you decide that today, I have to change?

Obese To Beast: That’s a good question.

I realized at one point in my life that the only thing that’s keeping me from succeeding is myself.

The only thing that can make me fail, is myself.

You don’t fail until you give up.

So I decided I’m not going to give up anymore, and I didn’t, and I’m still going.

Brad: I always say it’s about taking personal responsibility.

So take that responsibility, because it’s all about you.

Obese To Beast: It’s all about the intrinsic motivation.

That’s the most important thing.

Brad: I love it man.

Thanks so much for being in the interview and it was nice meeting you.

Obese To Beast: Of course man, no problem.

Nice meeting you too.

Go follow Obese To Beast on Instagram.

Nikki Blackketter’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Consistency

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Nikki Blackketter

Jessica: Okay guys, we’re here with NIkki Blackketter.

We want to know, what is her number one tip to Live Lean in 30 seconds or less.

Nikki Blackketter: Okay, my number one tip is just going to be consistency.

One bad meal, one bad week, or a vacation is not going to kill you if you are consistent year round.

To Live Lean, you need to be consistent, know what your end goal is, and kick ass.

Go follow Nikki Blackketter on her YouTube Channel.

Steven Benedict’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Quality Over Quantity

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Steven Benedict

Brad: Hey guys, we’re back in the VIP room with my man Steven Benedict.

Steven is a pro athlete.

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and your number one tip to Live Lean.

Steven Benedict: Hey guys, thanks a lot.

I’m a professional track and field athlete, with my concentration on the 200 meters dash.

When it comes to staying lean, consistency is obviously most important.

Also, quality over quantity.

Brad: I love that.

Please speak to the idea of quality over quantity a little bit more, because I talk about that all the time.

Steven Benedict: Sure.

When you are doing a workout, everybody’s always like do more.

If you’re doing more, you’re always breaking down.

But, if you’re doing quality over quantity reps, you’re obviously going to hit more muscle, more fast twitch, while pushing your body to the max.

If you are more focused on quantity, your body is obviously going to tapper off and you’re not going to get the quality reps that you need.

So always reach for the quality over the quantity of reps.

Brad: Yeah, you guys know that sprinting is one of my favorite things.

I always say sprint athletes are the number one athletes out there Living Lean.

Steven is a sign of that right now, so listen to this man.

He know what he’s talking about.

So thanks for joining us.

Steven Benedict: I appreciate your time guys, thanks a lot.

Go follow Steven Benedict on Instagram.

Kathleen Tesori’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Make Your Meals Taste Amazing

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Kathleen Tesori

Jessica: Hey everybody, I’m here at with Kathleen Tesori.

We want to know what her number one tip is to Live Lean all year round.

Kathleen Tesori: If I could only choose one, my number one tip would be to find a really good relationship with food.

Make each of your meals taste amazing, but still be healthy.

That way you are full and satisfied, and not craving anything more.

Jessica: Perfect.

We love that tip.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Kathleen Tesori: Thanks for having me guys.

Go follow Kathleen Tesori on Instagram.

Gigi Eats Number One Tip To Live Lean: You Are Your Own Guinea Pig

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Gigi Eats

Brad: We are here with one of my favorites.

You guys have seen her in one of my Brad Gouthro TV vlogs, it’s Gigi Eats.

What’s up?

Gigi Eats: Hey.

Brad: So I have two questions for Gigi.

One is, I’m getting married next weekend.

What would be your number one tip for me, to treat Jessica, like the beautiful princess that she is?

Gigi Eats: Massage her feet every day and give her a lower back massage.

I’m serious.

Brad: Oh, I think she will like that.

Question number two.

You are obviously very lean and fit.

What would be your number one tip for every body out there, on how to Live Lean?

Gigi Eats: Honestly, it’s each to your own.

There’s no one size fits all.

You see all the diet books that say, don’t eat carbs, or don’t eat this or that, but you have to try and figure it out for yourself.

You are your own guinea pig.

Brad: Absolutely.

So there you go guys.

From the one and only.

Thank you so much for being on the show.

We’re going to have you on another show very soon, so stay tuned for that.

Gigi Eats: Oh yeah.

Go follow Gigi Eats on her YouTube Channel.

Kizzito Ejam’s Number One Tip On How To Keep A Six Pack All Year Round: Keep It Simple

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Kizzito Ejam

Jessica: Hey guys, I’m here at with Kizzito Ejam.

We want to know from him, how does he keep his six pack rocking all year round.

Kizzito Ejam: You know what, it’s very simple for me.

What I do is eat twice a day.

It’s in the morning and then again in the evening around three o’clock.

The first meal is high in low glycemic high carbs with protein in it.

Then at night, it’s all roughage and protein.

That’s it.

I Keep It Simple.

I know what comes in, and I know what goes out.

Then I know I can burn off all those extra fat cells later on during the day.

That’s how I stay lean all the time.

There may be times I spike my carbohydrates a little bit if I need more energy.

But other than that, I keep it simple and keep it clean.

I actually learned that from my buddy that passed away, Greg Plitt.

He taught me that same principle, so I’ve been doing that for years, and it’s been working.

Jessica: Nice, did you get that abs shot?

Kizzito Ejam: That’s how it is.

Jessica: So when it comes to working out, you work out about once a day, every day?

Kizzito Ejam: Once a day?

That’s for amateurs.

I workout twice a day, sometimes I workout three times a day.

Cardio in the morning and then weights in the afternoon.

That’s all you need.

Jessica: What keeps you motivated to go everyday?

Kizzito Ejam: Passion keeps me motivated.

As well as all the people that I inspire.

They keep me accountable to stay in shape all the time.

I can’t let them down, so I have to make sure that I work hard, every single day.

Jessica: All right, thank you so much.

It was great to have you.

We’ll see you next time.

Kizzito Ejam: You’re welcome.

Thanks guys.

Go follow Kizzito Ejam on Instagram.

David Morin’s Number One Tip To Live Lean: Get Organized

Click here to watch the interview clip.

David Morin

Brad: All right guys. I’m here with my man David Morin.

David is going to fill us in on his number one tip to Live Lean.

Go ahead my man.

David Morin: Hey, what’s up guys.

I’m just going to let you know that to Live Lean, you have to allocate and organize yourself every day.

If you don’t prepare, then you’re going to prepare to fail.

So make sure you understand what your goals are, and align the caloric intake and the proper macronutrient ratios, so you can get whatever you want.

For example, if you want to be in a strong man competition, you need to eat and lift according to that protocol.

The number one thing for longevity is, not all calories are created the same.

So you want to make sure that you’re eating nutrient dense calories.

These nutrient dense calories are going to take care of you, your body, your health, and your
well being.

That way you can grow into the future, and be successful, and enjoy that life that you’ve created for yourself.

Brad: Awesome, that is such a great answer.

Thank you so much.

David Morin: You got it man, it was a pleasure.

Live Leaners!

Brad: Yeah, I love it.

Go follow David Morin on Instagram.

Jason Poston’s Number One Tip On How To Stay Lean And Maintain It All Year Round: Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Jason Poston

Jessica: I’m here at the MET-Rx booth with Jason Poston.

He stays really lean, so we want to know his secret.

How do you maintain it all year round?

Jason Poston: A basic tip to stay lean all year round is you need to do morning cardio.

You want to do this on either an empty stomach or a lower calorie breakfast.

Then go and get a bigger breakfast later after your workout.

That is step number one.

Step number two is you need to watch how many carbs you intake during the first half of the day.

I think a lot of people are thinking they need a lot of energy from carbohydrates during the first half of the day, when you can actually add those in later on.

The most important thing for carbohydrates is just to implement them for fuel for a workout.

The third tip that I can give you for staying lean year round is to surround yourself with an environment of other people who have the same goals of staying lean year round.

It’s really really tough to diet around your friends, who might be powerlifters.

It’s really tough to diet around people who bulk or are maybe not even concerned about their health at
all, so surround yourself with people with like-minded goals.

Jessica: There you go, it’s all about following a healthy lifestyle with a like-minded community.

Jason Poston: Exactly, I’d surround myself with her.

She looks like she’s in great shape.

Jessica: Oh, thank you so much.

It was great to meet you.

Go follow Jason Poston on Instagram.

Nicole Wilkin’s Number One Tip To Maintain Fitness All Year Round: Stick To A Consistent Schedule

Click here to watch the interview clip.

Nicole Wilkins

Jessica: I’m here with the one and only Nicole Wilkins with MET-Rx.

She’s going to tell us her number one tip to maintain fitness all year round.

Nicole Wilkins: Stay on a regular consistent schedule.

Make sure that you are watching your portions and start each day with exercise.

That way you get it done and over with, and you don’t have to worry about the rest of the day.

Jessica: Perfect.

Start early.

Great tip.

Thank you so much.

Go follow Nicole Wilkins on Instagram.

Thanks To All The Fitness Influencers

All right guys, that is a wrap on the LA Fit Expo.

Thank you to all the fitness influencers for hanging out with us, and sharing their number 1 tips to Live Lean.

Also, thanks to the LA Fit Expo for inviting us to conduct the interviews.

With all the people coming through the gates, it was a little overwhelming.

But that’s a good that there are this many people in the LA area, who are getting fit and hopefully staying fit.

Hopefully you enjoyed the interviews and it gave you a little bit of an insight into how fitness influencers stay lean all year round, and how you guys should Live Lean too.

Behind The Scenes Vlog At The LA Fit Expo

Here is the behind the scenes video at the LA Fit Expo.

We shared this on our 2nd YouTube vlog channel: Brad Gouthro TV, or BGTV as the cool kids call it.

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    on it. Its true tho. People are going back to the old days when beach
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  3. Steve Cook and Kathleen Tesori gave the best tips for me. But all these
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    My favourite 2 Interviews were David Morin’s – allocate & organise
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    Our Live Lean Nation Community!!! ROCK ON GUYS xxxxxxxxxx

  6. The one true statement that was made was there is no one formula for
    everyone. I always listen to a varied amount of sources and then take the
    similar opinions and try them out. If they work for me then I’m good to
    go. So I have no one favourite. I liked any of them that mentioned
    consistency, quality and prep. To me, those 3 things apply to anyone that
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