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Live Lean Yoga

30 Minute Follow Along Flows To Improve Flexibility, Fix your Posture, and Feel Freaking Awesome

Try Live Lean Yoga!

  • 4 Unique Flows
  • Level 1 for Beginners
  • Level 2 for Advanced
  • Follow with Brad and Jess
  • Led by Yogi Desiree Rumbaugh

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You love the results you get from our workouts. Getting leaner, stronger and more defined is awesome. But what if you don’t feel as good as you look?

Discover the simplified way to feel better, move better and even get better results from your workouts!

Coach Brad & Jessica Gouthro

Hey friend,

Yoga and flexibility work are an essential part of your well-balanced Live Lean Routine.

Why do so many people neglect the practice they know they should be doing?

Yoga classes cost too much.
They take too much of your valuable time.
And you have to sit through all that spiritual mumbo jumbo.


You don’t have to become a yogi to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.

You CAN do yoga from the comfort of your home WITHOUT spending a ton of money and time!

And That’s why we created this NEW Live Lean Yoga System.

We’re going to break it down for you.

We love the results we see from weight training.

We know what to do to get lean and toned.

Since our health, fitness, and physique goals are important to us, we make time daily to workout.

But what good is it to put all that work into training your body if your body doesn’t function well or feel good?

Have you experienced this?

Feeling like you’re “in shape” yet you can’t even touch your toes or stand up without grunting?

Guess what, a body that looks good but doesn’t move well will become a thing of your past.

Even if you’ve tried “yoga” before but hated it.

Even if you currently do yoga and love it.

This program will be different than any type of Yoga you’ve experienced before.

Here’s what makes this different from every other yoga class you’ve tried.

These practices don’t take all day.
We’re talking 30 minutes or less. In your own home (so eliminate the travel time back and forth from the yoga studio)

We don’t get into any chanting or spiritual mumbo jumbo.
This is all about your body and making flexibility and good posture gains.

Become Healthier, Happier and Feel Better by following Live Lean Yoga.

Your Yoga Doesn’t Have to Be:

  • Boring
  • Time Consuming
  • Expensive
  • Complicated
  • and Frustrating

Even a complete newbie can follow our 30 minute yoga flows.

And the practice will never be boring!

Say hello to the NEW Live Lean Yoga System!

Most people SHOULD be doing yoga, but they avoid it. Don’t be that person. Take action and feel the benefits NOW

Live Lean Yoga


FOLLOW LIVE LEAN YOGA With The NEW Live Lean Yoga System

2 Level 1 Flow Videos

Gently introduce your body to Live Lean Yoga with the Level 1 Flow Videos. The first one targets your Upper Body with specific poses to stretch and lengthen muscles of your shoulders and chest.
This flow will significantly improve your posture and alleviate tightness in your upper body.

2 Level 2 Flow Videos

Ready to take it to the next level? Level 2 is designed to provide you that extra challenge while teaching you proper alignment

4 Specific Educational Videos

Tight Hips/Back?
Sore Knees/Hamstrings?
Stiff Neck/Shoulders?
Over Stressed ?

We’ve got you covered with 4 videos specifically designed to teach you how to achieve relief from common ailments.

A Guided Meditation to help you Unwind

Settle in and listen to Desiree Rumbaugh’s soothing voice as she takes you through a guided meditation sure to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed

It's Time to Take Action and Live Lean 365 Days a Year

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Here's What You're Getting When You Invest In The Live Lean Yoga System Today...

Live Lean Yoga

Level 1 for the Upper Body

Do you have tight shoulders, a stiff back and rounded posture? Follow Brad and Jess through this beginners upper body flow. Make sure to complete level 1 before moving on to level 2.

Level 1 for the Lower Body

Follow us through this series of lower body focused poses to help you unlock tight hips, lengthen hamstrings and alleviate common issues with the knees and hips

Level 2 for the Upper Body

Want to go deeper into lower body stretching and strengthening? This Level 2 upper body practice will help you feel more open, balanced and better aligned in your chest, neck, back and shoulders.

Level 2 for the Lower Body

This advanced lower body practice is not your typical un-approachable circus-tricks kind of yoga class. You'll be using the same basic poses you accomplished in level 1 but you'll take it all to the next level with a deeper understanding and awareness of your body's symmetry and alignment. We call it level 2 because you'll be applying all the key things you've learned to get a deeper stretch and more opening than you've every experienced before.

Educational alignment video addressing Hips & Back pain

Do you suffer from hip or back pain? Much of the uncomfortable sensation otherwise known as "having a bad back" can be resolved or greatly diminished with these simple tips Desiree shows Brad. Follow this short practice to see if you sit and stand correctly. You might be surprised.

Educational alignment video addressing Knees & Hamstrings

How frustrating is it when you want to workout hard but all your programing comes to a halt on account of "bad knees". Learn the simple physical therapy tricks and exercises that can make "bad knees" a thing of your past. No more bad knee days!

Educational alignment video addressing Neck, Shoulders, and Chest

Do you have rounded shoulders, a tight chest and a stiff neck? It's time to open up and release all that uncomfortable tension. Try these simple stretches you can do on a wall at home.

Best Poses for Stress Relaxation

What do you do to relax and unwind? Have you ever wondered what are the best poses to get into a state of relaxation? Learn the key posture tips and alignment that will have you drifting into a joyful state of peace and total relaxation.

Guided Meditation

Why Meditate? Research has shown time and time again that meditation provides physiological and psychological benefits. But most people don't know how to meditate and simply don't make time for it. Let Desiree guide you through this 6 minute meditation so that you can enjoy the benefits without the confusion or distraction of your thoughts.

Live Lean Yoga is the program you didn’t even know you needed.

Once you experience the balancing benefits from adding this to your fitness routine you’ll never look back.

Balance your Fitness with Live Lean Yoga

Now Only $47

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