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How to Get Fit AF [How to Follow the Plan]

Following a workout program is a proven way to get the best results from your efforts.

Do you know how to follow a program?

How to Follow A Workout Program for Better Results

Why follow a workout plan?

You may think following a workout plan will be too confusing, too time consuming or too complicated.

Trust me: it’s not!

Following a workout program will actually save you time, frustration, confusion and will help you get better results and make your gym time actually feel progressive instead of pointless.

Following a workout program is like following a recipe.

If you wanted to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever would you just throw some flour and chocolate in a bowl and hope for the best or would you strategically measure and follow steps from Grandma’s recipe? Grandma knows what she’s doing with the baking.

Well following a well designed workout plan is just like that. You get to follow the strategic steps laid out for you by someone with experience, someone who has tried stuff out tested what works and then put it all down on paper… much like a recipe.

So you know what your goal is… is it fat loss? Follow a fat loss workout program.
Is it muscle building? Follow a muscle building program.
Is it maintenance? Get on our monthly Team Live Lean plans to continue living lean forever.

Whatever your goal is, we have a program for that.

Now.. in case you have never followed a program, I’m going to take you through the steps to start your first one:

1) Pick the right program: – base your decision on a few factors:
What’s your starting point? Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced?
What equipment are you working with? Home, Gym?
What’s your result goal? – To gain muscle, lose fat, maintain?

To make things easier you can take our quick 4 question quiz at and we’ll email you the program that best fits you.

2) Purchase the program: Put some skin in the game! I know there are a ton of free workout programs floating around on pinterest and everywhere online, but in general, stuff that is free gets treated as free.. Meaning, you’ll lose interest because you have no skin in the game. If you spent your hard earned money on a program you’re more likely to take it seriously, follow through with it and invest yourself emotionally in seeing results.

3) Download it and store somewhere easy to find and access daily.
Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to download, forgetting where you put it, or putting it in a hard to access location making it too much effort to find it. You want it front and center – one click away from usability. If you aren’t so mobile or tech savvy you can print it and stick it to your fridge with a magnet. We have printer friendly versions of our team programs available on the home page.

4) Make non-negotiable appointments with yourself (or a workout buddy).
If you have a day planner where you mark important appointments like doctor visits, work meetings, etc.. then that’s the perfect place to mark in your workout times. You decide if you prefer to train in the morning afternoon or evening, then follow the workout program schedule to find out which days are training days and literally write them into your schedule.

5) Show up for yourself.
No one can do your reps for you. You are the only one who needs to show up to make your body transformation happen. Although workout buddies can be helpful, be careful not to place the blame on anybody else if you don’t show up fully for your training sessions. And by showing up I don’t just mean being there physically, but being there emotionally as well, giving every exercise your best effort and really focusing on your desired outcome.

Following a program is the surest way to get the results you’re looking for. If you’re not sure which program fits your goals take our quick quiz at and we’ll email you our program recommendation.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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