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Take The 7 Day Popeye Spinach Challenge

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Can You Conquer The 7 Day Spinach Challenge?

This 7 day spinach challenge idea came from an excellent question from Greg in Detroit.

Greg asked:

Hey Brad, I’m loving all the awesome content you put out on your blog, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

You obviously have a very clean diet and you’re training very hard since you’re getting amazing results.

If you could only eat just one vegetable, which vegetable would that be?

Alright, great question Greg.

I get asked a lot about what I eat in a day.

But I wouldn’t recommend only eating just one vegetable.

The reason is all vegetables have different levels of nutrients.

For example, there are different nutrients in spinach compared to carrots, and vice versa.

You won’t get a complete mix of nutrients from eating just one vegetable.

If you’re NOT eating enough vegetables

So if your diet is lacking in a good variety of vegetables, it’s important to take a greens powder, or at the very least, a multivitamin.

A greens powder can act as your nutritional insurance to ensure you’re hitting all your daily micronutrient goals.

However, I do recommend you eat more vegetables since the vitamins and minerals from natural sources is better than the synthetic micronutrients found in multivitamins.

But to answer your questions, one of the vegetables that I eat the most, is as close to a multivitamin as they come.

My favorite vegetable superfood

It has 11 sources of nutrients, is high in calcium, high in B vitamins, high in iron, and if it worked for Popeye, it can work for you.

So if you haven’t guessed it yet (especially since the title of this post says “Spinach Challenge”) the vegetable is organic spinach.

When I buy spinach, I buy the biggest container I can find.

In a traditional grocery store, it’s usually a 312 gram (11 ounce) container of spinach.

Then I challenge myself to eat the whole container of spinach in one week.

That may seem like a lot, but there are so many ways you can incorporate spinach into your diet.

turkey salad

I add spinach to many meals including:

Even if you don’t like the taste of spinach, when you mix it in with most recipes you won’t even taste it.

Plus you’ll be adding so many more nutrients to those meals and snacks.

Here’s How The 7 Day Popeye Spinach Challenge Works

Starting tomorrow, I want you to go to wherever you buy your food, and pick up a big container of spinach.

Then, if tomorrow is Wednesday, by the following Wednesday, I want that container of spinach to be empty.

And I don’t want it to be in the garbage, I want that spinach to be in your stomach before the seven days is up.

I’m calling it the Popeye’s 7 Day Spinach Challenge.

After the 7 day Spinach Challenge is up, come back and let me know how you did on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or in the blog comments below.

Don’t be afraid.

If you fail to complete the full container within 7 days, start over.

I want you to keep trying to complete the spinach challenge until you’re successful.

There are so many different ways you can incorporate spinach into your everyday meal plan.

Once you figure it out, you’re going to love all the new gains!

Hopefully this little spinach challenge will be another step in helping you towards accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

Try drinking one super powered Green smoothie every day to help increase your consumption of spinach!

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  1. I’m all over this “Popeye Challenge” Bro! Love Spinach…Consider it done! Good stuff Brad.

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