3 New Nutrition Laws to Live Lean


3 New Nutrition Laws to Live Lean

On today’s episode I’m talking about 3 new nutrition laws to Live Lean.

Welcome everyone back to Live Lean TV, I’m your host Brad Gouthro, the #1 expert teaching you how to Live Lean 365 days a year.

I’m very excited about today’s topic.

Lets talk about 3 NEW nutrition laws to Live Lean.

About 3 years ago I was asked to speak at Canada’s largest fitness conference in Toronto.

I called my seminar, 7 Nutrition Laws To Live Lean.

Fortunately my seminar sold out quickly.


During my speech I shared with the audience 7 of my best nutrition strategies to Live Lean.

Fast forward to 3 years later and I’m happy to say, I still agree with and follow all 7 laws today, which when it comes to nutrition, is an accomplishment.


It’s simple.

The science behind nutrition is continuously improving.

This means some things I’ve recommended in the past have changed based on research and from my own personal experiences during my journey to Live Lean.

I’m a lifelong student of the health game and will continue to grow as I test more approaches on my body.

So before I share the 3 new nutrition laws to Live Lean, let me first mention that if you want to watch my original 7 Nutrition Laws to Live Lean seminar video, there’s a copy of the digital download DVD in my store at LiveLeanTV for 85% off to viewers of this episode.

Only $7. Go check it out.

So lets go ahead and dive into this episode about the

3 New Nutrition Laws to Live Lean

3 New Nutrition Laws to Live Lean

#1. Eat Leafy Green Vegetables With Your Protein

By now, most of us know that protein is essential to build muscle which then increases your metabolic rate, thus burning more calories throughout the day.

Hello fat loss.

But just because you’re slugging back a bunch of chicken breasts, it doesn’t necessarily mean your body is absorbing and benefiting from all that protein.

Not only can leafy green vegetables help digest protein better, they’re also very alkalizing.

Even though animal sources of protein are highly recommended in the Live Lean diet, they are considered acid forming foods. Therefore, to balance the meal, we always want to have alkaline forming foods with animal protein.

So next time you have a chicken breast, add in some popeye approved spinach.

#2. Eat Carbs At Night (When Needed)

One of the common things I hear is eating carbs at night will make you fat.

So is it true?

I got two words for ya: It depends.

If you’re not active, and the majority of your excess calories are coming from carbohydrates, then yes, carbs at night for many hormonal reasons is not good.

But if you’re already pretty lean and your workouts are later in the day, you should be consuming carbohydrates in your post workout shake and the following whole meal to restore lost glycogen, and return your body from a catabolic breakdown state into an anabolic growth state.

So if you’re working out at 8pm. Eat your carbs at night!

#3. Don’t Heat Plastics

I see this so many times at my gym. People will bring in their post-workout food in plastic tupperware, then heat it in the microwave.

First off, I’ve talked about it before, stop using the microwave.

Secondly, when heating plastic, you’re running the risk of leeching harmful chemicals like BPA into your food. BPA has been shown to cause all kinds of hormonal issues in our body. I’ve mentioned it in a previous video about how BPA can mimick estrogen in the body. Say hello to man boobs gentlemen.

Thirdly, don’t put your plastic tupperware in the dishwasher. Heat and plastic are not your friend.

Do yourself a favor and replace your plastic tupperware and glasses with glass. Then you can stick those bad boys in the dishwasher, cause ain’t nobody got time to handwash dishes.

There you have it guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I had a blast hanging out with you. So if you enjoyed this and felt any part of it was useful or helpful to you, head on over to the shownotes at LiveLeanTV and share this with a friend.

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You guys are incredible. I’m so pumped for the episodes coming up and I can’t wait to keep growing our Transformation 100,000 mission.

So much more in store for you guys. You truly make me smile whenever I connect and hear from you on social media.

Thank you all so much. You know what time it is…keep Living Lean.

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  1. Thank you Brad for this video! I never had a microwave. I’m following rules
    1 and 3. Btw, this shirt’s colour is amazing!

  2. Great tips. It’s amazing how much health and fitness changes over a short
    period of time. You got to keep learning, to keep improving. Thanks for
    the vid.

  3. What’s wrong with the microwave? I precook all my chicken for the week and
    reheat it (on a plate) in the microwave. Who wants cold chicken?

  4. Hey brother sounds like u were overcoming a cold. Glad u still posted a
    video. No excuses I see u big dog !!!

  5. If you can tell me the number one most important rule I need to follow to
    help loose the lower belly fat what would it be? I’m 5’1 and weight 137lb
    (I had to kids and have the awful “mom pooch”) I already try to eat healthy
    proteins, veggies, workout with weights at least 3times a week, I do hiit 4
    days a week before eating breakfast etc. But can loose the belly fat ? and
    I’m trying to increase my muscle mass ?

  6. Very useful thanks Brad!! I was just about to sleep and then I got your new
    video notification. So a great way to end the day! Have a great day

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