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Healthy On The Go Snack Ideas

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Quick Healthy Snack Ideas For Work, Traveling, And Athletes

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, Jessica and I share the best healthy on the go snack ideas for work, traveling, and athletes.

This was a question from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 010.

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Here’s today’s viewer question:

@karlagaytan42 on Twitter asks: my state soccer tournament is next week. What foods and snacks should I bring to keep healthy? It’s a 3 day tournament.

Okay, before talking about the best healthy on the go snack ideas, I want to first cover two quick household items.

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Now let’s get into the best healthy on the go snack ideas.

Healthy On The Go Snack Ideas For Work, Traveling, And Athletes

Both Jessica and I also used to have sports tournaments like this in high school.

I always remember bringing foods and snacks along since you had to be at the event all day.

So regardless if it’s for a sporting event, work, or traveling, you definitely need to plan ahead of time and pack healthy snacks.

This will help you avoid feeling hungry, especially when you’re being active.

Quick And Easy On The Go Fruits And Vegetables Snacks

We love packing fruits and vegetables to eat while we’re on the road.

Quick and easy on the go fruits and vegetables include:

  • orange slices
  • grapes
  • apples
  • bananas
  • watermelon
  • celery sticks
  • carrot sticks

Consider packing any kind of fruit or vegetables that can be stored easily, and are quick easy to eat, while you’re on the go.

These higher carbohydrate foods can also give you a lot of energy, which is necessary for your sport.

When I was playing hockey at a high level, I remember the parents would also always bring orange slices into the locker room for us to eat during the intermission.

Jessica would have oranges or watermelon.

Quick And Easy On The Go Protein And Fat Snacks

If you’re going to be away all day, you should also have access to higher calorie healthy snacks.

Quick and easy on the go protein and fat snacks include:

  • nuts
  • seeds
  • trail mix
  • healthy beef jerky
  • hard boiled eggs
  • homemade protein bars
  • pre-cooked chicken breast
  • pre-cooked steak

All these foods are great for quick and easy snacks.

If you don’t want to bring pre-cooked chicken or steak, you can bring some homemade protein bars.

We have a good homemade protein bar recipe here.


To make sure you’re staying hydrated, you should obviously have lots of water.

Coconut water is another really important drink if you’re sweating a lot, as it is has a lot of electrolytes in it.

So there you go.

Hopefully these healthy on the go snack ideas will help you.

For more on the go healthy snack ideas, check out this video post where I take you into the grocery store to show you the healthy on the go grocery store snacks that I take with me when i’m traveling and on the go.

On The Go Snacks From Grocery Store


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