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9 Habits That Hurt Your Metabolism

How You Messed Up Your Metabolism:

On today’s episode I’m sharing 9 habits that hurt your metabolism.

A healthy metabolism is one of the most important factors on your journey to Live Lean.

Your metabolism is like a torch responsible for burning calories and stored body fat.

Unfortunately, these 9 poor daily habits can ultimately turn down the heat, and destroy your fat burning furnace.

Let’s jump into it:

#1 Your poor sleep habits

When you deprive yourself of sleep, you can burn less calories throughout the day, your appetite increases, and the production of your stress and belly fat storing hormone, cortisol, increases.

Focus on getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night by eating. I filmed an episode on “4 Sleep Friendly Foods” that can help you get a deeper and higher quality sleep. Check it out here.

#2 You don’t drink enough water, especially in the morning

While you’re sleeping, your metabolism is slowed and you’re somewhat dehydrated from not drinking any water overnight.

Before eating or drinking your coffee, fire up your metabolism first thing in the morning with a few big glasses of water.

I add the juice of ½ lemon to make lemon water.

Then I drink two large glasses of water, for a total of about 20 oz of water before I drink coffee.

Give it a try.

#3 You’re over consuming the wrong kind of caffeine drinks:

Studies show that a cup of coffee in the morning, via the caffeine, can help increase your metabolism.

The problem occurs when your coffee turns into a sugar and dairy bomb. The fattening sugar and dairy cream can override the metabolism boosting effects of the caffeine.

Opt for black coffee, or my homemade coconut oil stevia coffee, or green tea.

Green tea contains special antioxidants that can help the body release fat from the fat cells to be burned for energy.

#4 You refuse to invest in organic meat:

Conventional meats often come from animals that are pumped full of hormones, which then may affect your thyroid and hunger hormones.

Rather than spending money every month on 300 cable channels that you never watch. Cut the cord, and invest that money into your health by buying organic meat.

#5 You refuse to invest in organic fruits and vegetables:

Conventional fruits and vegetables are often sprayed with pesticides which contain toxins that may mess with your metabolism and thyroid.

So rather than cranking the heat in your house, put on a sweater, and reinvest the power bill savings into buying organic fruits and vegetables.

And the other bonus is that you’ll also be spending more time in a cooler environment, which can bump up your metabolism as well.


#6 You eat too many processed foods filled with chemicals.

By limiting the amount of processed sugars and chemicals, you’ll help keep your metabolism on fire.

Also when eating processed carbs like white bread and pasta, the body breaks them down very easily, thus spiking blood sugar, and slowing your metabolism.

If you have a sugar craving, stick with fruit like a juicy ripe mango.

#7 You don’t eat enough protein.

Protein is your metabolism’s BFF. After eating a chicken breast, it can boost your calorie burn by up to 35%.

If that’s not good enough, protein also helps you build more metabolic boosting muscle tissue and keeps you feeling full.

Damn that’s good.

#8 You are starving yourself.

When you deprive your body of the calories it needs to operate, it goes into starvation mode by storing fat. This slows your metabolism down to a crawl.

I’ve seen this happen to so many of my friends who compete in fitness competitions. They cut calories too quickly for an extended period of time.

Then when the show is over, their metabolism is slowed to a snail’s pace and they quickly blow up like a fish.

#9 You cardio yourself to death.

Study after study shows, an extreme calorie deficit combined with excessive cardio can destroy your metabolism.
Just look at the contestants on the Biggest Loser.

They quickly lose a pile of weight through excessive measures, including metabolism boosting muscle, then when the show is over, their body just implodes. Their metabolism is extremely slow, and all the weight and in some cases more, packs back on.

Weight loss should not be a race.

Living Lean is about consistent progress. This progress is from employing daily habits like focusing your time in the gym on lifting weights, quick HIIT workouts, being in a slight calorie deficit, and getting the proper rest and recovery.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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