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3 Tips to Reduce Stress Related Belly Fat

These are the 3 best tips to overcome stress and help you reduce stress related Belly fat

When we get stressed out in challenging situations our bodies produce more of the hormone cortisol, leading to more fat storage especially around the midsection. The best way to combat this is to prevent it.

3 Tips to Reduce Stress Related Belly Fat

What are you Stressed about? Is it frustration in your life? with your body? or with food? Stress and belly fat are directly related as chronic stress can cause an excess of the hormone cortisol to signal your body to store more belly fat.

These are the 3 best tips to overcome stress and therefore help you reduce stress related body fat.

3 Tips to Reduce Stress Related Belly Fat
When we find ourselves in challenging situations the natural response is to get stressed, leading to more fat storage especially around the midsection. The best way to combat this is to prevent it.

It’s our mission to truly help you live lean, so let us know in the comments what you are stressed about and if any of our fitness or nutrition guides have helped you feel less stressed and helped you reduce your belly fat

A few things you can do to reduce frustration-in-life type stress: Read books, invest in your education and take time out to sit still and read or even just meditate. Some of my favorite educational, positive inspiring books are: Success Principles, Psycho Cybernetics, Release your Brakes, or Brad’s book Awaken the Abs within. These types of books are not just for entertainment, they stimulate positive thoughts in your mind and will help you lead a more productive life and engage in more successful behaviors leading to a less stressful mindset.

If it’s your body you are stressed about then our top recommendation is to get on a workout program that is specific for you goal. If you want to lose fat, do a fat loss program, if you want to build muscle, choose a muscle building program, etc.. you see the trend. A lot of workout & body frustration stems from the failure to choose workout type, time, intensity, or duration based on goal. It may actually be necessary for you to hire a trainer or enlist a workout buddy so you can stick to a structured workout program for at least 6 weeks.

If the stress is around food or eating: It may be time to better structure your nutrition plan. Many people overestimate the amount of calories they should be eating which leads to constant struggle and stress. Take a day or two to actually portion and measure what you eat and it may be surprising! Take what you learn from that experience and incorporate it into your daily eating. If you need help figuring out your macros and calories you can order a Custom Nutrition Plan through Live Lean Custom Coaching.

Use these three tips to stay calm, focused and plan ahead.

Planning ahead, asking for help, and investing in yourself are habits of all successful people. We trust and believe in you. Thanks for reading watching and getting involved with the Live Lean 365 mission!


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26 responses to “3 Tips to Reduce Stress Related Belly Fat

  1. Great video Jess. Have you read Why zebras don’t get ulcers by Robert M.
    Sapolsky? It’s a great book on stress and how it effects the body.
    On another note, I think you should ditch the “for women”. This video, as
    well as many of your others, apply to men and women. I know that some
    exercise tips apply more to women than men and visa versa, but you don’t
    need to say it. Simply have your style and Brad’s style.

  2. I got on the Paleo lifestyle two months ago due to having Celiac’s disease
    and being allergic to corn. I feel great! but I notice Im having sugar
    problems now, Every morning as soon as I get up I start shaking and my
    heart rate speeds up, Its causing anxiety to the point I dont want to go to
    sleep because Im scared to wake up and feel so horrible. I was born with
    low blood sugar but it seemed to have kicked up since i changed my diet. I
    dont drink caffeine/ i ONLY drink water or juice when I juice fruits and

  3. Great video as always! My main stress for the past two years has always
    been nutrition. I eat nothing but veggies, fruits, chicken, healthy fats
    and eggs but I’m literally obsessed with counting calories and weighing
    food. I only eat two large, stomach swelling meals per day and it consumes
    my thoughts when I’m not eating because I’m paranoid of feeling hungry.
    This obsession is so tough to break and a huge source of stress that I
    would love to drop.

  4. Great tips Jess. There is more to a healthy lifestyle than just food and
    fitness. There is a whole package and none of it can be ignored. Just
    doing the workouts relieves stress. It’s a great stress relief. Having a
    plan in all aspects of life is the biggest stress release. Thanks for the

  5. Do you have any advice for women taking oral contraceptives and trying to
    lose weight? I feel like it’s harder to lose belly fat coz of the
    hormones.. To be added I have polycystic ovaries that’s why I was advised
    to take OCPs by my gyne

  6. i deal with social anxiety which causes stress all the time.. I might also
    suffer from depression but haven’t checked with a doctor. I stress over my
    future all the time like with How time is passing by and I’m nowhere near
    where my life goals are. it’s a daily struggle. I feel like something is
    missing and can’t feel happy. Sometimes I eat badly while stressed out.
    Thanks you Jess for this video

  7. I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism, any specific diet and exercise
    tips to help? I am taking my medication, but I want to also do my part with
    my diet and exercise program too. Thanks for any tips you have! 🙂

  8. Life in general has me stressed lately… work, finances, relationships…
    the list goes on… your videos help me de-stress though thank you Jess you
    are amazing!!!???

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