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Best Protein Sources To Build Lean Muscle & Burn Fat

Hey Live Leaners,

On today’s Live Lean TV episode, we’re talking protein.


Protein comes from the Greek word “of prime importance”. It’s responsible for building lean muscle (which will increase your metabolism), will help balance your body’s fat storing hormones, and will keep you feeling fuller…longer.

In addition to this, protein has the highest thermogenic effect of any macronutrient. In other words your body burns up to 30% of the calories in the protein source just to digest it. For example, if you consumed 100 calories of protein, your body would burn off 30 of those calories just to digest it, thus leaving your body with the remaining 70 calories.


Protein helps…build lean sexy muscle’¦and burns more calories!

Sounds like protein is the perfect food for living lean.

Highest Quality Protein Sources I Consume:

– Beef

– Chicken

– Turkey

– Eggs

– Fish

– Pork

Protein Powder

These sources have the highest biological value (meaning the body absorbs it best) and it’s a full, complete protein. This means each of these foods contain all the essential amino acids that your body requires from food.

Don’t be fooled by looking at the nutrition label. Even though the nutrition label on foods such as conventional bread shows 6 grams of protein, your body won’t absorb the 6 grams of protein. The reason? It’s not a complete protein since bread does not contain all the essential amino acids.

It’s best to try and consume a different protein source with each meal and snack. For example’¦don’t drink 6 protein shakes a day’¦ or eat 6 servings of chicken. Each protein source is made up of a different amino acid profile. So it’s important to continually mix up your sources.

What About Dairy Sources of Protein?

Now you’re probably asking’¦what about greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and dairy milk?

Over the last 6 months, I’ve cut dairy out of my diet.

Dairy doesn’t always do a body good (as the marketing slogan says). A lot of people have intolarances to lactose and casein, and most conventional sources of dairy are pumped full of unnatural hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Dairy doesn’t need to be an essential part of your diet, however if  it is, the best types are raw, full fat options that are unpasteurized. Try to stay away from regular conventional pasteurized/homogenized 2% and skim dairy milk.If you can find greek yogurt and cottage cheese that are raw and full fat, give it a try and see how you feel.  Me? I feel bloated after consuming dairy which is just another reason I don’t consume it anymore.

Give me meat!

What About Vegetarians? What Can Vegetarians Eat For Protein?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from vegetarians about protein. I’ll be 100% up front’¦I don’t claim to be an expert on it so I’m not the best person to ask for advice on it.

So the best thing I can do is point you in a direction of other fitness experts that are more in tune with the vegetarian lifestyle.

Here’s a link to a vegetarian recipe book that I’ve heard is great and can help you meet your protein requirements.

Vegetarian Recipe Book


As you can tell from this video and the greek meaning of Protein…”of prime importance”…I want you to get more high quality protein sources in your diet!

Not sure how much protein you require?

Check out my recent blog post on how to calculate your protein requirements.

Next video blog, we’ll be talking about healthy fat sources.

Live lean!

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Questions For You:

– What’s your favorite protein source?

– Do you have a protein source with every meal/snack?


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  1. obviously like your website however you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts.
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    the reality nevertheless I will certainly come back again.

  2. Appreciate another superb article. The site altogether different can anybody get that sort of information and facts in such a great way of creating? I own a demonstration in the future, with this particular on the hunt for similarly info.

  3. it’s a whey isolate (which removes most of if not all the lactose)… check it out here –> bradgouthrofitness[dot]com/protein

  4. Hey Brad, I want to know what is your protein powder brand that you take. I am looking for one without dairy…. thanks Bro !

  5. Hi Brad, i am starting my weight lost journey. I am very happy to have found your personalized 6 weeks program. And all of your youtube tutorials they have helped a lot. I am a working Wife with a 3 year old. I recently started my WOD 30 day begginer challenge and i try to do Tabata everyday or every other day. So my questions are can you build me a program that will work in my situation a program that really works. I do not have a gym at home? Plus I love bread and have different workout hour

  6. organic dairy milk is better than skim of 2% but i still prefer to get my protein from meat/poultry/fish/etc and if milk is needed, I get it from coconut or almond milk

  7. Hey, no I haven’t heard of it so i can’t really say if it’s good or not…but if i haven’t heard of it, I’d probably recommend just sticking to real foods like i listed in this video.

  8. Hey Brad have you heard of Moringa? It is supposed to have the highest source of protein calorie wise along with all other vitamins and minerals. Just Wanted to know what your thought was on it or maybe do video about 😀 . Cheers, I love your channel!

  9. SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t be MORE OBSESSED with this food! I will cause its extinction for sure! LOL! Salmon belly, skin, bones, fillets, heads, eye balls, neck… You name it, I eat it! Ah ha ha ha ha! 😉

    PS: Ground Ostrich is ALSO AMAZING as well as elk, venison, bison & Grass-Fed Beef! Weeeee! When/if you come visit, I will have my shipment of all these amazing meats… You may have to try! 😉

    1. I’ve had venison, bison, and of course grass fed beef…but that fact you’re stocking up on that stuff makes this trip even more exciting! I’ll have my people call your people.

  10. this isnt relatedbto the topic but how muchh water should I drink if.i take Creatin to not get kidneystones annd thaks brad this is an awesome video

  11. Awesome Thank You!!! Now you mention to stay away from dairy, so with the protein powder do I want to avoid Whey or given my situation would that be ok?

  12. What are some of the best sources of protein for people with protein sensitivities or issues digesting certain kinds of protein? I can’t eat meat, red or white. So what would be some good sources to help fill in the gaps?

  13. What are some of the best sources of protein for people with protein sensitivities or issues digesting certain kinds of protein? I can’t eat meat, red or white. So what would be some good sources to help fill in the gaps?

  14. that looks like a decent breakfast. i’d rather you skip the ezekiel/honey in the morning though and add in some greens…see my meat and nuts breakfast video for the reason why

  15. I’ve read a lot about it but never tried it. I talked about it in one of my #LLTV Q&A videos…go check out the playlists to see it

  16. Hi Brad! i realize that this is not really related to your video, but what are your thoughts on Intermittent Fasting (IF)? have you done it before?
    thanks in advance! 🙂

  17. The turkey bacon only has 7 ingredients ( from whole foods), oh and it’s two slices of bread, and the avocado is raw, the green tea is also organic.

  18. Her Brad I was wondering how you would rate my daily breakfast. Every morning I have 3 organic eggs, 4 strips of turkey bacon, an avocado, Ezekiel bread toasted with raw honey on it, green tea( also with raw honey) and if course my mens one daily (from new chapter) with a new chapter fish oil pill. Should I remove anything? Add anything? I never eat bread throughout my day except for that Ezekiel bread cause I think you o.k’d it in a video. Thanks man! Oh and egg is also my favorite protein.

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