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Is Pork Good For You? #LLTV Q&A Ep. 08

Pork, dark chocolate, coconut palm sugar, acid vs alkaline foods, and cutting calories

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering 5 viewer questions in 5 minutes, including is pork good for you or do pork chops contain parasites?

I just got back from a tough, late night workout at the gym.

So now it’s time to unwind, light a few candles, and answer 5 of your questions without going over the 5 minute time limit.

By the way, yes, real men use candles.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this chilled and laid back episode from our #LLTV Q&A series.

is pork good for you

Here are today’s 5 #LLTV Q&A questions:

1. Does pork contain parasites?

2. What is the lowest % dark chocolate you should eat? Should it be organic? How much can you eat per serving?

3. Is coconut sugar a healthy sugar substitute?

4. Can you explain acid vs alkaline foods?

5. Does cutting calories cause muscle loss?

Keep reading below to find out my answers to all of these questions.

Question #1:

First question is from Winnie Guo.

Is pork good for you? Do pork chops really contain parasites?

It could be a myth, or maybe it’s true.

All I know is when you heat the pork chops, it’s going to kill the parasites, if they’re even in there or not.

I’m not concerned about it, as long as you cook your pork chops throughly.

So is pork good for you?

Pork chops are in my diet.

is pork good for you

Here’s a delicious slow cooker pork recipe that we love to make.

Question #2:

Next question is from lotw51:

Thanks for the great info. Wondering if you could talk about dark chocolate? Would you recommend organic? How much per day and what is the lowest percentage dark chocolate you would recommend?

Excellent question.

You may be surprised that I do eat dark chocolate, but I only eat dark chocolate that is at least 70% cacao.

How to Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight [Best Dark Chocolate Benefits]

I try to get above 80% cacao whenever possible, however your goal should be to get above 70% cacao when eating dark chocolate.

When dark chocolate has a higher cacao percentage, it typically means the chocolate is richer and higher in antioxidants.

So always look on the label for dark chocolate with a higher cacao percentage.

Typically the higher the cacao percentage, the healthier the dark chocolate will be for you.

The next question was how much dark chocolate you should have per day?

Dark chocolate is not like a typical milk chocolate KitKat bar, meaning you don’t eat the full dark chocolate bar in one serving.

Eating an entire dark chocolate bar in one serving would equate to a lot of calories, since it’s so rich.

When it comes to a good serving size of dark chocolate, all you need is 2 or 3 squares per serving.

Depending on the size, one dark chocolate bar could be upwards of 6-10 servings per bar.

Lastly, does it matter is the dark chocolate is organic?

Organic dark chocolate could be healthier, but just because something says organic on the label, it doesn’t mean all the ingredients are actually healthy.

Certain organic foods contain unhealthy ingredients.

Always look at the ingredients label, and look for the cleanest ingredients possible, especially words that you can actually pronounce.

However, try to stay away from dark chocolate that has soy in it.

Question #3:

Next question is from greeeeeen1021:

Hey Brad, what are your opinions on coconut palm sugar?

Check out the full blog post on Is Coconut Sugar A Healthy Sugar Substitute, here.

Question #4:

Next question from: TheKmila

Brad, could you please explain more about acidity and alkaline foods?

You can find the full answer to the question, does eating alkaline foods vs acidic foods affect your health, here.

Question #5:

Last question from: rug27mamay

Does cutting calories cause muscle loss?

Check out the full video post on does cutting calories cause muscle loss, here. 


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So that’s another #LLTV Q&A session

Hopefully you took away a few new insights from these questions including my answer to is pork good for you.

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I’ll be back again tomorrow with another episode of Freestyle Friday.

See you then.  

Question For You:

  • Do you eat pork?
  • What do you think: is pork good for you?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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  1. Many thanks for your insightful answers, especially re: dark chocolate and calories/muscle loss. It helps if you can temper the calories you take in with the right amount of exercise.

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