How To Avoid Adding The Freshman 15 In College


Use These Tips To Live Lean In College & STOP the Freshman 15

It’s not hard to tell college is back’¦

’¦grocery carts FILLED with processed frozen dinners and JUNK!

ATTENTION: College Kids’¦

YOU CAN still live lean on a college budget and YOU CAN still experience the college lifestyle!

Take your seats, Live Lean Nutrition 101, is now in session.

I’ve been there before…

I’ve lived in college dorms, i lived on a college budget, and i also experienced a lot of fun during my college years. Giggidy.

And I never packed on the Freshman 15. 

I’m going to show you how you can experience all the fun that college has to offer, and still live the lean lifestyle.

Avoid Adding The Freshman 15

But before moving on about nutrition, I want to touch on fitness. Your tuition probably covers a gym membership. Make it a habit to go. I’m serious’¦or I’m going to come over there and drag you to the gym with me (I can be mean when you don’t obey me)!

Ok back to nutrition’¦

Nutrition is critical to living lean. 

Even though eating healthy can seem like an impossible task in college…YOU are in control. YOU are the one putting the food in your mouth.

And yes, peer pressure in college is crazy’¦but it’s up to YOU to be an individual and always keep your health goals in mind.

DO NOT over analyze every single thing you eat…

Luckily you’re still young, and your metabolism is probably still on warp speed, so you DO NOT have over analyze every single thing you eat.

I’m not asking you to perfect. I’m just asking you to live above “normal”.

Foods affect not only your physique but also your mind…

The foods you’re eating have a huge impact on your physique AND your mental performance in school. Remember, you’re not only fuelling the body, you’re also fueling your mind and mood.

So lets start with the nutrition 101 basics.

3 macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat…


Protein can often be the most difficult nutrient to consume during your college years BUT it’s critical for building and repairing muscle tissue (and keeping you LEAN & SEXY).

The best types of budget-friendly protein sources are:

– Lean meats (steak, ground beef, pork)

– Fish (including the cheap canned kinds)

– Whole eggs

– Poultry

TIP: to get more protein to your diet, supplement with a good quality whey protein supplement for snacks and a quick shake.

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You CAN get enough protein into your daily diet by simply having:

Breakfast: whole eggs

Lunch: can of fish (tuna/salmon)

Dinner: pre-cooked chicken breast

Snacks: Protein shake


Next Carbohydrates:

These can be found everywhere and probably makes up the majority of the average college kids diet. That’s not a good thing. Although carbohydrates do provide the body with energy, it is very easy to over consume them and that’s when they wreck havoc on your body’s fat storing hormones. Hello freshman 15’¦0r 20’¦0r 30!


The best types of healthy budget-friendly carbohydrate sources are:

– Fibrous Vegetables (fresh, frozen, or canned)

– Starchy Vegetables (sweet potatoes and white potatoes)

– Fruits (fresh or frozen)


Next Dietary Fat

Healthy forms of dietary fat are critical for your hormones, will help you get healthy skin, and also help you absorb many vitamins.

The best types of healthy budget-friendly dietary fat sources are:

– Cold Water Fish (salmon, mackerel, trout)

– Nuts (macadamias, almonds, pecans)

– Seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds)

– Avocados

– Healthy oils (olive and coconut oil)


Now that you know what types of food to eat what about…

How much you should eat?

Don’t stress out over counting calories!

If you’re eating these whole foods like I mentioned above, you will be feeling full, energetic, and your appetite will be in check. With all of this along with a high metabolism, you’ll have a hard time eating too many calories.

Just try to focus on…

– a protein source with every meal/snack

– fill out your plate with vegetables and fruit

– and enjoy a handful of almonds or tbsp or nut butter.


When should you eat?

Time will be tight and you will be eating on the go a lot so try to prepare your food ahead of time and eat every 4 hours or so to keep your hunger in check.

Eating every 4 hours may seem tough, but with pre-made snacks like beef jerky, protein bars, trail mix, protein shakes, and meal preparation in bulk one day a week, it makes it much more manageable.

So whenever you’re cooking something at home’¦cook a lot of eat and become friends with your tupperware!

A George Foreman grill can be a college kids best friend!

 george foreman grill

How did you eat healthier in the dorm cafeteria?

Better food selection.

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. But most cafeterias have some sort of lower carb options and decent protein and veggie sources.

Pick a protein source (bunless hamburger, chicken, eggs, etc), throw a bunch of veggies, fruit, and a few nuts on your plate with olive oil and vinegar and you’re gold.

Just don’t ruin your healthy eating by washing it down with juices and sodas. Stick with water, sugar free ice teas, coffee or tea.


What about party time?

Have fun. Enjoy the experience.

Remember don’t stress over it. You earned a fun night out every week if you stick to these rules the majority of the time. Just know your limits.

Click here to watch my Food Wars episode on the healthiest option for alcohol.


How can I stretch my budget?


When non-perishable or freezable foods like meat/chicken go on sale’¦load up.

Shop with coupons and ask about student discounts. Most stores offer them.

You can also find decent options at fast food restaurants when you have to. Click here to go to my Food Wars Playlist to watch the  healthiest choices offered at the most popular fast food restaurants.

Most places offer salad instead of fries, so order the grilled chicken burger, ditch the bun, add it to the salad, and wash it down with some water. Just go light on the dressing.

Freshman 15 Meal Plan

Breakfast – Quick omelette:

– 2-4 whole eggs

– choice of veggies (i like spinach and onion)

– 1 tsp of coconut oil

– cup of coffee


Mid-Morning Snack – Protein shake with side of fruit and nuts:

– Protein Shake mixed with water

– Apple (or berries)

– Almonds (or any other nut)


Lunch – Tuna salad

– Can of tuna

– Diced veggies (I like cabbage and onion)

– Salsa

– Avocado


Mid-Afternoon Snack (Post-workout) – Protein Shake & Banana

– Protein Shake mixed with juice

– Banana


Dinner – Chicken Fajita Salad

– Sliced Chicken Breast

– Bell Peppers

– Spinach

– Salt/Pepper

– Salsa

– Olive Oil

– Mrs. Dash Spice of your choice

– Sweet Potato


Night Time Snack – Berry Ice Cream

– Protein Powder

– Almond Milk

– Frozen Berries (or cherries)

– Almond Butter

Directions: Mix protein powder, almond butter, and almond milk together. Put frozen berries in a bowl. Pour liquid over berries and place in freezer for 10 mins. Enjoy.



Try to stick to these tips 80% of the time and your body will take care of the work.

Have fun kids, you’re only young once.

Class dismissed.

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