How To Diet WITHOUT Counting Calories


My Backstory on Counting Calories

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV I’m sharing my backstory on how I started counting calories, and how you can diet WITHOUT counting calories.

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22 responses to “How To Diet WITHOUT Counting Calories

  1. Great video +Brad Gouthro! The biggest thing for me is to be prepared. When
    I batch cook and have lots of veggies and protein on hand, it is so much
    easier for me to eat well. It’s worth the effort and becomes second nature
    after awhile.

  2. I counted calories only for a short while. I used it more just for the
    knowledge of how many calories are actually in the foods and the portions.
    Guessing when you don’t know for sure will hamper your results. Now I have
    it figured out and it is so much easier. You just don’t want it to consume
    you. If you are counting all the time, it can consume you and you don’t
    want that. Just build the foundation with it, then use it as your base.
    Thanks for the great info.

  3. Hi Brad! Forgive me if you’ve already done a video on this … But could
    you provide some suggestions for vegetarian protein sources? I can’t get
    down with eating my furry and feathery friends 🙂

  4. Plain and simple my struggle is food. I have the best intention to eat the
    one ingredient foods, I meal plan and prep, but as the day goes on I stress
    eat cumulating in the evenings. If I could only get this under control I
    could definitely reach my goals.

  5. I just wish I could force myself to stop counting calories. All I eat are
    one ingredient foods but still obsessively weight and track. Great video

  6. I have been doing the ‘mini-fast’ thing for about 6 weeks…. I am stunned..
    No cravings… forget counting calories… high,
    chicken, brocolli, cauliflaur…good sugar..and some daily
    exercise that I watched on your blog.. The fat is melting away !!!
    Thanks for the videos and info’..

  7. I eat 1’ingredient whole natural foods. I have actually lost a ton of
    weight and gained abs with muscles thanks to your channel. I am only 14
    thanks Brad for helping me keep living lean.

  8. Preparing you food in advance, storing it and taking it to work the next
    day has worked wonders for me, I lost up to 60lbs doing that (that, coupled
    with working out everyday), it forced me to be strict on my diet for some

    And then I went back to school and my diet went to hell lol. I haven’t
    gained the lbs back, I just haven’t lost the 10-15 more lbs I need to lose
    to reach my goals, except it has been hard thinking about healthy food when
    you’ve got the stress of multiple assignments, group assignments…etc,
    (what is that? Pizza sounds like a good

    Anyway these sound like good ideas, will have to give them a try once I get
    my shit in order so I can finally lose that last 15 lbs. By the way Brad,
    do you have any vegan recipes on your website?

  9. Hey brad give Chia seeds a look at and see what you think 3g fat (high in
    omega) 5g carbs 5g fiber and 2g protein. I eat it like oatmeal.

  10. Let me know if you enjoyed this backstory on how I began my journey to Live
    Lean. I love sharing my personal stories.

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