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What I Really Eat In a Day – No Counting Calories or Macros

Here’s a look at my maintenance mode daily diet

What do I really eat?

I started out this video filming each meal and thinking I was going to post the calorie and macro breakdowns so that you could re-create it and copycat my diet.

Then after some more thought, I realized a couple of things.

1) I want to be as authentic as possible, which means not counting/tracking because I do not do that daily, and I want you to see that.

2) I want you to focus on the most 2 important aspects of eating to Live Lean FOREVER (which are NOT the calorie and macro counts).

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression that you should never count or measure things.

I have been through TONS of edcuation myself, especially during my fitness competition days.

There have been months of my life where I obsessively tracked and measured everything in order to gain complete control of my results.

But that’s not necessary for the goal of Living Lean.

To Live Lean, the main take aways are:

1. Eat primarily whole unprocessed foods. Mostly home cooked meals. (MOST OF THE TIME)

2. Focus on INCLUDING foods that you DO WANT in your diet, instead of obsessing over what you think you can’t or shouldn’t have.

As you watch me go through my “typical day” of eating, you’ll notice:

I eyeball my measurements based on what I have learned are right portion sizes for my current goals.

I include healthy foods and make sure to get a sufficient amount of protein each day.

I make easy meals that don’t take a lot of prep time or use any complicated preparation methods.

I use the slow cooker and air fryer instead of the stove and oven. – Time saving devices!

I have a protein smoothie even though it’s a non-workout day. Something I’ve been doing for years. Here’s the brand I love.

I enjoy my diet to the fullest! I look forward to every meal and love the meals I’m eating.

I hope you enjoyed this style of video. If you want more you can watch my other Day of Eating Videos Here:

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