Food Wars: Can You Drink Alcohol & Still Be Healthy?


Food Wars: Battle Of The Alcohol

Am I serious?

Alcohol on Food Wars?

Hear me out…as you know, Live Lean TV is all about living the lifestyle. The stuff I teach is meant to be implemented 365 days a year.


If I told you, in order to Live Lean, you could never have alcohol again…what would you do? You’d probably quit and go back and forget everything else we talked about to date. That’s not what I want.

I’m here to tell you, living the lean lifestyle is all about balance. Everything (legally) in moderation.

Do I drink alcohol? A little. But just on special occasions. You won’t see me cracking a beer just because it’s Friday night.

Food Wars Can You Drink Alcohol And Still Be Healthy

So on this episode of Food Wars, I’m going to share with you the right types of alcohol to drink to minimize it’s negative affect on your body.

If you’re interested in that. Watch my Food Wars: Can You Drink Alcohol & Still Be Healthy episode below!

If I want you to take one thing away from the above video, it is this…

Everything (legal) in moderation. Living the lean lifestyle is NOT about NOT having fun. In this case it’s about making better choices with the options available. 

Questions For You:

– What are your favorite adult beverages?

– What do you usually use as a mix? 

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  2. I’m a dark rum (Leviathan) and caffiene free diet coke drinker. Do you think dark rum (reminds me of molassas when chilled) is sugarier than the light brown rums?

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