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How Much Alcohol is Too Much for Living Lean?

Is it okay to drink while Living Lean?

When your goal is to change your body you’ll have to make some sacrifices, BUT when you’re living lean you can enjoy the finer things in life, in moderation.

Depending on your current level and goals you can enjoy some alcohol and still live lean

There are basically 3 categories or modes of operation:

Category 1 is those of you who are serious about making changes. You’re super dedicated and you have your focus goggles on tight. You’ll want to limit your alcohol consumption to zero to one drinks per week. Alcohol does NOT help your body to change.

Category 2 is Focused on change, but in no hurry. So maybe you have about 5-10 lbs to lose but you don’t mind if it takes you a year to get there. In this case you can likely enjoy 3-4 drinks per week without it sabotaging your goals. Keep in mind that alcohol doesn’t really help you improve in any way, so if you can go with less you should.

Category 3 is Maintenance Mode – This means you have already reached your goal, you are no longer aiming to change your physique, you’re happy with where you are at but you still want to work to keep it that way. In this case we recommend up to 5-6 drinks per week. There’s really no reason for anyone living a fit lifestyle to exceed 6 drinks per week, it’s just unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Save yourself some money at the bar, save your liver, and limit your drinks. Choose water over wine when your goal is to Live Lean.

We don’t believe in deprivation, because it only leads to binging later.

Forget about deprivation diets. Forget about diets all together. Living Lean is not dieting and exercising, it’s Eating healthy and Training athletically.

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