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Best Abs Friendly Alcohol

Do this at the bar so you don’t lose your abs

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, Jessica and I share the best abs friendly alcohol choices, when going out with friends to a bar.

This is another great episode from our #WayBackWednesday series, where we highlight the best questions from previous episodes of our #AskLiveLeanTV Q&A show.

This question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 002.

Carb Cycling or Counting Macros?

Ricker2000 on Snapchat asks: when you go out with friends to the bar, what do you drink so you don’t lose your abs?

Good question.

I’ve shared a few video posts on alcohol and Living Lean, but check out this one on How To Party On A Diet: Drinking Alcohol and Losing Weight.


But first, here’s a quick funny story

You may think Jessica is the type of girl who loves cosmopolitans.


When it comes to alcohol, Jessica is more like an old man, as she loves drinking whiskey and scotch, straight.

In other words, she has the taste of an old grandpa.

This is ironic because I can’t handle the taste of scotch.

So we’ve had a bottle of scotch sitting in our cupboard for a long time, since I don’t drink the stuff.

And to be honest, it kind of makes me feel like less of a man, because I can’t drink scotch.

Then Jessica told me to “grow some balls and have a drink”

So the other day, I was like, pour me one up.

Then I tried it, and it just didn’t work for me.

To rub it in even more, Jessica added some fresh squeezed orange juice to it, and I still didn’t enjoy it.

So, to end the story, when it comes to the typical “manly alcohol”, I need to man up bit.

Now, let me answer the question and share my favorite abs friendly alcohol choices when I’m at the bar with friends.

Best abs friendly alcohol at the bar

What Is The Healthiest Alcohol To Drink On A Diet?

Vodka, water, and lemon

I usually drink vodka.

My favorite vodka brand is Grey Goose, as it’s one of the highest quality vodkas.

grey goose

Typically the higher the quality vodka, the less likely you’ll get a bad hangover from it.

The Drink To Help Cure Your Hangover

Plus, you can mix it with water and it tastes good, since higher quality vodkas are typically flavorless.

I also like to add a little squeeze of lemon to it, and it’s almost like you’re drinking a glass of healthy lemon water.

Lemon Water Benefits And How To Make Lemon Water

That’s my go-to abs friendly alcohol choice when I’m at the bar with friends.

Which Alcohol Is Good For Weight Loss

I also do enjoy a cold beer every once in a while

But I can only have one or two beers before I’m done, since I just can’t drink anymore.

Is Beer Healthy For You?

Also, when I’m watching sports, there is nothing better than a cold beer.

Other than that, typically for me it’s the Grey Goose, water, and lemon, or maybe a tequila and lime.

How do these best abs friendly alcohol choices stop you from losing your abs?

The big thing with alcohol is this.

Sure alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, but your body also burns the calories from the alcohol first.

The problem with this is, typically when you’re drinking alcohol, you’re also eating all kinds of unhealthy food.

Alcohol can also mess with your mind by making you crave unhealthy snacks like cheesy nachos.

How To Stop Your Cravings For Junk Food

When it comes to maintaining your abs, it many cases it’s not really the alcohol that is the problem.

It’s more of the food that you’re eating while drinking.

That’s the real problem

So try to eat a healthy full meal before you go out to the bar for drinks.

My buddy John Romaniello posted a similar video about this on his Facebook page, called How To Drink Alcohol Without Compromising Your Progress.

What are Jessica’s 3 best abs friendly alcohol choices?

As mentioned earlier, Jessica’s favorite abs friendly alcohol is whiskey and scotch.

Which Alcohol Is Good For Weight Loss

She also loves beer, like Guinness, and red wine, more so than white wine.

#1 Reason You Should Have A Glass Of Red Wine

Those are Jessica’s 3 favorites.

However, when it comes to alcohol, we are both lightweights since we don’t drink that much at one sitting, especially since starting our fitness careers.

Sometimes, Jessica can feel tipsy off of just one drink, which is actually nice.

When you lower your tolerance for alcohol, then you don’t need to consume as much, and you can save money and your liver.

This is one of the side effects of Living Lean

It ruins your ability to handle your liquor, not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

The 26 Best Hangover Foods

But if you drink too much, the next day you will be feeling a lot more hungover.

In other words, if you’re going away on a bachelor party with your buddies, it’s a lot hard to also drink the next day.

4 Best Tips To Stay Lean While Traveling

Which, can be a positive thing, because who really needs to be drunk multiple days per week!

That’s not going to be healthy for you.

Bottom line on the best abs friendly alcohol choices

However, we do believe that some alcohol, in moderation, such as a glass after dinner, is perfectly healthy.

How Much Alcohol is Too Much for Living Lean?

And there’s nothing wrong with balancing your life with a little bit of alcohol here and there.

We just don’t encourage binge drinking, because that can lead you down a rabbit hole of all those unhealthy behaviors you’re trying to fix.

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