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Workouts, Cheat Meal Tips, and Healthy Smoothie Tips

Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 04

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you our workouts, cheat meal tips, and healthy smoothie tips.

This is Live Lean Life Vlog ep. 04.

It’s workout time at Gold’s Gym Venice.

Let’s go.

Fun fact: In the Gold’s Gym Venice bathroom, there is an old photo on the wall of Arnold Schwarzenegger with a beer in his hand.

Workouts, Cheat Meals, and Healthy Smoothie Tips

Even Arnold has the occasional drink of alcohol.

Every Workout Is Not Going To Be A Banger

Today’s Exercises:

  1. Standing dumbbell shoulder press
  2. Barbell romanian deadlift to bent over row to shrug
  3. Dumbbell forward lunge
  4. Standing dumbbell side to side rotation

That’s another workout in the books.

Since I wasn’t feeling very motivated today, I give that workout a 7.3/10.

I also didn’t have my headphones with me, so I wasn’t really feeling it.

Most importantly, I got it done, I had a good sweat, I had a little pump.

Ultimately, it was better than doing nothing at all.

Time to drink my post workout protein shake while I drive home.

Let’s see what the LA traffic has in store us.

According to Waze, only 16 minutes to drive 5.3 miles.

Not bad.

It’s Cheat Meal Night

3 Healthy Cheat Meal Tips To Safely Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Guilt-Free

To see what we had for our cheat meal, check out this post on our 3 Healthy Cheat Meal Tips To Safely Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Guilt Free.

Morning Run With Bruno

When I’ve been taking Bruno out for his runs, I’ve been using the Old Spice app to map out my run.

As you’re running, the app draws the route that you ran.

To make the experience more enjoyable, it’s fun to try and run a route, that draws a creative picture.

The other day when i took Bruno for a run, I tried to draw a massage chair with my route.

However, I don’t know if it looks like a massage chair, or something else.

I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Filming Exercise Demonstration Videos

It’s time to head to the gym with Jessica and Bruno to film more exercise demonstration videos for my Live Lean TV Daily Exercises YouTube channel.

Here are a few of the exercises that I filmed.

While I was filming, Jessica did the following foam rolling and other exercises:

2 Healthy Smoothie Tips

2 Healthy Smoothie Ingredients To Add Flavor And Fill You Up

Check out this post on our 2 Healthy Smoothie Ingredients To Add Flavor And Fill You Up.

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Question For You:

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  • Share your best tip to make delicious smoothies with the rest of the Live Lean Nation.

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