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Lemon Water Benefits And How To Make Lemon Water

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Take The 28 Day Lemon Water Challenge

In today’s video, I’m going to cover how to make lemon water and the health benefits of drinking lemon water.

One of the best daily practices that I follow, is getting up at 5:00am, and starting my day with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon water, on an empty stomach.

Yes, I drink my lemon water before drinking my coconut oil coffee and before brushing my teeth.

In fact, I’ve been following this healthy habit for over 7 years, and have received so much positive feedback on it.


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If you haven’t incorporated this quick and simple daily habit yet, I’m personally challenging you to start drinking lemon water, first thing in the morning, for the next 28 days.

After those 28 days, come back to this post, and tell me how you feel in the comment box below.

Now I know you may be thinking, “but what if I always drink coffee as soon as I get up and what about breakfast?“.

Well, I’m not telling you that you can’t drink coffee or eat breakfast.

I simply recommend you postpone it for at least 30 minutes after you drink your lemon water.

My dentist also recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after drinking lemon water to brush your teeth.

This is simply a pre-caution to avoid any possible enamel issues.

Lemon Water

Are You Ready For The Lemon Water Challenge?

Seriously, if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to improve the way you look and feel, take this 28 Day Lemon Water Challenge.

Why 28 days?

Well that’s typically how long it takes to form a habit.

The simple healthy habits you instill during those first few “magic minutes” in the morning can set the course for your day.

I’m confident, that after you feel the positive effects of this simple habit, it will easily become a part of your daily routine for the rest of your life.

Here’s How To Make Lemon Water:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Pour a 250ml glass of room temperature water (if you have digestive problems, you can use warm/hot water).
  3. Cut an organic lemon in half and put the other lemon half in the fridge for tomorrow.
  4. Squeeze the juice of the half lemon directly into the glass of water. This will turn the water cloudy.
  5. Drink, then repeat the next morning.

I told you this was going to be quick and simple.

benefits of drinking lemon water

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

  1. Helps Cleanse Liver and Eliminate Toxins and Waste Products: the liver has various roles in the body including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of bio chemicals to aid in proper digestion. Lemon water increases the livers detoxifying enzymes and helps the liver carry out these functions more efficiently.
  2. Lemon Water is Alkalizing: the body functions best in a more alkaline state as cancer cells tend to breed in an acidic body. Unfortunately due to the foods most people eat, the chemicals they expose their skin to, and the environment they live in, most people’s body’s are very acidic. Even though lemons are actually an acidic fruit, when digested, lemons become very alkalizing to the body and blood.
  3. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals: rich in vitamin C (antioxidant, anti-bacterial, & helps immune system), vitamin B (energy production), riboflavin (tissue repair, growth, & development) and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium (these minerals all help build strong bones & teeth).
  4. Terrific for Skin Care: Lemon water can act as an anti-aging remedy by removing wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Your skin can’t look healthy if your body is holding onto toxins.
  5. Good for Weight Loss: Lemon water can help burn fat faster. When the liver is full of toxins, it can’t metabolize fat as efficiently.

These are just a few of the health benefits of drinking lemon water.

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Don’t Wait: Start The 28 Day Lemon Water Challenge Today

Start drinking one glass of room temperature organic lemon water, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

After 28 days, see if you feel the positive effects of implementing this into your daily routine.

If you do, don’t just stop drinking lemon water after 28 days.

Make it a positive daily habit for the rest of your life.

lemon water

More Ways To Add More Lemon Into Your Diet

You can increase the nutritional content and add tons of flavor to your meals (especially chicken, fish, and as a vinaigrette dressing over salads) by replacing the sugary, belly busting sauces, with lemon juice.

Adding lemon juice to water also adds flavor which can help you drink more water (we all know the importance of staying hydrated).

Check out our recipes page to find more healthy recipes that use lemons.

That’s your tip of the day.

Start tomorrow morning and post your feedback below or on my YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter.



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313 responses to “Lemon Water Benefits And How To Make Lemon Water

  1. Hello, may I substitute lime for the lemon. Where I reside, lime is simple to find, but lemon is not. Should I squeeze the entire lemon into a glass of water or simply use half of it? Keep up the good job and thanks for the nice post.

  2. When ever I take lemon juice in warn water I usually feel disrespected migraine headache, plz Wat should I do cos I really love to continue cos am on d big side of weight

  3. Hi,Brad. I’ve been taking warm lemon water for over a week. I enjoy new strength these days. My only concern is the wrinkles are not reducing. Am only 56 with so much wrinkles. Any advice for me?

  4. Zapping helps break the fibre content inside the lemon and give you the opportunity to collect maximum juice from the lemon fruit so prick its skin to let some heat inside the fruit. You can use a pin or knife to do the small pricks.

  5. I have a very simple n stupid question…don’t v fash our,face and brush our teeth before drinking this lemon water?
    Pls do reply .thank you

  6. Have drunk a glass lemon water every day for 37 days. I enjoy it but don’t notice any difference in anything. Am 73 years old with heart disease, AFIB and am a stroke survivor. I take meds to maintain my normal cholesterol levels, control AFIB. I appear reasonably healthy and play golf twice a weak. My urologist started me on lemon water to alkalizer my body and reduce production of kidney stones. Thanks,in advance, for your feedback.

  7. I’m not sure how long I have been drinking lemon water. I use the bottled lemon juice. I absolutely love it. To change it up I occasionally add a tiny bit of lime juice as well. I have actually stopped drinking coffee and soda all together. I feel amazing. My husband laughs because I won’t go anywhere without my lemon water. Lol

  8. Just drank a glass today felt so good and full of energy! going to keep it up, will post after 28 days to tell you how went ! my goal is to loose weight and feel energy doing it as i have previously felt fatigue.

  9. I just bought lemons today and was going to try the hot lemon water! I read that it is good for gastritis and have been suffering with this since my gall bladder removal in December. Will let you know…

  10. I tried to drink lemon water every morning, first thing after I wake up. It worked great, but I got lazy and stopped a few weeks ago. After reading of the benefits, I think I will be able to get back on track – thanks for posting this and motivation others!

  11. 1. I’ve wanted to come back to this site for a long time. It’s your lucky day!
    2. Got so much healthier. I’m not getting sick at all. (Knocking on wood).
    3. My skin, eye, even hair and nails look so much better.
    4. I think my overall mouth health is better as well.
    5. My bed room doesn’t smell that “manly” smell anymore.
    6. There need to be much more research.
    7. I could be wrong here, but my hair got thicker and shinier.
    Thanks and hope it helps!!!

  12. drinking lemon water daily in morning causes any effect on sexual health or any side effect of lemon on sexual life

  13. Is it safe to drink lemon water throughout the day? And if so how long is it safe to Lemon 7vv3water at room temperature?

  14. After reading all the comments I think most of you need to do this for brain clarity…… don’t any of you proof what you write before you hit send?

  15. hi Brad!
    i did this challenge and i was so amazed with the results. My friends always told me that i look different. And they love my skin nowadays. I used to have acne before and now i have clear skin. I noticed also that even i dont exercise, im losing almost one pound every week.
    i definitely continue this morning routine.

  16. I just started this morning ritual, and I was curious if you can drink that through out the day, not just the morning. Another curiosity I had is, would a teaspoon of honey be beneficial. Thank you ver much in advance if you respond 🙂

  17. I started taking Lemon with warm water this morning. But can it reduce my tummy fat? If not, what can i do to reduce it?

    1. I’m sorry Yinka but there is only one solution to this and that is eat healthy and exercise more. We all wish that there was a magic solution but unfortunately the above is the reality.

  18. I take a probiotic every morning…how long should I wait before drinking the lemon juice? Or maybe I should take the lemon juice first….how long should I wait to take the probiotic?

  19. Drinking lemon water is a good thing I believe too. But the acid erodes the esophagus and the stomach lining and you can develop acid reflux or GERD…what is your opinion about that?

    1. This is a concern of mine as well, especially since my sister passed away from esophageal cancer. When I first began drinking lemon water years ago, I would get a burning sensation in my throat a few minutes later. I now make it a habit to swish my mouth with filtered or bottled water right after drinking lemon water, and also take two swallows of plain water to rinse my esophagus. Since I’ve been doing this, I no longer have any problems, so I believe it’s helping.

    2. I have acid reflux on the verge of gerd and since taking lemon water daily the past two weeks, I haven’t been sick nearly as often from when i was not taking the lemon water. I’m not saying this has helped me with my acid reflux, but it has not got worse.

  20. Hi, I know this is a bit late but I just saw this now, and I am planning to try this out. I was just wondering if it would be okay for me to drink the lemon water in the morning and also drink nopalinaza plus at night. Would it be unhealthy for my body to drink those two things?


  22. Hey Brad i jst had sum great comments on dis lemon receipe, m gonna start with with it 2mrw morning i’ve been tryin 2 loose weight 4 several tym but nothning good came out so believe dis will work for me. I wil let u knw after 28 dayz how is it, tnx alot

  23. Hello Mr. Brad,

    I love drinking lemon water but my problem early morning is I cant reach into 30 mins before I eat my breakfast due to my work so it only 15 mins. is that ok or its better to drink before bed time

  24. This is kind of odd. I have end stage liver disease and over the last few months I have been CRAVING lemon, not the stuff in a bottle, only fresh lemons taste right. I squirt it into water, add to juices, cook with it and perk up anything I think lemon can go with. I have been very careful sticking to a whole foods diet and thought maybe thats why I have been feeling better. Could be my lemon addiction!

  25. Hi Brad,

    Already into my fourth week of “Warm Lemon Water” Challenge……. It really feels great doing this……… Feel energized and detoxified everyday and my skin definitely looks and feels better….. It’s true about lemon improving the skin….. Wrinkles are fading away and tell tale signs of aging on the skin are disappearing naturally…. I love lemon and what it can do to improve your health…. Triple thumbs up!!! Thank you Brad for this challenge…..

  26. I knew drinking lemon water was good for you so I started drinking it 5 days ago. I have already started feeling more energized and can tell that it is cleaning the toxins out of my liver and such. I decided to look up the benefits and stumbled across this website. I now plan to try out this 28 day challenge and will post again to let you know how I feel!

  27. I haven’t tried this “challenge”, but I do mix i na lemon with a bottle of water (600ml) every second day or so for when I’m working out. I can safely say it gives me more energy for my workout but the taste alone is good enough for me! sour 😀

  28. Hey Brad,
    I enjoy intermittent fasting & exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Would you still recommend drinking the lemon juice first thing in the morning? Or do you think I can drink it after exercising?

    Lastly: if one is also taking probiotics, which comes first? As both need to be taken on an empty stomach.

  29. Hi brad..
    Iam 27yrs old n my weight is 65kg. Doctor says hv to lose 15 kg. Past 1 month going to gym..but there is no change in weight loss instead my fat content increased. I hv tried honey with warm water fr a result.
    Will lemon n water reduce my fat..Frm tmrw ill start hving lemon with water..

  30. Hi Brad, I’m very committed to doing this, it seems like a pretty easy thing to do. Just wondering if you can overdo lemon water. I’ve heard that it’s a good habit to drink lemon water before bed as well. What about in your water bottle at the gym? Is there a threshold I should be concerned about? It seems there is now some controversy about levels of vitamin c, does it flush through your system or can there be toxic levels? Thx!

  31. Hi.i have digestive problems flatulance .belching cramping whole day and am under weight can I drink lemon with hot water right after meals.

  32. please guide me. as i am very confused bcz i started taking a glass of lemon water in morning as i get up with a small amount of salt for the problem of constipation, but now everyone around me is telling me that i should not take it regularly bcz its very harmful for our inner hormonal system and specifically for bones and stomach bcz its acid and it will effect me badly? plz tell me should i continue it in the same way or i should add honey in it? but for my constipation problm it is working. plzzz reply me

    1. I tryed the 28 day lemon water challenge … loved it … I have my own lemon tree so it made it very easy for me to accomomplish … It has changed the way I feel … I have a lot more energy and my over all health has improved …. I was put on anxiety meds because i Lost my daughter in a car accident .. the meds did make my health take a dive ….. I also have to say it has helped my mind and thoughts because my body is feeling better I am coping with the grief and loss a little better ….. So thank you for the tips about the lemon water …

  33. I use lemon and room temperature water from 11 days but i feel changes on my skin. My skin is very clear and blemish free, i will take this home remedy till my all life .

    1. he has said no lemon juice from a bottle – didn’t you hear? Use the natural lemon from a tree that is found in the grocery,

  34. What i don’t realize is if truth be told how you’re no
    longer really much more smartly-liked than you may be now. You
    are very intelligent. You already know thus considerably in terms of this matter, made me individually imagine it
    from numerous varied angles. Its like men and women
    aren’t involved until it is something to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. At all times maintain it up!

  35. Thanx for a very informative site. What else may I get that type of information written in such a perfect means? I have a challenge that I am simply now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  36. Hi brad,

    I thought you’ll be our guide for this 28 day challenge but why aren’t you answering back our queries? Im concern about lemon water passing from my teeth and im aware that it can harm my teeth. What should I do after drinking it? Should I brush my teeth immediately or just leave it for some minute before brushing? By the way im on my 1 wk of challenge and doing fine. Please answer this, I’ll wait for your reply… Thanks…

    1. He’s probably sick and tired answering the same thing again and again.

      You people out there, before you ask, PLEASE TAKE SOME INITIATIVE TO READ THROUGH THE POST. Please stop being a pest.

      REMEMBER: He doesn’t owe you anything

  37. Hi brad,

    I’ve just read your blog and it kinda interest me since I’ve been in water therapy which is drinking 5-6 glasses of water before breakfast. I would like to ask if it’s ok to drink 1 glass of lemon water and 5 glasses of water?

  38. Can I add stevia to the warm water and lemon juice? Will I get the same benefits if I add the stevia?

  39. Lately, I didn’t give plenty of consideration to leaving feedback on blog page posts and have positioned feedback even considerably much less.

  40. hey brad, i want to know is there any sideeffect to drink lime water in night before going to bed or is it beneficial

  41. Hey Brad,
    I work out and have a fairly good built frame. Currently i weigh about 160pounds. Im 25years.
    I want to incorporate warm lemon/lime water in my diet like mentioned for the sole purpose of losing belly fat to look more ripped. Can it work this way? I’m African and a mesomorph.

  42. U generated several superb items within ur blog, “Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water & How To Make Lemon Water | Brad Gouthro
    Fitness”. I’ll possibly be heading back to ur webpage in the near future. Thank you -Johnnie

  43. Hello Brad,I will start to take Lemon water daily. I am 24 years old my skin is not that healthy. I look 35 years old . How much lemons shall i take ? 1 or 2 lemons ?

    I also want to lose weight i want to look younger and slim as i am over weight what would you suggest?

  44. Monday will be 2 weeks I’ve been drinking the lemon water and I’ve lost 10 pounds. Not only did I start the lemon water but I also changed my diet.

  45. Hi Brad,
    I am now drinking Lemon Water as per your instruction for more than 2 months. i did not check weight at start so cant say if I hv lost weight not. But I am enjoying this and hence, I would continue doing it….. thanks!

    I have one more question. I could not find right place to ask you so putting it under this thread…my appologies for this.
    I am from India and its summer time here. Temperatures have touched day high of 42 deg C and its going to be like this for atleast 2 more months…may go upto 44. I typically face problem of pain in my calf muscles which sometimes become unbearable. I am normally good at drinking water and in this weather I make sure that I take enough water. I am regularly playing squash and also doing bit of work out in the morning.

    Can you give your opinion on pain calf muscles? reason and remedy. Because of this pain, I am not doing work out or playing squash for last 3-4days.

    By the way, even in other seasons, when I have a hectic day, typically my calf muscles will pain.


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  47. i am having my very first lemon water, and wondering how i should be eating though the day i need some help low cost and easy (oh! i am not in the U.S.A i am in the caribbean)

  48. Brad , I applaud your patience in answering repeated similar questions. Even as a bystander, I couldn’t stand it. You people out there, before you ask, PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME TO READ THROUGH THE POST. Please stop being a pest.

  49. can i pepare glass of water with added honey and squzeed lemon at nit itself and keep it ready in oven and boil in the morning & drink it to reduce weight

  50. I started using the lemon water 3 weeks ago and loss 6 pounds when I went to the doctor last week. I lost an additional 2 pounds this week. A total of 8 pounds . I am so happy. I started eating meat last year and gained 12 pounds in a year. I cut back on meat. Eat lots of kale, spinach and fish.
    I am starting to fit back into my clothes again.

  51. Good Day Brad

    Im def going to try this lemon water for the 28days. I know all about the benefits and what it can do but never stuck to it for more than a week so I never really picked up on the benefits. So I will see what happens and report back.

    Have a lovely day.

  52. I have read so many articles and benifits of drinking lemon water and now you have convinced me….Thank You….I will let you know how I feel in 28 days… 1? can I drink the Pure Organic Lemon , its fresh pressed not from concentrate? Says Contents Only: Juice and Puree Pressed from Fresh Whole Ripe Certified Organic Lemons. 2 Tablespoons = The juice of one whole lemon

      1. Hey brother
        Just I want to ask you that can I become totally slim after using this lemon water and if I become then should I continue this after a slim body because I have heard that continuing lemon water can affect the bones. Dear please please answer and mail me on

  53. Brad … nw i am strating to reduce weight… my weight (91 kg)… lets see after 28 dayz…
    plz tell me the dite plan……

  54. Hi Brad,

    Can I cut 2 slice of lemon and put in the a bottle with water and I drink the water for whole day?

  55. I’ve done this few years ago when I was surprised to know that I weighted 205 lbs. my God, I was so disappointed in myself and I tried everything to slim down but nothing helped except for this lemon drink and I lost 46 lbs. I was so happy with the results
    And know am ready to do it again for another 20 lbs.
    I have started today again and weight at 158 lbs but I will update next Sunday my results.
    Looking forward to experience this again and also to share my results.

  56. Hey Brad !
    I took your 28 days challenge, and I drank a glass of Lemon Water when I wake up EVERYDAY ! for 28 days. and I would say I haven’t lost any weight. Rather there were ups and downs in my weight. My current weight is 77kgs and I wish to be 48-49 kgs till may or june. I’ve been following this routine for 28 days:
    1. A glass of lemon water in the morning
    2. A cup of Green Tea after an hour of my dinner.
    3. No chocolates, beverages, chips and ice creams.
    4. Salad after each meal.
    5. 10-15 mins workout.
    I know this will work and I’ll be able to loose fats in some months. I just want to know whether i’m doing it all right? If I continue this routine will I be able to loose weight ? Do I need to add something to it or what?
    Thank you so much for inspiration.

    1. The lemon water acts to help your liver function more efficiently in metabolizing fat. To lose weight you still need to be in a calorie deficit by eating less than your burn. If you notice you’re not losing weight, move your body more via exercise and stick to eating whole foods (not processed man made food). Check out my Live Lean TV show for all kinds of workouts and healthy recipes.

  57. I will take the 28 days challenge from tomorow morning 10/02/2013,i will be back to share the experince,God help me.

  58. Hi Brad,

    I have started with this 28 day challenge. I started after reading the details but did not check the video. I checked the video today and realised that the lemons that we get in this part of the world seem much smaller than the one in your video. I checked the weight and average weight of one full lemon is about 80g.

    Can you please let me know if I should go for juice of one full lemon or should continue with half lemon? Let me tell you one thing, the lemon water made using half lemon also tastes quite sour and tangy.


  59. Hey Brad, It has been 6 months since I started and happy to report that I have a slight weight reduction of around 2 kgs (I don’t exercise, yes, I blame myself) , and the most noticeable difference is that I have fresh breath throughout the day. To those suffering from halitosis, I strongly recommend lemon juice as a therapy.

    I will definitely continue taking lemon juice in the morning for as long as I can . Thanks for the wonderful site and advices. 🙂

  60. Brad…I apologize for not reading through all the comments above…Does the lemon water have to be warm/room temperature? I’ve tried this and just have a hard time drinking warm water. I’ve been drinking a glass of cold water with the juice of half a lemon daily for a little over a week (morning and night) but not noticing anything different yet…could this be due to drinking it with cold water? I’m also drinking water with lemon throughout the day. Thanks for your feedback in advance!

  61. sir which one is effective lemon in hot water or lemon hiney hot water reciepe…i am overweight which one is possible for the fast weight losse.

      1. Lol!
        I know, I’m strange, even cleaning my teeth if it dribbles down I’m gagging!
        I can drink water diluted with orange juice(frozen), I know I drink way less than I should:(

        I’ll try but may have to use a whole lemon so I can’t taste it!
        I love lemons, I can easily eat them:)

        Thanks, I’ll let all know how it goes!

  62. Brad : I will start this from today itself..
    Just want to ask one thing can I add some Honey to this mixture of Water+Lemon.


  63. Good morning Brad, I been using lemon water since 12/12/12 last week I started added cayenne pepper a few shakes.I get bad sinus infections a couple of times a year. What do you think?

  64. I take every day since four months lemon juice with warm water and I experienced the miracle of this remedy on my digestive power. I got result in constipation and fat burning process. really it is an adoptabe habbit for every one and I made manypeople to use this remedy for their good health.

  65. Hi Brad,

    went through all comments and your prompt replies. As someone as already mentioned that it is very nice to see that you have replied to almost all.

    My Background – I am 31yr old guy from India. I normally get up at 6.45am. Have a cup of milk and go to gym. I do just 50-60min work out. I normally do not carry anything to drink.

    Question – Should I drink cup of lemon water as soon as I get up and then get ready and have cup of ilk just before I leave? Is it advisable to carry bottle of lemon water to gym and drink that during work out as & when I feel dehydrated or its better to have just the normal water?

    Await your reply. I am too excited to take this 28 day challenge and hoping it works out.

  66. Hello. Ilike to wake up in the Am and start my day off with a protein shake. Will i get the same benifits drinking a glass of lemon water at night before bed? Thanks!!

  67. Hi Brad , Today I completed 31 straight days drinking Lemon water .I feel great , my nails look pure white and are stronger .My age spot on my hand is almost gone. I am 51 years young and will continue this until the end . Thanks so much .Happy New year to and your family.

  68. Hey, so is it okay if the lemon is cold? And if not, how should the other half of the lemon be stored for the next day?

  69. It is okay to drink lemon water with honey every morning? its difficult to drink without any sweet taste in my lemon water.

  70. Hello Brad .. I have been drinking lemon water every morning for 11 days now .. i feel fabulous ..
    Thank you for your tips and motivations.

  71. Hi Brad, I would like to know how much water should I put in the glass . Wish me luck on 12/12/12 I will start and report back to you in 28 days. Thanks.

  72. Hi Brad,
    I was just curious if the water HAD to be consumed FIRST thing in the morning?? I have this 32oz water bottle that I use through-out the day. Considering I dread drinking water.. I TRY to consume it by the end of the night. My family has a lemon tree in which we have about 30 lemons in our refrigerator now, and once I saw this 28 days challenge I figured I’d give it a try. My main goal is to lose weight, but then seeing all the benefits from the lemon water, being healthy isn’t a bad thing either! (:

  73. hey brad….i wanted to know whether adding two tablespoons of sugar into the glass of lemon water good?… tastes super good though!!! is it healthy?

  74. Hi Brad,
    i have been reading a lot on the benefits of lemon water and really want to start the lemon water challenge but i am slim and do not want to loose any weight while taking it, is there any way i can take lemon water without loosing weight? Plllllllsssssssssssss i need ur reply asap!

  75. will try this one… im doing a kinda like this before in my morning regimen. we called it here “kalamansi” it’s like a small lime fruit. i will squeeze 28 pieces without water. coz they said that if i put water it will became acidic. that’s why im asking you the lemon with water or lemon water… thanks!

  76. hi brad! just came to my knowledge that yeah lemon is alkaline and when you put water on it does it give you in acidic state? just want to know

  77. Hey Brad,
    i have started this lemon water in room temp. thing a couple of days from now…i have 2 ques. for you…

    1) i workout for an hour daily…and during the workout, at times, i feel thirsty so it is a good option to sip lemon water during the workout as well, if required, or should i avoid it (as i have heard different people say different things like u should never drink lemon water during or after workout..have only plain water a sip during workout)..?
    2) and, after my workout is it as good if i have a glass of lemon water again after my workout, for better results in regards to weight lose?
    waiting for your reply 🙂

  78. Brad,
    I am accustomed to drinking lemon juice in hot water to eliminate temporary water weight. I admit I usually add an artificial sweetener like Splenda. I would like to try your 28 day challenge…how important would it be that I not use the Splenda, or is it alright to use it?

  79. 1st of all sorry to write you in installments…
    I wana tell you my recent diet and please let me know is it write or should i bring some changes to achieve my weight loss goal….
    I wana reduce at least 15 kgs Brad and this is my new diet that i am following from today
    when i wake up i have lemon juice around 5am as recommended by you..followed by all fruit breakfast rich of citrus fruits til 12 noon….then lunch around 1 past half i have green gram dal sprouts … evening around 5 past half i take 8-10 almonds…and i have my dinner by 7.30 and i just take a drink of neutrilite protein powder (i am sure you have heard about this drink. this is an AMWAY product)
    Is this drink okay as this is rich in protein and contains 9 important amino acids that a body requires for its healthy day-to-day functioning.
    This is my new diet …Can you just guide me am i on a write track?

    I wrote my heart out to you and feeling light now…just waiting for your reply…Thanks again for your cooperation…

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jess, take the lemon water without honey. Also I highly suggest you pick up a copy of my premium fitness/nutrition book/program Awaken The Abs Within. It’s clear and will answer all your questions about your diet and exercise program to lose fat.

  80. Hey Brad, i am so much amazed to see that you reply to each and every query…that is just so kind of you to spare some time out to help us….
    I am glad that my Dr. advised me to take citrus fruits as in gallstones the only solution is to get it operated, but til the time its silent, its fine…and mine is a silent one…so m excited to follow it now..
    Just one more ques. …do we have to take lemon water in warm water or room temperature and do we have to mix honey or without honey..
    I know in the video its clear but just wana know it again…

    To be honest Brat my waist is 36 rite now and i am trying hard to get it atleast 28…i also do 2 hours yoga and half hour exercise plus half an hour running….still dint burn any fat….
    Is there anything else you can advice me, which can help me shed those unwanted inches….
    waiting for your reply badly… 🙂

  81. hi brad

    can a pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant can consume this lemon water.kindly advise.

    thank you

  82. its nearly 2 months from wen i started dis practice i saw some amazing results but gotta know that is the effect the same when mixing honey with lemon water cuz with lemon water i am having continuously a bad throat so to combat that can i mix honey nd get the same resultss…..????

  83. Hey Brad…thanks for such good information..i have gallstones so would it be okay if i have lemon water as lemon is a citrus fruit…as i read in many articles u should not take citrus fruits with gallstones…
    eagerly waiting for your reply
    many thanks

  84. Hi Brad,

    Today i saw the site, i ll start drinking from today……. i have question like is this helpfull for lean persons,,, as you said drinking lemon will reduce the weight but wat if some one dont want to lose the weight …..

  85. Hi Brad, I want to start drinking water w/ lemon in the mornings but how soon after will it make me go? Sorry if TMI but I don’t want to be on the train & have the sudden urge to go! Thank you!

  86. Hi, I have taking half a lemon as directed for the past one month and have lost about 1 kg. The result is minimal cos I don’t exercise, my bad 🙁 However I went through your video again and I found the size your lemon (sounds wrong BUT no pun intended, 😛 ) is marginally bigger than those in my country. So was wondering if I take one whole lemon, will it be too much? Any side effects from consuming one whole lemon on an empty stomach?

    1. Hey Winnie, you can try drinking more of the lemon (just make sure it’s not affecting your tooth enamel) but you’ll lose fat a lot faster if you exercise and eat better foods.

  87. just started this morning! and at night I drink water with Nopalinaza Plus Flax Seed and Cactus Powder Mix. I think with both of these combined, and my new bowflex/Regiment (15500 calories or so a day) I should be able to finally lose the 40lbs I need before the end of the year…..5 months? is it doable?

  88. Hi Brad,
    I am taking Eltroxin 100mcg(for Hypo thyroid); everyday morning in empty stomach. I want to follow ur 28day challenge…… How can I do this. Shall i take lemon+warm water after I took eltroxin tablet.

    Awaiting ur reply.


    1. if your medication should be taken on an empty stomach do that first. wait the amount of time as prescribed by your doctor. then drink lemon water. then eat 10 mins after drinking lemon water.

  89. Hi Brad, I have been doing this lemon water thing for only a few days now, and have found that drinking lemon water, it has me feeling more energetic, and not hungry all the time. I was just wondering more or less how long it would take to see actual weight loss results. I am currently at 180. I have noticed some slight results. Just curious though. Thank you

    1. it’s most effective on an empty stomach first thing in the morning…but adding a little bit of lemon to your water throughout the day can also help. just be careful though as too much lemon directly on your teeth may eat away at your tooth enamel. if you’re drinking that much, try drinking with a straw.

  90. I found This recipe. Lemon water sliced cucumber and mint leaves as a detox drink. Is it ok to add the additional items to the lemon water? Will it have the same results?

  91. i take about 20 med.also now on a pain pill, for my back,( vicodin.) can i still have the lemon water . also was wondering for my husband. he cant eat fruit it bathers his teeth. he also would like to start lemon water should he

  92. hey brad !!!

    i just wanted to ask you tht can i add a teaspoon of honey?

    like its a glass of warm water, half lemon and 1 teaspoon honey…so will tht work for 28 days or shd i stick to the actual plan mentioned by u

  93. I started doing this a few weeks ago but I only did it a couple days a week. I drank some warm lemon water this morning and plan on trying to stick to it everyday.

  94. if we do the workout in the evening and not in the morning will its effect be still the same…..????

  95. Um please reply to this:
    Im like 150 pounds. If I take this how long would it take inorder for em to be in like 80 pounds.

  96. sir please answer this..!!!
    is it more effective to do workout just after having this lemon juice or is it also the same effective to do the workouts anytime after having this drink…???
    and i got the answer to my previous question i am sorry for that
    but please do reply this time….!!!!

  97. HI, I heard this from friend months ago, but im starting my lemon therapy today. will revert back here in a months’ time,

  98. One more question, is it good to add lemon into hot water? My concern is hot water ‘kills’ the Vit C in lemon, like how cooking vegetable for too long ‘kills’ its nutrients and vitamins. Anticipating your reply. Thanks.

  99. I have been taking Spirulina tablets with plain water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for the past 10+years now. I am wondering if I can take them with lemon water instead . You know, sometimes mixing 2 good things may cause adverse reaction. Just wondering .

    1. Hi Winnie, i’ve never heard of any negative side effects of combining spirulina and lemon water. I always take my lemon water on an empty stomach though then eat 10 mins later. Also just use warm water…no need for boiling hot water.

      1. Thank Brad for the reply. Will keep you posted on the result in a month’s time 🙂 Cheers to lemon water !!!

  100. Hi Brad! I’m glad I found this, I’m starting the challenge tomorrow. 🙂 If I’m using a 1 liter bottle, how much lemon juice should I use? x

  101. Hi brad ,is it okay to drink the lemon water almost every time,like before you sleep or after a heavy dinner? or is it better to drink it during the morning on a empty stomach?

  102. Just read your article and felt very happy. I am a Diabetic patient & afraid of taking Water with lemon& honey. From today onwards I will try water with lemon and post my feelings after 28 days. Is there any side effects for Diabetic?

    1. absolutely not. lemon water helps put our body in a more alkaline state. sugar is VERY acidic and does the total opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish.

  103. Will adding Splenda reduce the health benefit as I typically add 2 packets to 16 oz of lemon water.

    1. Please get Splenda out of your diet…these artificial sweeteners are filled with chemicals. Stick with water and the juice from a lemon. If you want to use sweeteners on other food, use Stevia. It’s a natural sweetener from a plant.

  104. hello..
    i have a lot of belly fat . If I start drinking this drink will it help me to get a ripped slim body ???

          1. hello it possible for you to send me pictures of stomach exercises so i can print them and use them on daily basis..thanks

  105. hello !!!
    i have a lot of belly fat.if i start drinking this drink will it help me to get a ripped slim body ???

  106. Hi –
    I have started this exercise since today morning.My digestive system is not so good and have some constipation problem. Will this be helpful for me?… Good to see your post and waiting for the more new updates from you. Good Job.

  107. Hi, can I use lime instead of lemon. It’s not easy to buy lemon in where I live but lime is. Do I use just half of it or use the whole lemon with a glass of water? Nice post by the way and keep up the great work.

    1. First step to becoming a model is putting your portfolio together. contact a local professional photography and first ask for a TFP opportunity (which means they can use your photos for their use in exchange for your time…meaning it’s free to you). Some new photographers may do this but most professionals will charge you since you’re new. Put those pictures up on your website and start networking with other photographers, etc.

  108. hi my sister told me about this and i did not believe her so after seening all these post and your video am going to go and get some lemons and give it ago can u drink the lemon water more than once a day?

  109. Is it as benificial if it is cold water? I like cold!
    I also like to have a container of water with lemons in it in the fridge for the day. But i am a little concerned and want to know how long i can leave the lemons in the water floating without any issues. Do you know the answer to that?0

    1. yes it still is Heleena. I don’t know the specific time frame that lemon water stays good but I’m sure you’d be good for at least 1-2 days. if it begins to taste a little “off”…just toss it.

  110. Great Challenge!!!
    I just started on this challenge, will keep you posted, i am only in day 1. Thanks for the information, it clarified a lot of doubts I had in relation to the water temperature.

  111. Really beneficial many thanks, There’s no doubt that your current followers may well want a lot more info of this nature. Maintain the good work!

  112. hey i too started drinking lemon with water every day…now i can feel more hungry most of the time and my skin shines nice ..every day i feel like cleaning my stomact and liver….so pls drink

  113. Go to site, locate Archives, find “Living To Enjoy My Silver,” my personal account of how I used the all-important CITRIC ACID content in lemons to REVERSE the calcified (hardened) artery problem I had, brought to light by very strenuous chest exercise. Two caveats—DON’T add any sweetener to lemon; AND do NOT leave on teeth—it WILL damage enamel if left for several minutes. Drink fast, rinse thoroughly.

  114. hey brad, should i squeeze the whole lemon or just a half of it ?
    i’ve been doing it for 2 days now but i’m a drinking a glass of water with half of lemon juice!

  115. Brad….I have been drinking hot water(boiled) with lemon for a long time.My question is….am I getting the same results as the water at room temp gives???

    1. Hi Marilyn, for maximum benefit, drink it with room temperature water as it will absorb quicker in the body. You still get the benefits with hot water, however be careful the water is not too hot as boiling water is not good for your esophagus and stomach. If you like the heat, I recommend you boil the water, let it cool down a bit, then add the fresh lemon and drink.

  116. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about this but I always liked the taste of lemon and figured it wouldn’t be a great hardship to try it. Well, it’s only been a few days but I love it. I’ll keep you posted on longer term results, but even after a few days, it makes shower/shaving/getting ready for work/etc. different somehow…better.

    1. If a simple lemon can make showering/shaving/getting ready for work better…imagine what a balanced nutrition plan could do for you 😉

      Thanks for the comment and keep us updated on your transformation!

  117. Great challenge!!! I’ve been doing this for months and can testify of the great results.
    I also add in some marine photoplankton to my morning water :)))

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