5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight


STOP Making These Poor Weight Gaining Decisions

On today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 habits that make you gain weight. I admit, I may be guilty of #3. Good thing my workouts are on point!

Habits. They can make or break you.

As you know, Living Lean is all about creating sustainable healthy habits that will help you live your best life.

So even though you’re making an effort to change your lifestyle, please don’t fall into the trap of these…

5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight:

5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Habit #1. You focus on low fat/low calorie food products.

The other day on my snapchat (you are hanging out with me on snapchat right)…

Brad Gouthro Snapchat

…I took you shopping with me at Costco.

As can be expected, I hit a traffic jam at the end of every aisle where they serve samples.


Ok, every fourth word out of the mouth of the Costco food server was “low calorie” or “low fat”.

Was the food they’re serving actually “food”?

No, it’s always a food product, made in a lab, that typically replaces the healthy satiating fat, with low quality, hunger spiking carbohydrates or artificial sweeteners.

Most food products, marketed as low calorie and low fat, will not keep you feeling full or fuel your body for optimal performance.

They leave you feeling hungrier, and more ravenous.

Guess where you get the premium, nutrient-rich foods that will keep you full, keep you focuses, keep you energized, and keep your body burning stored fat for energy?

Whole foods. Foods from the earth. Foods that contain mainly one ingredient.

I’m talking about meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Habit #2. You focus on getting your vitamins from drinks.

We all know fruits are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

So you chug back the orange juice with every meal.

Here’s the problem.

The orange juice you’re buying in the grocery store has many of the nutrients and fiber already removed via the pasteurization.

Sure the label says you’re getting 100% of your vitamin C, but you’re also loading your body up with sugar and none of the natural fiber to slow the absorption down.

This spikes and crashes your blood sugar, releasing the fat storing hormone insulin, and making you more hungry.

Eat the full fruit, not the juice.

Same thing with vitamin water. It’s water with a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners. The vitamins and minerals added are synthetic, so it’s debatable how much your body is actually absorbing.

Good marketing. Bad results.

Stick to WATER!

5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Habit #3. You eat too fast.


In the comments below tell me, how long does it take you to eat a meal?


Probably 4-5 minutes.

But did you know it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full.

If you’re finished in 5 minutes, you have a 15 minute window where you’re probably still hungry, so you go back for more.

HOLD UP HOMIE. You probably already are full, slow your roll.

5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Habit #4. You hang out with overweight people.

Don’t hate on the messenger, but you either live up to or live down to the 5 people you hang out with most.

I’m not saying you should avoid watching the football game with your squad.

But what about playing a game of football before you sit down to watch the game?

If you need an extra player, call me…MVP status.

5 Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Habit #5. You eat off big ass plates.

When you add a correct portion size of food to your big ass plates, it makes it look like you don’t have enough food.

So it tricks you into adding more food to your plate.

Unfortunately this means more calories and more belly flab.

Stick to smaller plates, it works every time!

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