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Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?


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2 Health Risks Associated With Artificial Sweeteners

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering the question, are artificial sweeteners bad for you?

I’ll also be talking about the 2 hidden dangers and health risks associated with artificial sweeteners.

I’m often asked if you should you consume:

  • Zero calorie sweetener alternatives
  • The regular sugar filled option

However, before we move on, I want you to scroll to the comment section below, and tell me if you choose artificially sweetened products over the regular sugar filled product?

Do it now.

As a Live Leaner, we strive to limit the consumption of sugar so that we can:

Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine For Life [Improve Insulin Sensitivity]

This combo creates the building blocks for losing fat and building lean muscle.

The Most Common Artificial Sweeteners Found In Sugar Free Foods

With this goal in mind, many of us at times, myself included, choose low sugar foods and drinks, that may be sweetened with zero calorie, natural sweeteners, or in some cases, artificial sweeteners.

These most common artificial sugar free sweeteners typically include:

  • Aspartame
  • Sucralose (marketed as Splenda)
  • Acesulfame-K
  • Saccharine

Sugar free foods often sweetened with these common artificial sweeteners include:

Just because these artificially sweetened products are sugar free, it doesn’t mean they’re healthy.

Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?

Best Sugar Substitutes To Lose Weight On A Low Carb Diet

Here are 2 health risks associated with artificial sweeteners.

Health Risk #1: Artificial Sweeteners May Trick Your Brain and Increase Sugar Cravings

Do artificial sweeteners cause weight gain?

If you have a big sweet tooth, the sweetness from over consuming artificial sweeteners may actually trick your brain into craving more sugary carbohydrates, including cookies, crackers, and potato chips.

The sweetness from these artificial sweeteners is often a thousand times sweeter than natural sugar.

Think about it.

When the artificial sweetness from the splenda, aspartame, or whatever artificial sweetener you use hits your tongue, your brain and gut think sugar is on the way.

This may lead to an increase in production of insulin, which then turns your body into fat storing mode, and can also interfere with your body’s natural hunger signals.

How To Become A Fat Burning Machine

These increased cravings often cause you to give in by eating more sugar, and potentially gaining more fat from the increased calorie consumption.

Not only that, but this overload of sweetness can affect your tastebuds to be less sensitive to the natural flavors of food.

For example, when you eat a piece of fruit, it doesn’t taste sweet at all.

Health Risk #2: Artificial Sweeteners May Be Linked to Serious Health Problems

Most artificial sweeteners are derived from chemicals that are made in a laboratory.

These chemicals can increase your toxic load.

The overconsumption of these chemicals may be linked to increasing the risk of health problems such as cancer and diabetes.

Live Lean Tip: Use Stevia

The Healthiest Stevia Sweetener Brand To Replace Sugar

Whenever you need something sweetened, I recommend you use a natural plant based sweetener called stevia.

Here is the best and healthiest brand of stevia.

Whenever possible, strive to purchase products that are naturally sweetened with stevia.

What Is Stevia?

If you’re not familiar with stevia, stevia is a zero calorie, natural plant from South America.

It has been shown that stevia does not induce an insulin release, so it won’t be stored as fat, or burned as energy.

When used in moderation, stevia may even have additional health benefits, such as helping to improve insulin sensitivity, and reducing your body’s risk of storing sugar as fat.

With all that said Live Lean Nation, it’s your choice.

I’m just giving you the information.

I have to admit.

I’m guilty at times of drinking an artificially sweetened pre-workout energy drink.

However, when it comes to energy drinks, I choose the zero calorie option because I actually like the taste better than the energy drinks that are full of sugar.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t drink it, but as a Live Leaner, we’re not striving for perfection, we’re working towards consistent progress.

What you do the majority of the time will have the biggest impact on your journey to Live Lean.

Bottom Line On Artificial Sweeteners

Limit your consumption of artificial sweeteners when possible, and choose stevia sweetened products when available.

I know a lot of you have mentioned you can’t find a healthy and clean stevia product in your local grocery store.

Here’s an Amazon link to a healthy stevia product that you can pick up online.

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  • Do you choose artificially sweetened products over the regular sugar filled product? 
  • Have you ever tried stevia?

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  1. great episode Brad
    only time I use art.sweetners is in my tea
    I drink black mango tea unsweet using Equal
    because I heard its better to use equal than using sweetnlow or splenda

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