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Are Energy Drinks That Bad For You?

On today’s #TBT episode of Live Lean TV, I’m answering a viewer question who asked: are energy drinks that bad for you?

Before I share my quick thoughts, this is a post from our #TBT Q&A series.

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Every Thursday, we will be uploading one #TBT question to our YouTube channel, from our old #LLTV Q&A series that I filmed in 2012.

Are energy drinks that bad for you?

I’m sharing one of my dirty little secrets.

Well it’s not really a secret, since you’ve probably seen me drinking energy drinks occasionally on my Instagram stories.

And it’s not really dirty either.

Here’s the deal.

Are Energy Drinks That Bad For You?

My name is Brad Gouthro, I’m an energy junkie, and I love caffeine.

Quick story for you

I remember having my first sugar free energy drink back in 2011 after seeing one of my fitness idols, Greg Plitt drinking a sugar free Rockstar.

RIP Greg Plitt.

After I finished the can, I remember the rush of caffeine gave me a good dose of happy energy.

So does this mean I think energy drinks are that bad for you?

Well it depends on a few different things, which I share in this mash up of videos from 2012-2019.

So enjoy hearing how my perspective of energy drinks has been over the past 7-8 years.

I also find this video hilarious, as you’ll see all my different looks, hairstyles, and how my energy on camera has evolved over these last 8 years.

So enjoy the mash up.

This question came from #LLTV Q&A episode #4.

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Here is today’s viewer question:

My favorite drink is Monster Khaos and everyone tells me that it’s worse than soda.

So if you don’t know what Monster Khaos is, it is one of those energy drinks filled with caffeine, that contain synthetic vitamins, such as B vitamins, and all kinds of different herbs.

Are Energy Drinks That Bad For You?

Now, I admit, I’m guilty at times since I do have the occasional energy drink if I’m feeling low in energy and I have an event or workout coming up.

So how do I answer this one?

Well you’re probably asking…

Are energy drinks healthy?

Well that depends on a few things.

#1. It depends on who “you” are:

If you’re a full grown, active individual, and are using the caffeine to improve performance, then enjoy when needed.

A quick on the go pre workout option, is an energy drink like a Rockstar or Red Bull, that you can buy at any convenience store.

Pre Workout Drink

Now I admit, I’ve said it before, I don’t recommend these everyday.

But I have been open in saying that I have one maybe once a month when I’m looking for a quick energy boost.

Again, I repeat NOT EVERY DAY.

However, if you’re unhealthy, unmotivated, and use energy drinks daily just to get you through the day, then no.

You need to change your lifestyle by eating better and working out to naturally improve your energy.

#2. It also depends on the type of energy drink:

Are Energy Drinks That Bad For You?

On the occasions when I do drink sugar free Rockstars, I always feel guilty about buying and drinking them out in public.

The reason I feel this way is because I know the ingredients, including the artificial sweeteners, are not optimal for my health.

6 Common Foods That Make You Hungrier

Zero calorie sweetened drinks, like energy drinks, contain artificial sweeteners which sends a rush of flavor to your brain which makes it think like it’s getting real sugar, which contains calories.

Although your body doesn’t get any extra calories, there has been studies done showing that these artificial sweeteners may actually cause you to crave more sweetness and calories to make up for it throughout the day.

I’m guilty at times of drinking an artificially sweetened pre workout energy drinks.

2 Hidden Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

I choose the zero calorie option because I actually like the taste better than the energy drinks that are full of sugar.


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Why does something with so much caffeine also need that much sugar

In a lot of cases, energy drinks have more sugar than soda.

The Worst Drinks For Weight Loss

This is why sugar filled energy drinks are often being referred to as the soda of 2019.

I mean, if you thought soda was bad, check this out.

3 Common Hidden Sugar Bombs

Some 16 oz energy drinks contain 83 grams of sugar, which is over 20 tsp of sugar in one can.

But don’t beat yourself up

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t drink it, but as a Live Leaner, we’re not striving for perfection, we’re working towards consistent progress.

What you do the majority of the time will have the biggest impact on your journey to Live Lean.

I would say, don’t make drinking energy drinks a part of your everyday lifestyle.

In other words, don’t drink energy drinks every day, and don’t even drink them every week.

Limit your consumption of energy drinks

Just try to limit your consumption by having an energy drink on occasion, when you really need it.

It’s when you consume too much of anything, including water, that’s when you have a problem.

Yes, even drinking too much water can be dangerous.

It’s called hyponatremia, look it up.

Benefits of caffeine

Food Wars: Energy Drinks [My Dirty Little Secret]

So when taken under the right circumstances, in the proper doses, I love caffeine.

Especially when it comes to increasing my energy to improve the intensity of my workouts.

I’m just giving options people.

If the choice is:

  • A: skip a workout because you’re lazy, or…
  • B: have one of these and then go kill it in the gym

I’d choose B, but just not every single day.

I have to keep repeating that.

I drink energy drinks occasionally, like once a month, not every day.

I’m just being real and transparent like I always am with you.

Here’s another benefit of caffeine

Another benefit of caffeine is it can improve mental clarity and focus so you can get shit done

And yes, caffeine can also help improve your mood.

I mean, lets be real, have you ever met someone, in a bad mood, who was on caffeine?

So yes, I’m the first to admit, I drink the occasional energy drink.

As a fitness professional, as an entrepreneur, and as a new dad, I’m constantly moving around.

Whether it’s doing my own workouts or filming workout videos for my programs, my day requires a lot of energy from 5am till 9pm.

Are Energy Drinks That Bad For You?

So if I know I have a super busy day of focus and multiple workouts, then I may have an energy drink.

On average, I would have maybe 1 energy drink a week.

Bottom Line on are energy drinks that bad for you:

Energy drinks are made for the active adult that requires an occasional boost in energy to stay on top of their active lifestyle.

It’s not an everyday thing, it’s just on occasion.

And for all the parents out there, no I do not recommend them for kids who are still growing and developing their nervous and cardiovascular system.

I can’t believe the amount of kids that go into grocery stores and walk out with sugar filled energy drinks.

Some of these sugar filled energy drinks contain over 200 calories and 50 grams of sugar per serving.

It just blows my mind.

Energy drinks are mainly for active adults.

So lets have some fun down in the comments below

Timestamp which clips were your favorite hairstyles, and which ones you disliked the most.

Don’t worry I have built tough skin over these last 8 years on YouTube.


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Today’s question of the day:

  • Do you ever drink energy drinks?
  • If so, how many per week?
  • Which brands do you enjoy the most?

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