The Workout That Crushes Body Fat #LLTV


Afterburn Effect Workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a full workout that will CRUSH your body fat. This unique workout style is 1 of the 24 different workouts found in my 12 week workout program, Live Lean Afterburn. The exercise combinations and rep schemes are awesome! This workout style works for both males and females.

In approximately 40 minutes, I burned over 500 calories!

Live Lean Afterburn: Descending Pyramid Training – Workout #1

Live Lean Afterburn Workout Descending Pyramid Training

The Workout That Crushes Body Fat: Live Lean Afterburn

One of our most successful programs to date, the Live Lean Afterburn is a great example of a training plan that’s gotten amazing results from both males and females.
Live Lean Afterburn Success Story


& Program Your Body To Burn Fat While You Sleep!

Live Lean

Leave a comment below to let me know if you’ve ever heard of the Afterburn Effect? Do you follow this style of Afterburn workouts?

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42 responses to “The Workout That Crushes Body Fat #LLTV

  1. Hi Brad great workout session…If i wanted to purchase just the lean
    after burn 12 week programme without the other added on,how do Ido it?

  2. I tried this, it’s difficult, I couldn’t complete it. Respect to you both.
    The last bit, jump squats were a real killer! Couldn’t finish it. Its my
    personal challenge, to fully complete it soon. Great workout! Thanks for

  3. New viewer here,
    I’m sorry, but is there really no stretching after the last pyramid set or
    before the actual workout? just asking.

    More power to you guys!

  4. The great thing about this workout is that you don’t have to be too fit to
    do it, and I love it! It’s intense, hard and literally sets you on fire!
    It’s also really fun to do, I pretty much enjoyed it. Keep rockin’ guys!

  5. This was awesome! I love the pyramids for getting that little bit more out
    of myself. Do you recommend doing a little light cardio afterwards (time

  6. Did this workout today. Can you say KILLER?! I did one more set of jump
    squats & lunges at the end, too. Guess what? In just 45 minutes after
    working out, I burnt an extra 180 calories!!

  7. Loved this workout Brad. I did it today and it kicked my butt.Just a few
    questions…how many times a week would you suggest doing this/this type of
    workout? Should I still do my normal weights sessions with HIIT alongside
    this? Thanking you in advance #livelean

  8. Hey Brad, I have the FT7. Are these watches accurate? I was told at the gym
    (bro science) that it’s impossible to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes.
    According to my watch sometimes I burn up to 1000 cals an hour. Just
    wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks

  9. Thank you!! Did this yesterday and loved it! Did sprints at the end because
    my knee can’t take jump squats. I love that it’s easy to remember!! Watched
    the video once and remembered it during gym. Keep up the excellent info,
    inspiration, and enthusiasm 🙂

  10. I’ve done 12 weeks of Brad’s Live Lean Afterburn workout, and I will say,
    it’s hands down the best body sculpting, fat burning routine I’ve tried…
    I cut my teeth doing p90X, Insanity, and Asylum. Brad has the superior

    You will never get bored, you will shred the fat, and get crazy fit.

    That said, anything that yields these results is not easy. I think that
    this would be very hard for a pure beginner (if not impossible), but if you
    really want results, you could modify and push yourself. If you are already
    fit but want to get “ripped”, this program is IDEAL

  11. Excellent workout. Completed it tonight for my cardio. My time was 26:58
    and 558 calories. I’m a new subscriber to live lean and have enjoyed all
    your videos so far. Great stuff, I may need to buy your workout series.
    Thanks again.

  12. Brad this is BADASS! i’m 62 y.o.a. and managed to make it to the last 4 on
    the jump lunges. My legs gave out but I will complete next time. Thanks
    for giving us all a tremendous workout. P.S. My legs are on fire.

  13. Wow what an amazing workout. I haven’t felt a burn like this in awhile. I
    am gonna incorporate this into my routine twice a week. two thumbs up!

  14. This is going to be my work out for today for sure. A littlr twist to the
    traditional lunges and squats with the ladder format. Can’t wait to do it.
    Thanks for the workouts guys. Appreciate it. 🙂

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