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How to Fix Workout Knee Pain

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Do your knees hurt when you workout?

There are 3 possible reasons your knees might be hurting you when you workout.

This video is not intended for you if you have traumatic knee pain or an existing knee injury. This is for people who have that little bit of nagging knee pain that flares up when they train, especially when doing knee bending exercises like squats, lunges and step ups or jumping exercises.

3 Form Mistakes that Cause Knee Pain:

1) Leaning too far forward

These exercises require some forward lean, but too much and you’ll be putting the majority of the pressure on your knees rather than your hips. Instead you should stick your hips back behind you and keep the weight on your heels. Try a Wall Squat or a Box Squat as shown in the video if you’re having trouble shifting your weight back.

2) Knees buckling inwards

This is very dangerous and the most common cause of an ACL tear. Since women have a larger Q-Angle than men, this is even more common in women. When landing from a jump or squatting with heavy weight you want to err more towards the outside. Turn your toes slightly out and track your knees over your toes it will be much safer for you and balance out the strength of your inner and outer thighs.

3) Initiating at knees instead of hips

You want your hips to move first. Start at your hips and finish at the knees. The muscles surrounding your hips are much stronger than the ones surrounding your knees. Try breaking each rep into steps to train this habit. Think step one, hips back, then step 2, lower down. Over time this will become a natural habit and you won’t even have to think about it.

When you do correct your imbalances and start training with perfect form you can eliminate and prevent future knee pain.

You’re not stuck with your knee pain.

A lot of people claim to have “bad knees” but it’s quite amazing what you can do with corrective exercise and improved form.

Don’t give up on your knees, take your time and practice your exercises in new and different ways until you eliminate the pain.

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