No Time? The All-Out 20 Rep Workout Challenge #LLTV


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No Time To Workout? Do This QUICK 20 Rep Workout

What up Live Leaners,

If you’re looking for a fast way to pack on some muscle mass, here’s a short but effective workout challenge you can do when you “don’t have time to workout“.

I call it the ALL-OUT 20 Rep Workout.

Lets do it…

Here’s how the ALL-OUT 20 Rep Workout works…

1. Warm Up

Do a quick 1 min warm consisting of jump squats, jump lunges, and pushups. This warm will elevate your heart rate, get the blood flowing to the muscles, and lubricate the joints.

2. Olympic Barbell Back Squats

Now that you’re warmed up, you’re going to complete 20 “unique” reps of olympic barbell back squats.

But first…why did I choose squats?

Simple. As I mentioned in previous videos, the quadriceps are comprised of mainly Type IIa muscle fibers meaning they respond better to higher reps. This is the opposite to the hamstrings which respond better to lower reps and higher weight. So in this case, squats are better than deadlifts.

Why are these squats considered unique?

Of course, I want you to go as deep in your squat as possible…ASS TO THE GRASS (hips below your knees)…but I also want you to use this unique tempo:


– 4 sec on the eccentric (lowering).

– 0 sec pause at the bottom.

– 2 sec to lift the weight (concentric).

– 10 sec hold at the top or 3 deep breaths (this is what makes this unique).

With this 10 sec hold at the top, you’re allowing your body the chance to recruit higher threshold motor units to complete the lift. That’s a good thing.

Complete 20 reps following this tempo.

The entire set should last you just over 5 minutes if you follow that tempo strictly.

3. OPTIONAL: Straight Arm DB Pull Overs

Since squats tend to put a lot of pressure on your spine, I like to add a quick 12 rep set of Straight Arm DB Pull Overs after the workout.


That’s It.

This workout is only meant to be done when you are pressed for time. The majority of your workouts should be 45-60 mins of intense lifts.


In the comment section below, let me know what you do for a workout when you’re short on time.

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Questions For You:

– What do you do for a workout when you’re short on time?

– Do you skip your workout or do you get creative and burn one out?


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0 responses to “No Time? The All-Out 20 Rep Workout Challenge #LLTV

  1. Done this just recently, killed my legs, difference was my speed I was a
    bit quicker, next time I try it I your speed and properly collapse after
    that lol….

  2. if you people expect to get ripped prompt without spending a one extra minute in the gym, then you really want to keep an eye on this video tutorial SIXPP.COM

    I want to be a wise woman

  3. First I would say work with a professional to access why you can’t do them. Most times people hurt themselves because they do them wrong. By getting to the root and correcting the cause, it may allow you to do them and get the gains. If the professional can’t correct the issue, they should be able to give you alternatives based on your specific issues (not something I can access online).

  4. @mcw0805 check my last few videos where I talked about rep range … quad dominant exercises respond better to high reps, while hamstring respond better lower reps and heavier weight

  5. Brad, I love your vids!! Can you make a video explaining what kind of rep and weight range will affect the strength and size? I’m a teenage girl and I absolutely love weight training, but I’m looking more for leaner legs. My mom thinks I’m getting big so she’s yelling at me all the time. Thanks!

  6. @butterfly1974able you can get results both ways but i find a gym provides the opportunity to get better results and faster

  7. I new to your website, but so far like what I’ve seen. I have a question regarding the Tabata Workouts. Can Tabata’s be your only workout or are they meant to accompany other workouts? I started to incorporate Tabata’s into my sprints. It kicked my butt. But I’m not sure if it’s enough. I did 2 sets of Tabata sprints (20 sec x 10 sec x 8 reps: 2 sets). I enjoy working with kettle-bell too and like doing Tabata’s with the bells. Can you help me out and let me know if I should be doing more. Thanks!

    1. i like to do tabatas in the morning and as a workout finisher (ie. doing it after lifting weights). If you’re new to fitness, it’s a good intro, but as your progress…you’ll need to add in more to keep improving.

  8. Okay Thanks will do. I have one quick question is it possible to get in really good shape like your in at home using free weights, exercise ball, and toning cords to strength train and doing some of your interval workouts at home or is it a must to go to the gym and use machines and lift really heavy weights

  9. Hi Brad, Really appreciate all the info you give out also really love your recipes keep them coming. I have a family of 7 and want to try some of the recipes for them . getting back to why I posted you this comment well its more of a question. will you be coming out with or have you already done a workout similar to this one only not gym based and also using free weights for people like myself who don’t have access to a gym .

  10. Definitely trying this one . . . . . prefer a front squat though . . . . . don’t like all that weight on my back spine. Assuming still the same 4-0-2-10 tempo?

  11. @TheOokamiSan in most cases 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets. If I had to pick 3 supplements for what you said, they’d be a whey protein isolate, fish oil, and BCAAs.

  12. @tamarahumphrey for your typical 45 min leg workouts, you don’t need to hold it for 10 sec at the top…this is just for this specific quick 1 set style of workout. By holding it at the top, it helps you fire up, engage, and use more muscles during the set.

  13. Dear Brad, I love your vids. You’re awesome and a real motivator. I do however have a question. What is the best amount of sets and reps to build up shoulders, arms and abs effectively for women? (strength, mass and toning) And what about supplements for women? (casein, whey, CLA,…) You’d be a great help, even more than you normal are! Love you!!! 🙂

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